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Hip-Hop Rumors: 90’s Rapper Disses Kanye West Over New Music.

Ahh…why not. Its Friday. Its a slow day. I want to go out an play. So, somebody dissing Kanye always gets a look, right? Most recently, the one dissing Yeezy us Dres of the famed 90’s act Black Sheep.

Dres is the man in his own right, but I’m not fully sure why he went off on Kanye, considering there is so much more out there to jump on and attack. Here is what he said on Twitter.

Kanye West does not like black people….

drops mic.. makes coffee

besides not being crazy bout his music… i don’t agree with the message he sends our people.. at all… I hoped him to be a better artist
and having a child with the biggest media w***e of our generation.. literally and figuratively… what a horrible message to young ladies

and those with anything to say… i question your walk.. do you see what’s happened to our music.. and i’m wrong? foh

Hip Hop – Pih Poh … its the voice of the people… these dudes DO NOT speak for me and my people… at all…

how do these dudes speak for you… when they won’t even speak to you… but some of y’all are cool with that.. smh… word?

In my very humble opinion… More Common less Cavalli .. I’m not trying to divide… i’m attempting to be the diversity we lack.. #staytuned

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Veteran diss shit.

    • johnblacksad


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  • MrNoName2K

    I get what he’s trying to get across but I think he couldve went about it a whole different way..

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    old news. this was on hiphopdx days ago. seriously. step your came up.

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  • Blackkingishere

    Now days hip hop is just like a movie just for entertainment not real so don’t believe the hype

  • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    That’s that 90’s late 80’s anger. Them niggas from that era always talking about someone talking to them and there so called generation. You know what I love and respect my generation the one before me and the others that came before. I even like the times even tho there screwy af but I get sick of ppl talking about who talk to them and who don’t. You know what? It’s always been that way. Look at Humpty Dumpty that nigga was from ur era. Did he talk directly to you? No he was a clown nigga who was just at the end of the day an artist doing him. You gotta give credit were credit is due. IDC if artists actually feel these ways they speak of on record all I care about is the neuron reaction there music gives me. All that “there not speaking to me or the culture or my ppl” bullshit is just good cry baby tactic I SPEAK FOR ME NOT THEM!!!

    • willyou1

      Hey, how old is Kanye?

  • Eli Pinilla

    these native tounge dudes dont fuvk with kanye like that i c. Cept for q-tip…dres, afrika baby bam, and lord jamar done dissed him publicly

  • Speak that truth my bro!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Corporations Conforming our Creations Contorting the Calculations (u know the science the math)
    Creativity is Crumbling Cats Cracked under pressure Catered to the Companies Careless marketing sChemes and fragile artist developmental stages dressed in the fabriCs of Corruption its time for the CONFRONTATION shared Culpability feel the Commotion our Communities lost like tsunami Covered lands laying under the oCean.. Killers kill Competitive over C-notes internal Combustion, we don’t C hope or heroes, industry forCing the hand of the Creators Cultivating with evil, its what they feeding our youth, the Construction of people with a week foundation on a uneven steep hill, bent on removing the wool over the eyes of the sheeple , still searching for Clarity, Cautiously straddling the line of insanity, I feel like a Culprit with their hands of injustiCe behind me, they wanna Cuff me and trap me in the Confines of medioCrity, CatastrophiC idioCracy running rampant amongst Civilization, —–
    its Clear Competition Cant Create nothing Compelling – far from raw – I Chill’m, Chip’m, Clip’m at the point of inCeption – form rips the Cordz.zz
    are you Catching the Clues im grasping the roots Channeling leaders and Champions of past, enduring the hardships outCast Cast off Casing the Castle of falsely Crowned kings Clones Clowns Clothed in apparels of modern day pharos who Claim to be HIM. The Creator the savior the alpha omega the leader to save us, from the fate of the slaughter of Cattle……

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  • $17637591

    Lol at these hatin asss ni99az from the 80’s. They claim they love hip hop but try their best to pull another MC back into the bucket like crabs do. Just becuz you don’t like Kanye music is you OPINION so back the fukc back and stop hatin.


    • Bifsquad3

      Ummmm He clearly hes stating his opinion!! He even said that.

      • willyou1

        my man got bad grammer and cant read.

  • “how u gonna let them speak for you when they wont even speak to you?” classic

  • Guest

    I’m not a kanye fan but it’s alot worse music out there that should be addressed first.

    • fabbidavisjr

      Chief Keef, 2 chainz, etc etc etc. Rappers glamourize pimping hoes etc etc etc then expect o marry a church going women. Yeezy ain’t exactly a gentlemen.

  • hoeyuno

    You can get with this or you can get with that….

  • Dhz30

    he spoke the truth

  • RedEyez

    Old, irrelevant, bitter, broke, azz ni99a. I bet if Yeezy wanted to work w yo walmart workin azz, you would. FOH

  • Dead wrong

    …Retirement is CRUEL for old rap nyggas…. Don’t get me wrong, a few nostalgic acts such as Naughty or the Sugarhill gang may get to rock a county fair or an old-school hip hop revue but they don’t get to maintain the success or the following that rock legends such as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, or the Rollingstones get to. Hip-Hop is an in the moment, here today, gone tomorrow type of culture. That scene from Boondocks with Thugnificent captured it well. DJ Vlad character: “Wow, the era of Biggie… old school hip-hop” Thugnificent: Yea… but my last joint came out just 4 years ago. DJ Vlad: “Yea and it seems like 40 doesn’t it!”

    Besides Jayz and Em who has maintained a career or buzz for longer than 7 years?

    • willyou1


  • shut yo old bitter ass up with that bs man..thats why so many young people cant stand these old niggas when they got something to say..

    • RedEyez


    • I agree, these dudes only took what they wanted out of the craft, and now others are doing bigger and better and they are hated for staying relevant….In Hip-Hop the “Back In My Day” bullcrap doesn’t mean anything.

  • RedEyez

    I jus Listened to Yeezy nu album, Its better than anything this old fukk ni99a has put out ever. This ni99a cant afford the studio time to even begin to create something like this. Ni99a wrk @ walmart but wanna tlk shyt. You wasnt even smart enough to read and understand what the fuk u signed back in the day, now u broke,mad, and bitter.

    • DJ7

      you trippin son

      • RedEyez

        naw, that old broke ni99a trippn

      • DJ7

        son your whole comment rank of ignorance….starting from I jus…. all the way to….. broke,mad & bitter…I will waste 0 more of my time to point out the bush you just put out there….do your research on the brotha Dres & then smack yourself afterwards b/c I know for a fact = truth that brotha Dres would w/out hesitation!!!!

      • RedEyez

        n get his ass smoked..

      • Dadon850

        What?? You a Internet gangsta??

      • RedEyez

        aint no net banger here.. He said another man would slap me and I said if he did, he’d get smoked.. Real life shyt.. If I Smack another man, I would expect blickeys to pop also

      • DJ7

        You may or may not be a net banger but you sure type like 1….besides, they didn’t stop making burners after yours fam….trust & believe you have 0 knowledge of my brotha Dres…he’s not one for the shenanigans ….live & in living color up close & personal….you better ask around!!!

      • RedEyez

        Did u kno guru?

      • DJ7

        ?…. we’re speaking on Dres….I guess your screen name is fitting, you must suffer from short term memory………Guru R.I.P.

      • RedEyez

        I jus remember Guru having a logo like that or sumthn.. He was a fag too tho, but i digress

      • DJ7

        Go read a book famz you’re a lost one….If you don’t know what that flag represents then you’re clearly a product of the kkkracker….sorry, not my fault blame your mama…..I’m out

      • RedEyez



    So let me get this straight. This generation equates speaking the truth as hate? Did it ever occur to some of you that maybe it’s not another man hating on another man. It’s a brother saying hey, you are out there to far what are you doing? You need to check yourself and be mindful of whom you are influencing??? It’s like what ever someone says that is not with the mindless fuckery gets classified as old or as a hater or bitter.

    You equate numbers or popularity with things being right? There are no critical thinking skills amongst our youth anymore. So I guess next you guys really think that the way Kanye and every other rapper that displays ignorance to the masses is kool? You think the messages he sends out in his music is dope? Half you niggas probably didn’t even purchase Kanye’s album. Niggers talk and reject what is right and embrace ignorance. Yall better check yourselves and what it is you really stand for and ask yourself why do you stand for the fuckery unless something in you resonates with that energy in which case would explain a lot.

    • that nigga aint speaking the truth, whats ignorant about kanye west music? what negative message does he send to the people in his music?..these old bitter ass rappers act like they were so damn perfect,out of all the ignorant rappers they got out right now he wanna get at kanye west? one of the best thats about to drop an album,..get at chief keef or them other no talent rappers that got a young fan base..his bitter ass just want attention..

      • willyou1


      • See my reply below, then research the history of the Church….because in reality…it might just be.

      • Nah, I think he went for Kanye because he was the top dog.

        You get surrounded by 5 ninjaz….who do you swing on first? The smallest or the biggest?

        Chief Keef is beyond reproach, because he doesn’t know any better, while Ye’ should? have grown up listening to Dres, (*You can get with THIS, or you can get with THAT! ) Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and the rest of the Native Tongues family…..along with Flavor Flav & Public Enemy, Rakim, KRS, Big Daddy Kane, etc……so to go from “It Takes A Nation Of Millions”…instead of tricking, he should have established distribution, low income housing, supermarkets, etc.

        He’ll wake up on the Sabbath & go spend in Beverly Hills, but none of them Beverly Hills people will wake up & spend in his community.

        Dres is checking “Inappropriate Behavior.”

        Wale just bought 88 pairs of Jordan’s….instead of opening up a sneaker company, and circulating his funds in the hood.

        Meaning if he signs a $10Mil deal, the hood is no better off, an might be worse, if the other merchants raise the prices to eat off that fool.

        Hire a handy man in the hood, patronize the hood mechanic…no, I’m gonna say Black.

        It’s not hate, because I’m mixed, but as a whole, Blck people have made every body else rich.

      • never tell another man what to do with his money,for the most part no one knows what these rappers do with their money..

      • RedEyez

        Thank u.. These guys tell other Men what to do with something they never had, or will ever see

      • willyou1

        You right…thats Wale’s cheese. phuck em all if thats what he wants to do with his chedda, its just that in the world of reality and common sense its probably stupid and assaninie. a one day broke sylish ni99a. Hey, Wale will be the next decade’s Dres…who knows? Kanye on the other hand dont know me…might not know you and knowing how he is…probably wont say shyte to either me or you so phuck em.

      • DJ7

        Huh? who do investors listen to….moon crickets? You are marketed to on a daily son, whether you like it or not…..MAN HAS BEEN TELLING MAN WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR CASH SINCE IT’S INVENTION….don’t fool yourself by thinking no one tells anyone who, what, when, where & why to spend that paper on…. to think otherwise is irresponsible & naive

      • True, just highlighting an apparent fail.

  • Dead wrong

    Co-sign this at least: I hoped him to be a better artist

    Was anybody else hoping for more after College Dropout? He went from semi conscious MC to a … bragging metrosexual. He’ll tell you for an hour how great he is… if you’d like to hear about it. He’s Jay-z’s ego with a sweet chaser.

    • johnblacksad

      “He went from semi conscious MC to a … bragging metrosexual.”

      Power post like The Dream! (Hakeem)

      • LOL~N

        That ‘chet was on point like a fax machine!

  • Kanye West might be strange to many people, but to his defense. And even

    there is a lot I don’t agree with Kanye West. I think he is all about pure

    artistic freedom. He does whatever he wants to do. Nothing else.

    He does not care about what people think. He just does crazy stuff

    that might or might not get him attention. No artistry without attention.

    Kanye is the absolute risk taker.

    This is why we haven’t yet pulled the plug on him.

    He’s crazy without doing a lot of drugs.

    I guess attention is his drug of choice.

    • i’m not sure about the artistic freedom. One controversy sells he knows that and he is a pop artist not bc he’s popular but bc he knows what songs to make to be on the radio. And his new sound isn’t knew he borrowed a lot from Trent Reznor

    • Never begin a sentence with “And.”

      >>In Chris Tucker’s Friday voice :
      “And you know this….MayaaaaAANNNNEEEeeeee!”

      Wrong timing though, impregnated a rich white chick, got her so fat, her toes look like a can of busted biscuits in her heels & he wants to get political now?

      I hope he spent / saved / invested his money right….his time is nearing an end.


  • jd

    Funny how when someone offers an opinion on how they feel about another artist, someone’s comeback is always equating it with bitterness and/or being broke as the reason why. I personally don’t agree with Dres but he def aint bitter and/or broke. He’s just being opinionated. Like Kanye West is. And then Ye’s called a jerk and racist, and the shit just continues to go around and around…

  • brotha_man

    I co-sign 50 percent of what he is saying
    I guess I just figured that the money was catering to the white folks *nothing against our people* but it seems to be the mentality with music…so it seems. he was mentored by jay-z who follows those same rules (i.e. big pimping)

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  • jsj23

    Cosign 100% ! Kanye always seemed like an outsider…just my $.02

  • PL

    CD just leaked…Kanye missed the mark with this one…straight garbage!

    • DJ7

      wouldn’t call it garbage b.u.t. the production is……well….uh….um…..oh

      • Trash in a ziploc bag, on the hottest day of the year, with no shade?

        Hot Basura?

      • DJ7

        I didn’t want to be that hard on the brotha b.u.t. ….yeah, kinda left fieldish to me…

    • He fugged up…I kind of had a feeling Cole’s would be better, even though it won’t sell more.

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  • AK

    he tried to be too different on this one i think a 50 tyson album would go harder then yeezus

  • Synista

    Dres just spoke the truth,so it not a diss

  • DJ7

    Combing thru all the coments….I see we have a youthful audience that lacks understanding of ones self…what my brotha Dres put out there is his opinion & he’s entitled to it b.u.t. the hate he’s receiving from our younger brothas after expressing his dislikes is insane……..I tend to agree with Dres….I’m from the 80’s era & I too have seen hip hop plummet to it’s lowest levels in recent yrs….bitter? You damn right….Y?… b/c WE dropped the ball. On our watch, hip hop is nothing more than a coon fest…. minstrel show ect…It’s painfully obvious that alot of you youngn’z grew up in single parent households reared by your moms or granny….you have little to no respect for your elders (especially your male comrads) you bash us like the bitter women that raised you….coincidence? You bet!!! Advice……You need to find yourselves blackmen & stop bashing the ones before you for when it’s your time, what are you gonna say? How are you gonna react? Are you gonna become the new “HATER” or will you man up like brotha Dres is doing? It’s alright to think for yourselves regardless of what the new age schools of institutions tells you….Believe that if you believe nothing else or you too will find yourself later in life swimming upstream in search of “what went wrong & where” & how do I/we fix it before it poisons future generations!!!

    • Power-Mudda Chuckin’-Ful!


      I wish I had 2 accounts, so I could give this comment ^2x.

    • Mos High

      Cant disagree at well put

  • Dadon850

    Lol @ these young n!ggas. First of all, Kanye is not young, he’s closer to Jay z age that some of y’all. He is that same “old n!gga” y’all dissing. That’s why Dres saying that, cause Kanye is a old head. Second, Kanye started this tight pants wearing homo rap n!ggas. They hate anybody that diss they queen.

  • RedEyez

    Dres works @ McDonalds..

    • Would he be better off hustling for a while & spending a considerably longer while in prison, working for pennies an hour?

      You the type of dude he talking about, and why he’s mad at Ye…for not doing better, and promoting materialism and consumerism.

      “You ain’t ‘chet if you don’t have more $$$ than me!”

      Do you own a business that can legally employ him…or are you just disrespectfully talking ‘chet because you were raised wrong by the oppressor through his television, that tells lies to your vision?

      Natives Tongues Dres was part of Hip Hop’s renaissance, the Golden Era, and you can’t get any realer than them dudes…mentally….back then.

      You want Gun Buck?

      His crew was ( >>In Ludacris’ “Stand Up” voice : )

      ” Young, wild, and strapped like Chi-Ali BLAOW!”

      “I’m young, wild, and strapped like Chi-Ali BLAOW! We ain’t got nothing to worry about Whoop ass, let security carry em out” Ludacris “Stand Up ”

      I mean, technically speaking, his baby brother is Chi Ali, rapper turned “LITERAL” America’s Most Wanted” , turned inmate # 94B 187 9999 over clapping some dude over some BS.

      He ain’t hating, unless Hate is the new love and by consequence, love is the new hate.

      That ‘chet could be your seed that you got to that B’ish you don’t give a fugg about, and don’t fugg with, because she cheated on you with the ninja who is molesting your seed right now because you never around, and your baby momz ain’t ‘chet, etc. ( #Not dissing you, just putting Dres into perspective)

      or that seed’s seed….until they lose control / breach discipline, etc. & end up in the system….possible a victim of permanent sexual abuse, and so on…or they end up just like you, placing materialism and consumerism over everything, and go through life buying everything, yet owning nothing!

      “I’m not testing ya’ll, this is some real lyric, if you can hear it, I’m Blessing ya’ll!” KRS ONE

      • DJ7

        say word!!!

      • RedEyez

        Man, jus ask me a question. All that otha talk is gibberish..

        Do you own a business that can legally employ him…or are you just disrespectfully talking ‘chet because you were raised wrong by the oppressor through his television, that tells lies to your vision?

        Yes, and would never hire a fukk ni99a like dres. He’s meant to hate while flipping burgers. Like I said, If Kanye wanted to work wit him do u think he’d say no? Or, Be all on Instagram smiling talking bout #Work.. #Classic?

      • The 1st 3 rules of business are:
        1) Advertise
        2) Advertise
        3) Advertise

        You wouldn’t hire Dres?

        Who have you hired?

      • RedEyez

        Im a Master barber, im sure dres couldnt cut hair

      • No, not on that level, or even close, and propz for handling yours.

        I’m pretty sure Dres can cut, or even if he couldn’t, it would be worth it to teach him & promote the business, even branch out into the recording industry with his help…even if it’s just learning from his mistakes.

        On topic:
        What if all your customers saved their payhecks & got their hair done where Ye’ goes, out in Beverly Hills…how does that help your business or community?

        At least by hiring brothers, you are circulating the $$$ in the hood….how does Ye’ do that?

        That is the substance of the matter.

      • RedEyez

        If my customers spent $$ in BH instead of w me, thats ok cuz I’ll lose those customers and gain new ones.. Contrary to what they say about the economy, there’s still enough $$ in this Bish for everybody to eat, you gotta go get it tho.

        Ye took a lot of cats out the Chi. This is what they dont show you. WTF has dres done for the hood? Everybody can tell YOU how to do it when THEY neva did it

      • RedEyez

        Had my OWN shop going on 8 yrs now. Gave plenty of guys a shot, and will continue to do so. And You?

  • yesanditcounts

    Hip-Hop artists nowadays basically dis there fans every chance they get, but the fans seem to love it. I guess the fans fantasize while listening, that they are the artists with all the money and women and someone else is the lames and busters. Smh.

    • Negro Peligro

      When did Kanye diss a fan. Who cares. Why fans so sensitive you couldn’t go on stage with Redman. I don’t know what the heck golden age you cats is looking back at. But rap ain’t never changed in the way you guys saying it did. Especially not in the 90’s.

      • When were you born?
        ’92? 2000?

      • yesanditcounts

        True. In the late ’80s and early ’90s we also had get money at any cost rappers, but rap was also more inclusive. We had room for everybody. For different messages. The sad fact is hip-hop has and will always be a reflection of it’s youth, and today’s youth is way more mess up than in the past. That’s just the truth.

  • Negro Peligro

    “Ya’ll know Niggas Can’t read. Through him some Maybach Keys. Freaking Salavee” “MEANWHILE THE CCA TEAMED UP WITH THE DEA. THEY TRYING TO LOCK NIGGAS UP” “I BET YOU LAUGHING IN THE HAMPTONS NOW”.Kanye West. Crack Music, Sierra Leone, Man rappers in the 90’s yeah Chuck D Public Enemy even Nas. Only talked about our past they never specifically stated what was going on at the time. 911 IS A JOKE. Really that’s some dumb stuff right there. If I ruled the world so you touch on the basics of what we all complain about. I mean Tupac was about the only one that was prophetic and touching on specific problems. Black sheep dude The Choice is YOurs isn’t conscious at all its non sense. I mean I ain’t knocking them dudes at all but for dude to act like he a philosopher in rap is being dumb. Then every rapper shifted to the crack game with Biggie then they went to Master P. Then they went to Jay ‘ Z so 90’s I don’t know what you talking bout none of it represented specific black people problems. THAT CCA DEA line gets to the core of a real new world order REPUBLICAN AND THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION. Locking people up so they use them as slave labor. Yet not 1 rapper is talking about it. EXCEPT KANYE. So all ya’ll people is in Jail all the Latinos being held for their immigration hearings. All the crackdown on iillegal immigrants has to do with CCA locking people up. But you want to talk about shooting, crack, we sons of slaves, but Kanye talking that real. I don’t have anything against nobody else’s beliefs but respect da homie.

    • DJ7

      you weren’t there obviously fam….or you only skimmed thru the music

      • I was just about to get on him!

        SMDH > 30

      • Negro Peligro

        Get at me post the lyrics. Its that simple. You ain’t gone do it cause Public Enemy just did run on bla bla bla bla bla and made like 1 statement that was relevant to the subject matter. Just cause you put a Black Power title on a song don’t mean you really talking about nothing. The vast majority of public enemy stuff was run on garbage. FEAR OF A BLACK HAT AIN’T NEVER LIED.

      • Listen, you were born in 1990?
        WTF you know about the Golden era?


        It was more than lyric:
        “Sell an image, never sell a record, image is respected, records come & go & get collected, even the records of platinum artist who used to rip shop can be bought for a quarter at the thrift shop!” KRS (Secretes To MC Longevity )

        Consciousness Vs Consumerism

      • RedEyez

        And what is KRS Selling nowadays? That nigga is a walking contradiction.. And he could snort a brick in one sitting

      • Damn, you shot yourself in the foot.

        KRS1 “Material Love”, 20+ years old & I’ll put that one track up against your favorite artist’s & Kanye’s entire catalog.

        “Sales don’t make you the authority, it only means you sold out to the white majority. What you know about being MAJOR, your whole album appeals to little second graders” KRS Nelly Diss

        You bugging famz…on the Hip Hop’s social responsibility tip!

      • RedEyez

        O ok, nothing from 2013.. but 20 yrs ago… Got Cha’

      • If you can’t challenge with Material Love from 20yrs ago, what makes you think you can challenge “Aztechnical” from 2 yrs ago?

        Vs the “Nothing at all” from your favorite artist 🙂

        <> @ Aztechnical

      • KRS-One – Real Terrorism. Two years ago. Go ahead and call it wack to save face on a Hip-Hop board, I understand.

      • Negro Peligro

        Man MATERIAL LOVE. Was doodoo fam. Real talk. Anybody can make a I sale drugs bla bla bull crap. New Slave killed that cause it said. RELEVANT NOT NO MAKE BELIEVE CRAP. People like you talk about a New World Order. MEANWHILE THE CCA teamed up with DEA. That’s a private on prison. That’s real relevant what’s going on. What’s affecting people not no Hypothetical Junior high thought out kid selling dope after school. That ain’t hard to write and the lyrics was garbage.

      • You must have skimmed through Material Love, but try “Illegal Business” Pt 1 (“A Guy named Jack, is selling crack, the community doesn’t want him back. He sells in work, he sells in schools, he’s not stupid, the cops are the fools!” )

        Aztechnical – KRS

        Dissect that :

        While you at it, how ever you wanna go, lyric for lyric, album for album, show for show, or simple FreeStyles, done for free, or free smilez, or just the basic flow for flow.

      • DJ7

        that’s y I logged off yesterday fam….we coulda went back & forth for days on end to no avail….he doesn’t get it whether it was by his ignorance to the subject matter, the slang we used or pure hate for Now Why….whatever the reasons, slowly but surely, the naked truth will come out in future post by Negro (Question: who still calls themselves that anyway? Short Answer: Lost ones)

      • Negro Peligro

        When MARVIN Gaye wrote what’s happening Brother. If he wrote about some hypothetical stuff that wasn’t affecting nobody it wouldn’t have been relevant. Instead what’s happening brother touched on specific real issues. Not no make believe kid walking home from school Step yo knowledge level up.

      • KRS has 25+ slamming albums….he’s not confined or trapped by space & time.

      • I’ll see your “Material Love” E, and raise you a “Sound of Da Police”, “Outta Here” and “Black Cop”. If you want a more recent track to add to the arsenal, there’s always his “Real Terrorism” joint. The hell dude mean Kris don’t talk about nothin relevant??

      • Same ‘chet Dres is talking about…..I mean, he’s on it. He’s that guy that Dres is mad at Ye’ for.

        Material Love?

        If he ain’t fuggin with the 20 yr old flow, now way he’s up to par with the new flow.

        Technically speaking, I was trying to be fair, as far as “Real Terrorism”…his favorite artist can’t even touch the feature…let alone compare to the Teacha’.

      • DJ7

        Stupid analogy……so, we shoot the messenger nowadays young nig?

      • Did you just call someone else a contradiction in defense of Kanye? We are talkin about Kayne West right? Not Kanye Smith, Kanye Jenkins or no one like that? Interesting…

      • Negro Peligro

        How many people born in the 1990s know about fear of black hat. Why you think that movie was making fun of it. Biggie Kicki in the door touched on it. Conscious of your nonsense. Cause that’s what most of it was.Then they went and hated on somebody like MC Hammer when them dudes really wasn’t saying nothing deep. I was there. I was growing up in Memphis. We listen to everything. But I used to hate when New York cats would hate on everybody and they was a walking Stereo Type in the stair cases.

        I remember when Eightball said it.” All i see is New York Rappers back and forth on BET. See I’m the first true southern funkadelic drank some yak smoke some dank and watch it get deeper” AND HERE’S THE PART MEMPHIS WAS TELLING NEW YORK DUDES “BUT NOT SO DEEP I HAVE TO PERPUTRATE TO GAIN RESPECT. INSTEAD OF JUDGING ME YOU NEED TO KEEP YO SELF IN CHECK. I’M NOT GONNA BE THAT WANNA BE YOU WANT TO SEE HELL NO I CANNOT SELL MY SOUL.” So we was on to yall hating and not saying nothing back then. So yes. I was there. Yes. I remember and you do the same thing now as you did back then. Talk about some higher form of rap you don’t spit.

      • Yeah, but that was at the end of the era.

        Did Biggie hate on the South?

        “I never hate on the south: I respect their vision
        I just hate on niggas that promote samboism
        And white execs that love to see us in that position
        They reflect the stereotypes of america’s vision
        They want us dancing, cooning and hollering
        Only respect us for playing sports and modeling”

        Civil War – Immortal Technique

        You can’t compare mainstream NY rappers to NY MC’s.

        That’s like comparing a Yugo to a Mercedes.

      • Negro Peligro

        EIGHTBALL WROTE THAT IN 94. What is you talking bout end of the era. That was 94. NO SELLOUT. Outside Looking In. I knew JAY Z when he was with JAZ O and he would come through Memphis and my boy Strange would open up for them My brother was on OTS in Memphis. Jazze Pha’s first single was a song Cadillacz. Tela was in a group called Kinfolk. HogKillin. Oh I can’t forget the greatest Muscian I ever saw in a studio Gangsta Pat. Al Kapone nobody liked him in the studio cause he would tear it up everytime he got in the booth. Skinny Pimp was in a group I forget the name. But when Skinny was saying they stole my style it was that group not three six. Skinny Pimp was the only real hustla out of everybody none of them niggas was doing drugs or nothing like that. Skinny was the only one really into hustling. Paul and Juicy couldn’t get no studio time in OTS they was in like studio C. I went to Paul house as a kid when I was like 11 in Black Haven Zone. Eigtball used to bum lunch from my brother when they went to Shelby State. When EIGHTBALL wrote on the bus people asking you Mane Dont you rap cause Listen to the lyrics hit and Pimps in the House was hitting and they was getting jerked. So I wasnt born in No Nineties.

      • DJ7

        That WAS the end of an era & ushering in the new fam, Y are you not comprehending? The 90’s was the beginning of the end of the hip hop I grew up on….sure there were groups & artist that tried to hold it down in the early stages of the TAKEOVER but eventually they were pushed to the wayside giving way to the white man’s vision of rap today…

      • Aight…the 80’s LOL~N

        Still, that’s some deep history right there.

        ‘Chet like that needs to be shared on some Hip Hop History 101.


        It was the end of an era, it didn’t stop at once, it faded into what we have now.

      • Negro Peligro

        Samboism. Whether he wearing Bone in the Nose with a cheetah outfit or selling Rocawear. Corporations run by Whites are selling an image. URBAN image = SAMBOISM.

      • Agreed, at least we see eye 2 eye on so,ething!

      • Negro Peligro

        Black Sheep was garbage. Post some of they lyrics.

      • DJ7

        you buggin

      • reg joe

        go find their lyrics on your own! Noone has to prove anything to you. Youre a nobody! Black sheep had some decent cuts in the day.

      • Negro Peligro

        I mean the man DRES telling you to follow will tell you Kanye West has deep lyrics and is conscious.

      • Negro Peligro

        Conscious rap would’ve died during the Rocafela era had it not been for Kanye putting mainstream rappers like Talib Kweli and Common. All of which had their biggest success under Kanye. I don’t know hiphop. But because you ain’t talking about how rap was so much better in the 80’s and 90’s I don’t know what I’m talking bout. Right get out man.

      • DJ7

        only to those not checking for it or missed the boat the 1st time around (you)….80’s-90’s era rappers were challenging the youth to do better (not all but the ones I checked for did) as E stated before, you equate success with material worth….that’s the tool of the enemy to keep you lost fam….read a book or 100 & you will see that all Ye is doing is what I said you did…skim….he doesn’t get into details….he’s merely looking to get a rise outta the ignorant (for monetary gain of course) using tried & true methods of taboo …trust that….let’s see if this course of action continues once the smoke clears!!

      • reg joe

        Ive got to disagree with you. Folks listen to what they have a preference for. No music ever really dies out. Because its not what the media is pushing or in the top 40, doesn’t mean that its died out. Good music never dies out. Rap was much better in the 80’s and 90’s. We looked at it different than we do now. Its impact on society was completely different as well. 80’s rap was about having fun and partying, not about anything misogynistic, calling women hoes and bitches, or talking about drugs and money. In the 90’s conscienceness, Black Pride, afrocentric art and stopping violence was a hallmark. Hip hop was a part of a movement. PE was a huge part of that, as well as BDP, and others. Today, you can have a hit with just a great hook. In the 80’s and 90’s, what you said was the most important thing and the hook only complimented the M.C. Rappers were polarizing figures. There weren’t as many genres of rap as there are today. I prefer music from the 80s and 90’s in general anyways. Todays hip hop is constantly evolving, as hip hop will always do. However, the heyday of hip hop will always be the 80’s and early 90’s. I was just bumping some Just-Ice this morning.

      • *Cast not your pearls before Swine!”


        *I’m EDOGZ818 & I endorse this message! ^

      • Negro Peligro

        You know how I KNOW THIS DUDE Dres is garbage. Because if you really cared about BLACK PEOPLE HE would;ve focus attention on the line about CCA and the DEA. But no just like 90’s rappers all they did was tear each other down. All them rappers are known for battle rapping. Who was the best. I’m 34 I was there. Kanye builds most rappers up even the most abscure. Just because he don’t talk about ghetto, guns, drugs etc don’t mean he ain’t conscious. Back in the 90’s I said it and I say it now. What bill you gone to write change anything. What specifically did you want to change. I saw them moving the factories out of the inner cities during that time where that lyric at. I saw jobs going to china where that lyric. IT TOOK KANYE TO RAP ABOUT DRUGS BEING SOLD BY THE GOVERNMENT THEY WASN’T MENTIONING IT. IN FACT REGAN ERA WAS HORRIBLE NOBODY WAS REALLY DISSING REGAN. AT LEAST KANYE GOT AT BUSH. 90’s rapper talk about racism alot but they never said specifically anything that would benefit somebody or gave somebody some real points of knowledge that would change the world. Just complained that the system kept a brother down. KANYE SAID SPECIFICALLY WHAT IT WAS. Sierra Leone etc. Like I said I’m not knocking cats. BUT SAYING Kanye West isn’t conscious you have to be out of your mind. To say Kanye West doesn’t represent black people you have to be out of your mind. He represented more real black people than Public Enemy with that Farakhan bullshit ever did.

      • You lost Famz!

      • DJ7

        x2….he think he onto something but he’s only on 1…no Drake!! Like I said….you didn’t listen to the music fam you skimmed thru it or just didn’t/couldn’t relate_________.

      • He was born in 1990, during the crack wars.

        9/10 his parents were either selling, using or locked up.

        He is the product of our mistakes…falling prey to the system because we weren’t “Countering Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys” Vol. 1-3 by Jawanza Kunjufu

      • DJ7

        no doubt….good read as well

      • Damn good reads.

      • Negro Peligro

        To be so educated you don’t know how to stick to the topic or prove your point with facts. Or even counter a point. You just keep making excuses and coming up with lame you were born in the 90’s. You post me a 90 lyric that was so deep. Even Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, EPMD, KRS 1 etc etc wasn’t saying nothing deep. You ain’t posting no lyrics cause you know it. So gone somewhere.

      • eddieknucks

        K.r.s “why is that?” “Stop the violence ” “you must learn” hell “Jimmy”. De la soul did “say no go”and rapped about being yourself. Epmd was party head nodding rap. So was tribe.

      • DJ7

        Like I said, you skimmed thru the music….34….you were too young to understand the 80’s-90’s lyrics fam…sorry, you weren’t there point ____. Never heard of BDP, X Clan, Paris, early Cube, Professor Griff, Jaz O, early Mobb Deep, Nas b-sides, AZ, Kool G Rap, King Sun, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Brand Nubian, Wu Tang, Master Ace, Melle Mel, Intelligent Hoodlum & countless more….not to mention the cats that didn’t make it out of the city that you’ve never heard of….I can go on fam….you want lyrics printed up?….f that, go listen to the music yourself….only problem is…you were not there so the emotional attachment won’t be the same for you as it were for those of us that actually were doing what was being rapped about

      • reg joe

        truth! if dude is 34, he is too young. Im 46 and this was my time period.

      • Nah don’t blame it on his age fam, I’m a year younger than him and I not only remember but understood ALL those artists you just named and the message they were tryin to get across. Those emcees were a huge part of the soundtrack to my early teen years, I dunno WHAT dude’s talkin about…he made a couple good points here and there but most of his shit had me scratchin my damn head…and lost me COMPLETELY when he said none of the Hip-Hop vets spoke on the Iran/Contra scandal or any current events. Keeps tellin everyone to post lyrics, but even if someone did he’d just call em garbage and say they weren’t sayin shit (and he’d really have no choice cuz to do otherwise would make his whole argument crumble…and lord forbid he look foolish on the internets)…then keep referrin to that SAME CCA/DEA line…which even though it IS a dope line, is still just ONE line. Far as Kanye goes…even though he is the only one in the mainstream really speakin on any kinda relevant shit, I fully understand why Dres called him out. And far as Dres goes, fam STILL gettin it in on this music shit, droppin heat with Jarobi from Tribe as EVITAN (Native spelled backwards)…they don’t have a whole lotta tracks out yet to my knowledge, but everything I’ve heard so far has been that gunpowder.

      • DJ7

        Maybe region played a big role in his flawed thinking. ..the South has always had an inferiority complex to Northern brothas be it education or “swag” IMHO..ex:.back in the day I used to bounce b/t the North & South constantly & the animosity I received went hand & hand with the curiosity & love…the ladies were fascinated by the accent as well as the paper…..meanwhile the brothas were plotting b.u.t. longing to be down. …over the years the roles have somewhat reversed b.u.t. what I want this young brotha to realize is not everybody received the messages the same way. …especially if you didnt live through it (there are some exceptions…you being one) while he thinks 8ball & MJG…Three Six Mafia & other southern rappers were the truth…..We Notherners thought they were a joke….figuratively & literally. …hard pill to swallow b.u.t true..Not for nothing, at the end of the day it made me a better person…one in search of higher knowledge and greater understanding of ones self…wouldn’t trade it for anything. …

      • Well said brotha, I used to catch that same love/hate vibe whenever I went down South…shit was ill. Me bein from the Midwest, I had the opportunity to soak up what every region had to offer…so I rocked with the Eightball/MJG’s and Three 6’s just as hard as I did the Gang Starrs, KRS’s, PRT’s, etc. It’s like you said though, not everyone receives the messages the same…and some don’t receive em at all, as seems to be the case with our misguided friend who still considers himself a Negro fifty years after Jim Crow.

      • Negro Peligro

        Are you serious. Just cause a dude talk about whoa is me don’t make you conscious. ALL OF THEM DUDES YOU MENTION. All got famous off of “Coonery”. AZ = Sugar HIll. It wasn’t until AZ fell off he really started talking 12 Jewels of Islam. In fact AZ got an ALBUM CALLED N4L. He wasn’t talking conscious until uhrm 2008. N4L is classic though. B-Sides. Nas got off conscious and put out Hate Me Now. In fact Biggie kick in the door addressed that. Wu Tang GHOST FACE BOUT THE ONLY 1 GOT RICH OFF A conscious song. Big Daddy Kane Ain’t no Half Steppin, Pimpin ain’t Easy. All them 80’s dude was MC’S. Got more famous moving crowds than talking about something. They was all crabs in bucket definitely focused on tearing each other down. Kanye all about building other artist up. Look at his list of guest appearances and people he’s helped on to the scene and albums he executively produced. Let alone talking about something beyond the system holding me down. Kool G Rap. Kool G Rap SWITCHED UP Jay Z from Jaz – O and created Jay Z, Biggie, etc. Jaz O Kanye West follow Jaz O blue print more than Jay Z does. Jay Z follow Kool G Rap. Professor Griff Public enemy I already addressed that. NONE OF THESE DUDES WAS TALKING ILLUMANATI until they got out of work. Then they can’t get on because its network conspiracy against them. Now they want to talk the truth. GET WAY OUT OF HERE. Kanye West on some way deeper social issues than most them dudes ever was on. The PROBLEM WITH YOU CATS is you just take the image you not listening to the LYRICS. I could care less a sheister cat wearing a Kufi. So its ok to call yourself a n****a but it aint cool to be a negro. When negro was the name we made for ourselves. Sad state in life. Martin Luther king had a negro dream. Malcolm X had a so called negro dream. Until he went and got a history lesson while walking around Saudi Arabia. Moorish Jews ain’t even black in skin color. SEE HITLER. African American? Paula Dean running around right now degrading black people. You stop at her family was slave owners. Yeah covering for the fact they were slaves themselves. Go look at old black slaves pictures. You’d see babies white as this background with black mothers. Europeans were appalled because other white people would go to auctions and beg to be bought by light skinned red headed Negros. That’s why white people got freed in the 1800s. If we look at history in the made up light of our differences we don’t get the actually see how we are the same. Malcolm X and the nation of Islam were reverse Mormon Eugenic fools who had no foot hold in the real world of Islam. Yet we still sit around and praise it and live with their ideology because we feel it empowers us. Really truly it doesn’t. On Kanye I think he did a great thing for black people with doing a rock album because he’s opening doors for our forms of expression. Our kids can only paint with certain colors in the crayon box means they are still in segregated mind state. All them MC you named are cookie cutter products of a corporate image that was sold. When you break down the lyrics they weren’t saying anything. Except they hate C Delores Tucker. Look at what the system did to them. They never had 1 verse on the ROCKAFELLA LAWS. Which clearly were designed for inner city poor people vs rich white (all pun intended). Most of them rappers weren’t educated in the world around them beyond. Drugs in my community. The system holding them down but never no specifics just a white person won’t hire them. Same segregated mind state many use today. I believe that allowing and supporting all so called genetically proven not “African Americans” in pushing the boundaries and opening up new lanes of artistic expression is a good thing. Mobb Deep being a ballerina says it all. I want more black BALLERINAS. We got plenty of Mobb Deep crews that get beat down by Saigon and Friend. And not enough Bo Jangles or forms of expression outside of militant angry black man drug dealer. Now maybe LIL WAYNE can put out his Rock album with out controversy. Maybe Lupe Fiasco can find an edgier way to get his point of view across. You cats is suckas. Emotional attachment sounds like brain washed. Like I said in the south you couldn’t fool us with Black Preacher Black Master mentality. You had to actually say something real. We was on everything but we were more bout good music and lyrics than whatever image was going on in New York. Flodging nobody bought that junk. You couldn’t walk up with a kufi and blowing hot air. We knew black empowerment especially in Memphis were there was like 2 white people in my whole school. We didn’t have to worry about fake masters. We knew what it was to be black. Hammer was cool, right alongside G Rapp, Gangsta Pat Jack Owens aint dead.

      • DJ7

        Really? There’s so much nonsense in your post I refuse to tackle it for <<>>> b.u.t. just to enlighten you on one specific example….the negro – a race of dead people with a dead history and no hope for resurrection as long as they remained ignorant of their past. This was a triple death – the death of the mind, body, and spirit of the Afrikan people. You see, one of the many positives that did come from the 80’s & 90’s was Afrikan pride & the thirst for knowledge. As a young teen I was heavily influenced by the 5% nation & was taught a very important lesson…..<<>>>… including the lessons given to us by Master teachers. It was that drive for the “unknown” or “falsehoods” that led me to the lecture halls of the modern GREATS: Dr. Clarke, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan, Cheikh Anta Diop and a few other righteous, intelligent, enlightened & educated brothas & sistas with information that was right & exact. You see, I actually made that journey to the MOTHERLAND fam….My thirst for knowledge didn’t end with a X-Clan, PE, King Sun, Paris, Poor Righteous Teachers or BDP ect… (none of who you had a rebuttal for by the way, you choose what you felt was an easier path, which I disagree with as well btw but I digress) song or a show & prove (5% meet & greet that’s still prevalent in many cities across the globe)…. I’m not that lightweight blogger you think you’re speaking to…. Now back to my point….Afrikans never coined themselves NEGRO no more than they did NIGGER…that’s falsehoods fam…do some research, then when you think you got something solid….do plenty more before you think you’re “sonning” somebody….I’ll leave you with a quote from the late great Dr. Clarke : “I’ve dedicated my whole entire adulthood when it comes to this subject, I don’t debate with anyone that’s not my equal….. those I teach”

      • Negro Peligro

        Just because its in a book. Doesn’t mean its accurate. Bible claims Esther married Xerxes or Artexerxes when there’s no fact. Bible claims there was an ancient temple in Jerusalem before the second temple. No one can find it. The book of REVELATIONS is built off Astrology and yet in that same book it says it will destroy “The fortune tellers” 5% Nation is built on a lie. You see anytime wisdom is Hidden and cannot be brought to the light you are most likely dealing with BS. I will destroy the 5% with fact. Your response will be I’m blind or be some more bull. It won’t come for a scientific or historical source. Lets stop for a second and think. You ever been to egypt. I have. You know why Ethiopians (WHO WERE NOT THE SOURCE OF CIIVILIAZTION) were painted black by Eyptians. Its because Egyptians were never BLACK. Or of DARK complexion. Why. The major trading through way was the Mediterranean. As today anytime you have trade routes you have major migration routes. Ever been to Italy. I have. Ever asked why blacked people are all over the most ancient Italian FRESCOS. Like you have white people running next to BLACK PEOPLE. There is even a movement by some black empowerment people that say that Pompeii and Herculanium where black. Because the features of the people are AFRICAN. This comes from a simple mindstate of pure race. Isn’t no pure race. Never was never will be. So if you start your premise off that black PEOPLE are the original race and thus are some form teachers and final fantasy sages and lord of the rings Elves. You been reading to many fantasy novels. The premise is downright dumb. Scientifically proven we are from Africa. But if we are all from Africa what makes skin color the genetic trait that makes you so special and exclusive. When 99% of our genome make up is the same. You needed to understand that so you can get the Negro point. Major trade routes = major migration routes. We are negros because its the portugese word for black. Patois. The same reason we are called Negro is because Migration and trade routes. Tons of people from vastly different countries all converging on the Americas. People didn’t understand each other. So certain words from each language became the word for the culture. Its the reason. Want proof go look in your encyclopedia at the origin of words. Puerto Ricans often call their significant other NEGRO. Dutch, hatian creole, RUSSIAN, ETC ETC. All used the word in a non-offensive way instead of saying colored or black. MOST 5% WILL NEVER TAKE A GENETIC TEST. Because few of them are Don Cheadle. LOL. Even Africans aren’t fully AFRICAN due to their long history of Migration and Trade. Thus even a secluded village in Africa will have some of the most diverse ginetic make ups not because of some pure race. Totally opposite its because they bred interacially. Egyptians were selling Beer to China in like 2000 BC. So if you want to sit here and say I’m uneducated an ill informed. You sound uneducated because again. NONE of you ever respond with facts and or truths. You have been blinded into beliefs of some higher wisdom. Knowledge of it makes you a higher person. A true person of Wisdom understands that knowledge doesn’t make you higher being. Because no one is all knowing. I know people that can’t read and can make there own gardens explain to you about crops. They cant read but they can fix cars. I also know people myself included that can do neither 1 of those things but I make more money and can read and have a higher knowledge of history and self. Yet I don’t feel I’m better than my cousins or uncles or brothers because I know they are more knowledgeable in other areas than me. Back to Kanye you wouldn’t hate Kanye as much if you had a real knowledge of self. You would allow for differences if you had a real knowledge of self. I remember when Electric Circus came out by Common and all you so called higher educated people said the same thing. Cause he was rocking crotcheted sweaters.

        You stifle the growth of the very race you love when you don’t allow us to dream. When we can only be a certain type of person then that’s why you become the stereo type. Bill Maher joked he thought he was going to get a gangsta in the first black president not Wayne Brady. So when someone black looks at another Negro and says he doesn’t reflect my black people because he making rock music and he doesn’t listen to the fans. But white people are allowed to dream and be whoever they want to be. Its not a reflection bad on the white race. So you see the issue is bigger you can never get over stereotypes until you stop crow holding your own people. Kanye can drink from whatever fountain he wants. Play with whatever crayon in the box he wants. Cause in the end it tears down stereotypes. Hip Hop culture. Doesnt = Black culture. My mom and dad never identified themselves with HipHop cultures. Neither did my Uncles. Thought it was trash. They like the Isley Brothers. Ernie Isley who taught Jimmi Hendrix the rock star how to play guitar.

      • DJ7

        Sigh…again you skimmed through what I said to bring forth your points…I appreciate your efforts tho….re read what I wrote and you’ll discover that not only did I answer your questions about my travels (last time I checked Egypt is in Africa) b.u.t. that “as a teen” I was heavily influenced by the 5% nation which led me on a quest. Were any of the Dr.’s that I mentioned 5%ers? NO!!! They were master teachers of ancient Africa in chronological order….I say again….Master teachers of Ancient Africa in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER & I WILL NOT put on an ACCURATE history lesson for free…it’s enough information available for you to dissect on your own time as any student on a quest for TRUE KNOWLEDGE should. That being said, good luck with that fam. Btw…Nice try with using the bible as a reference for attack b.u.t. that only works on those who know not…
        On another note….you’re mos def not as ignorant as I 1st invisioned you to be b.u.t. you still have work to do fam…we all do….your current research appears heavily influenced by European philosophy (which was taught to them by our ancestors & twisted to make themselves seem mightier….inserting themselves further into history than they actually were) which I don’t subscribe to due to its obvious major flaws b.u.t. to each his own fam…

        Now, let’s agree to bring a close to this chapter & possibly pick it back up in a current thread as to promote dialog between those that are truly lost…It’s not fair for US to keep this back N forth going through disqus & not share with our brothas who may or may not want to participate….


    • Public Enemy’s “Black steel In The Hour Of Kaos”

      In fact..”Nation Of Millions” & “By All Means Necessary”, PE & KRS1 changed consciousness in rap.

      Your young, this was pre internet, these dudes were ‘Bout it back when Tupac was a metro sexual ballerina.
      #No Shot’s @ Tupac

      Top 5 G.O.A.T.

      *Fugg Montezuma1

      >> Licks “E” shots @ Queen

      ** Takes “E” in case Monte fires back

      *** If I were you….I’d take cover too!


      He might be in “Lurk & Murk” mode.

  • “how do these dudes speak for you… when they won’t even speak to you… but some of y’all are cool with that.. smh… word?”……real shit

    • Negro Peligro

      What does that mean? How is that real? That some general statement what is dude talking bout? You have WAY more access to rappers now a days than you ever did. AHEM TWITTER. That’s some sensitive soft serve female stuff. I don’t want no man to talk to me. What for. I won’t get mad at that.

      • I guess you feel the same way about your local politician?

        They can represent you while considering you unworthy of speaking too?

      • DJ7

        Some folks never see the bigger picture E even if it’s in HD @ the multiplex….smh

      • He’s “THAT GUY” Dres is mad at Ye’s about!


        >> In Korean grocer from Menace 2 Society’s voice :

        “I feel sorry for his mother!”

        >> Ducks behind counter & re emerges with the ” EK47 ” spitting “E” holes into him & the potato chip rack!

      • you are one lost negro

  • Negro Peligro

    Dres on some emotional girlfriend stuff. He sound like a black girl trying to get all her girlfriends to hate.

    • DavastatinDave

      Black girl ? . Really nigga ?

    • no he sounds like a dude who loves hip hop and is ashamed at where its going and where its already at.

    • Keep playin nigga, I’ma call the Drop Squad on your Black ass…negro. What’s wrong, Colored Peligro just didn’t have the same ring to it? Your comments on this whole shit are typical of a mufukka still willing to call himself a negro. Matter of fact I dunno why I’m even acknowledgin the opinions of a mufukka still willing to call himself a negro…insomnia’s a bitch sometimes I guess… *shrugs*

    • Shingirai Ill Manner Jinjika

      Dres is just expressing himself it’s his democratic right

  • Mos High

    I agree with what Dres is trying to get across but its seems like many would need more then the 100 words he used to really grasp what he saying. Im 36 yrs old. I dont consider my self but it the world of hip hop I guess I m more the older side then younger. My first album purchased was Public enemy back in hmm 88. Man how things have changed, which 11 yrs is checking for say Dead Prez as example? but in my day most kids my age were checking for them. I like Kanye but his message that he wants to put out socially right now, Im not sure how effective it will be, its his personal life, but he yes giving baby to a women who was married and yes is a media wh*re, Ouch. People need to be challenged, cant just let every and anything be acceptable.


    he’s right…

  • Hes 100 percent correct. Even if you like kanye you cant deny it.

  • Interesting…

  • Ike’s Mood


    • Real Talk

      As a man no man should speak for you, speak for yourself. Music is an extention of ones environment but not ness. the voice of the people associated with environnment

  • digitallife

    How long before dumb mo-fo’s come in here talking about how he’s bitter,
    how he’s irrelevant, etc. Typical way of discussing things now a
    day..you are either a supporter or a hater. You aren’t entitled to be of
    a different opinion. Honest to god i’ll fck with Black Sheep’s first
    album before I listen to some emobullshhh

    • YungKizz

      amen yung niggas dont no shhhhhhhhh

    • DJ7

      you’re late fam, been swattin at these gnats since the topic opened for discussion….b.u.t. you’re assumptions were spot on

    • You already know…that “he’s just bitter and broke” train is NEVER late.

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  • YungKizz

    tell em dres

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  • Has good point These Niggas don’t speak for me I’m my own person never follow

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  • eddieknucks

    First off that’s dres opinion! Period. That makes him a hater? Gtfoh! I used to dig ye music but not so much now. He acting too looney right now for me to take him serious. The Kim k shit speaks for itself. Jump off yes. Baby mama no.

    • Real Talk

      Everything he did in Black Sheep was not positive but he expects that from Kanye. And yes Kim has been in the news a lot but the number of people she has been connected with is less than most woemn have been with before they are 25. And even if that woman was a whore at 1 point doesnt mean she cant change. Whats the differences from a man who dates lots of woman then finally settles down, is that woman dumb for being with him. It seems like he wants a little exposure himself. I bet he has some music come out. If he wants to talk about someone image and their music why not R.Ross, Waka, Gucci and the list goes on. GTHOH

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    Gd look’n Dres………………..niggaz needed 2 hear that,even tho most of us aint listening

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  • TruthHurts

    Why I post a long post about the state of hip hop and how it’s wrong for Dres for dis Kanye, and the comment went to moderation but never showed up?

    Bottom line hip hop is the new rock and roll. there are so many tangents that there is a hip hop artist for everybody. You got underground, conscious, pop, gangster, booty, etc.

    Dres can’t act like the 80s/90s wasn’t filled with corny acts and publicity stunts. Fat Boys WipeOut? Biz Markie on that piano dressed as liberace? Whether you want to believe it or not, there are actually alot of parallels between an artist like ODB & Yeezy.

    Bottom line, if you don’t like “radio or pop” hip hop, then don’t listen to it. Go buy some immortal technique, action bronson, ill bill, jedi mind tricks, or any of the other countless artists spitting that “Knowledge” out there.

    Just know this… don’t be fooled. Any artist that was ever on a MAJOR label is part of the game. Even Dres!

    It’s all marketing and advertising these days, I’m glad an artist like Ye has the balls to go against all of that and drop something way off the map. Like it or not, he’s not playing by the rules right now… isn’t that what hip hop is all about?

    • digitallife

      There is a humongous difference between loving to eat, or being funny and telling people they aren’t shhht if they aren’t versace/Louie head to toe. There in lays the issue. Kanye and others sell consumerism to an audience by far with horrible economic practices. We all know and/or have met someone who is fresh to death but lives in a dump. Drives a dope car but lives in a dump. It’s more about priorities..if you aren’t trying to fix the situation don’t try altering for the worse. The reality is that selling this living large mentality only hurts folks more. The dude isn’t saying anything about anything else…while yes it’s not Kanye’s job to get you to prioritize with your finances it’s another thing for him give the impression that a pair of $20 jeans makes you lame if that’s all you can afford…how many mofo’s you heard walking around using the term “CRAY” which is stupid as hell but you heard it..so what leads you to believe that folks are limiting their mimicking to words and lifestyle choices. I know mofo’s who don’t have gas money but own a pair of air yeezy’s at $600 a pop.

      • Man I met a dude with a BMW with no gas money!


      • TruthHurts

        I hate to say it but making a statement like this is pretty blasphemous towards the culture as a whole. You’re basically saying that art should be censored because it may possibly influence the listeners. I understand, and do agree that as an artist with a conscious, you should have some type of moral obligation to not lead your listeners astray. BUT, I’ll let the listeners make that decision for themselves. There’s been much worse things said on records compared to Kanye’s incessant materialism & ego. I’d say the first stone should be cast towards the glorifying of killings, robbings, and overall “thug” culture, before we point fingers at artists flaunting the materialistic lifestyle. Honestly I’d rather have 100 kids hear Yeezy talking about Alexander Wang, then an artist speaking on how many people they killed and sold dope to, in order to get their deal.

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