Jay-Z and Kanye West

Hip-Hop Rumors: What Is Jay-Z’s Major Announcement? Kanye West Rumors!

Jay-Z stays winning. Now, the rap mogul man has another trick up his sleeve, which will supposedly be this new big music streaming service with Samsung. Well, I thought that cat was way out of the bag. Apparently, it is not. While there are a number of reports that have verified there is something on the horizon, nothing has formally been announced. Insiders speculate that it will be announced sometime tomorrow.


Is Kanye riding on the bootleggers!

There are a couple sites that are offering links to download Kanye West’s new album. From what I’m hearing, the boy Yeezy and his lawyers are not playing with ’em. I’ve been told that certain sites have been told to cut the links or be terminated off the face of the internet. I’m speaking about one site in particular, but they shall remain nameless at this point.

Seems like there was some fact behind the notion that Kanye was going to call this Yeezus album “American Psycho.” Why? Because Kanye and future brother-in-law Scott Disick premiered a movie of that name recently. And they premiered it on a wall in Hollywood. Peep what The Rap-Up got.

Mind you, American Psycho is already a move that starred the dude that played Dark Knight, Christian Bale.

I dunno. I guess I need to check the video. But, I’m trying to care.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • DJ7

    Get over it….as long as there is an internet and your music is on it….ppl will download it…..for free….no matter who it is…that’s today’s reality!!!

    • his is probably just PR every album leaks it’s the game

      • DJ7

        all are fam….I was just speaking on the topic….

        Note: see EL Barks reply for more details

      • How mad can they be when this whole album is on youtube?


    I thought Kanye was actually going to be talking bout something on this album….Just more coon muzik…


    Lol if anybody ever work in the industry or at a label esp back in the 90’s early 2000
    You know that its always a person from the inside the label that leaks the album???

    I could be wrong, but i believe that some point the label leak these albums on purpose in and attempt to justify the the 360 deals and thefore now grabbing the artist tours & endorsement deals. Lets be honest. In the old deals the artist made what 40 cents and album if that? Why the label kept 13.50 per CD. Then out of that 40 cents per unit, the artist had to pay marketing, advances, promotion, video etc…
    Most artist never recoup, and if they did its was chump change…
    But artist always kept their tour & endorsement money,

    But once the internet & downloads took off. I think the labels heads were like fuk it,
    We going to get are money back for producing and distrubuting an album regardless if its flop or not…….. 400,000 dollars to drop an album. But if the shet sell 60,000 at 10 a cd profit, once u subtract the cost of distrubution.
    For a 15 dollar CD. The label get their initial investment back of the 400,000.
    Plus the artist still owes the label money because that 40 cents a cd aint going to amount to much? And now the artist is in debt. Even though the label made their money back…..

    Once downloading came in, the label were like fuk it, leak the album, and once the sales decline we start giving out 360 deals, now giving them acces to an artist supplemental l income, when before it was off limits.
    These dumb rappers sign them because they want to get on so bad & its the new normal. When in fact its just providing a way for the label to make even more money off you.

    • Yeah, a 360 = a Fuggin’

      • Mob BanCster


      • digitallife

        Not necessarily..sometimes a 360 artist with less talent will get pushed harder than an artist without one. For the artist in many cases if done smart a 360 deal is a more profitable one. Since the label has a stake in maximizing its earnings off you they have to include you in more aspects of the business. If not its all on you to make those opportunities. You tour more, you get more p.r., you get more marketing, if a product is looking for a face for it you are likelier to get pushed for it than a guy the label isn’t getting a cut from. While yes you overall could earn more with these opportunities on your own, the odds of landing many of these side gigs are slim to none. Remember at the end of the day executive A and Executive B are more interested in themselves than you..so it’s better to be the commodity than the expendable.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        if you think about it …its the same reason why artist sign publishing deals …. but @ the end of the day depending on how savy you are the new way is better for some …. and the old way is more benefitial for others … either way times always change …. adapt !!

      • EL_BARK

        I see what u are saying, but its cost a lot of money for a label to push you. & when u dont move units you want. The labels now dip in to your tour money….. Look at mmg…
        & ask yourself why warner bros drop them????

        Now meek & ross despite all that exposure still has to pay the label a nice chunk from the tours despite the label making prolly 2-4 times the amount of money they invested….

        How does that help meek??? Or wale ???? Of ross???

        Robbing peter to pay paul dont always balance out..

        Now meek buzz & mmg buzz is slowling up…
        But every show they still do the label still get a cut?
        Despite them not evening being push right now???

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      if poppi front you 2 of them thangs its up to you to make your $$ and to pay poppi back every penny he spent on them thangs … just cause he gave you them thangs @ an higher rate than what hes getting them for dont mean you can short him on the payback …??!!!?? you gotta pay him every penny … not cause he says so but because he already paid for it and its good business + it cost to be the boss be patient youll get thier one day if your ambitious enuff … had he not paid for it for you …there would have been no way for him to front you any product … so once you do your shuck and drive in trying to sell that ish keep your $0.40 and sent poppi back his $0.60 …. 😉 …. it aint labels … ITS BUSINESS … some of yall act like the labels are free enterprises …. it cost hella money first of all just to be located in manahatan off top … the lease on that property is more than what most of these rappers careers are worth …. the label is fronting everything in the beginning … so its only right they get the lions share … thats why guys like GUcci, ROcko, Ross, Jeezy etc eat so much more than alot of rappers because they do alot of thier own work … got thier own staff so they end up gettting the lions share … you want more of that $$$$$ take on more of the responsibility ……. responsibility aint sitting in the studio all night creating … responsibility is paying that studio bill when it comes in the mail ON TIME !!

      • EL_BARK

        Your analogy was a a 60 / 40 split which is far from how label operate.
        You comparing apple to oranges… My point was that the label leak the album on purpose before & after the the digital era. I was just pointing out, in the last 5 years or 7 years the label had been leaking the albums themselves and they were doing this to push the agenda of 360 deals…. Also if a a label makes 10 follar profit from an cd. But you only make 40 cents. Yet out of that 40 cents you pay for everything & yet you still dont own YOUR music is modern day slavery.

        Yes its still a business but so were the slaves master growing & selling cottton…. That dont make it right. Also these labels based out in new york all operate out of the same buildings depending who you parent label is. Which is penny compare to them…

        Also them rapper you name are well off like you think.
        Ross & jeezy make a few million a year if that but how much do the labels make off of them. Yes artist dont have to takd the deals but most are desperate.

      • ll3acdafukup

        Fasho.. common sense shit but most never had so when you throw them crumbs they jump. That’s why Prince said fuk that this my work and I want it all.

    • ll3acdafukup

      @ MRKEVINWASHINGTON that’s bullcorn to the 3rd degree it cost what .50cent to make a fucken CD????
      you the reason artist start believeing the labels that they were losing money cause we was downloading their shit which is some more bullcorn you work for a label bring them your work thy pay you for it they distribute it make some money and pay you a percentage off the work that way everybody eat but nah you got slick ass mfers with agendas to make more off you when its your work.

    • BehaveUrSelf

      wat do you do??

      • EL_BARK

        What do you mean ? What do i do?

        Are you talking about what i do for a living?

      • BehaveUrSelf

        yh man!

  • This is a lot like my Afro American Psycho concept and Spaz out vid

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  • Namebefakeshiiiiii

    American Psycho is a crazy ass movie. That dude is a major sociopath. Real movie way better, he start chasing escorts around with a f*cking chainsaw, stabbing random homeless people after acting like hes gonna help them. Its well acted too, he almost goes crazy over how much better a business associates business card’s font looks compared to his new cards. He catches serious feelings over font choice, its great.

    • mike malarkey

      dont just stare at it.. EAT IT

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        LMAO! Classic.

  • brotha_man

    album wack ass fugg

  • Synista

    People still buy CD’s???
    Last CD I bought was back in 2001.

    • silviomaiasilva




      last 1 I bought was the last UGK double album they dropped before Pimp died

  • Negro Peligro

    Man didn’t he give his last album away on You Tube before it dropped. Like Good Fridays.

  • $11625525

    He had to leak it to try and get people to forget about J Cole’s “better” album. Not to say “Yeezy” isn’t good but “Born Sinner” is lighter, “Yeezy” has its lane but it’s not “Every day” music.

    • bisolabliss

      Just say it dude, ‘Yeezus’ is not good, fckk all this ‘political correctness’ bullcrap…garbage is garbage, period

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  • bisolabliss

    The person who leaked Kanye didn’t do us any good, that ish is straight garbage…doodoo weak, ‘Born Sinner’ is way better…come to think of it, what did Rick Rubin bring to the table again?

    • statik selektah album is better than BOTH!

      • bisolabliss

        No doubt fam, no doubt, peace!

    • silviomaiasilva


      • bisolabliss

        If Havoc is not crafting beats for Prodigy to spit on, I don’t check for it like that, so I can’t concur nor disagree with you intake but it’s all good fam

      • king hoover

        alchemist produced for mobb deep so what you talkin about dumbtart

      • acapwn

        I agree. That album is onnn!

    • King

      STFU lame .. Kanye album is better than all those albums, especially Jcole boring ass album.

      • bisolabliss

        No comment!


      I know I might sound like a hater, but that J Cole album is garbage recycle bin music homie, his 1st album was way better, only albums im waiting on is Drake, 2Chainz and TGT aka (Tank, Ginuwine, and Tyrese) lol

      • bisolabliss

        I can’t front on your taste in music man…garbage recycle bin music or not, ‘Bone Sinner’ still dumps on ‘Yeezus’

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  • eiroc55

    When I 1st heard the Kanye album I was extremly dissapointed I can take weird beats but thought I was going to get some insightful Kanye word play..Damn I was wrong but got excited like maybe the young boys Jcole and wale are going to do it right..Well not only is Jcoles album terrible and boring hes not even spittting up to standards..It made me atleast apreciated Ye’s able as for the min a beautifuly crafted album musically..The music flows and the last 5 tracks are at least hot…Hope wale comes through..but I heard HOVs coming soon soo thats dope

  • TRELL850

    I love hip-hop but yall can keep that Yeezus mess. I tried to find somthing good about it…. but i cant… lyrically sub-par, beats dont mesh well, theme isn’t solid… its just all over the place… sorry, but im gonna have to say its Wack… He could’ve at-least spit some better lyrics… We’ll blame this one on the pregnancy though, ye… J COLE… YO J Cole’s album is……………….Average…. I thought maybe i had the version that wasnt getting released when i heard it… Its not bad, but it’s not great either… Cole, my man, you gotta do better than those first 3 mixtapes if you wanna stay in this game… Guranteed Jay-Z drops a classic…. (Guaranteed both Cole’s album and Ye’s album were set ups for Jay -Z…) Cole’s next mixtape and 3rd album will be classic. Ye’s next album will be revolutionary… This is chess not checkers. -Jay Z

  • kwimby72

    Kanye’s album is in line with fallout boys joint which if you keep up with other musical genres then u know the critics love the album those same critics love the Kanye Album its out the box i can follow it being I listen to different music ppl in hip hop no longer push their limits PPl are also forgetting Mac Millers album which is more hip hop than jcole he could careless abt a radio single he worked his buzz and has his fans Afrika Bammbaataa was electronic hip hop some even call him one of electronic musics founder Public Enemy Run Dmc Beastie Boys De la Soul push musical boundries Kendrick Lamar put concepts back into albums

  • #ShadyRecords #Eminem