Hip-Hop Rumors: What Is Jay-Z’s Major Announcement? Kanye West Rumors!


Jay-Z stays winning. Now, the rap mogul man has another trick up his sleeve, which will supposedly be this new big music streaming service with Samsung. Well, I thought that cat was way out of the bag. Apparently, it is not. While there are a number of reports that have verified there is something on the horizon, nothing has formally been announced. Insiders speculate that it will be announced sometime tomorrow.


Is Kanye riding on the bootleggers!

There are a couple sites that are offering links to download Kanye West’s new album. From what I’m hearing, the boy Yeezy and his lawyers are not playing with ’em. I’ve been told that certain sites have been told to cut the links or be terminated off the face of the internet. I’m speaking about one site in particular, but they shall remain nameless at this point.

Seems like there was some fact behind the notion that Kanye was going to call this Yeezus album “American Psycho.” Why? Because Kanye and future brother-in-law Scott Disick premiered a movie of that name recently. And they premiered it on a wall in Hollywood. Peep what The Rap-Up got.

Mind you, American Psycho is already a move that starred the dude that played Dark Knight, Christian Bale.

I dunno. I guess I need to check the video. But, I’m trying to care.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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