J. Cole “Let Nas Down” (REMIX) feat. Nas

  • Oknas


  • brotha_man

    nas need to get on his business ish together cant nobody touch nas. no homo (Roy hibbert voice)

    • RMfag

      Still gay

    • Anthony

      Hov has something to say about that

      • bisolabliss

        Yo, you buggin’ son…don’t you know Hov is a self-confessed Nas fan?

    • Dickens Dumont

      ummm. u know nas owns gureilla union, mass appeal magazine, has a partnership with hennessy, opening a sneaker store in las vegas, and he has a clothing line coming called HSTRY Clothingf. but that’s not the point. why does it have to be about business instead of skill on the mic. i grew up on cats just trying to better on the mic. it goes to show how wack hip hop has gotten. only thing people can focus on is how much oney they make instead of concentrating on their music. and hov is a self confessed NAs fan and vice versa with Nas. Don’t be surprised if Nas is on Magna Carta Holy Grail

      • dexter

        I would be surprise if he is on there. there is deep seeded animosity there that wont go away. if not they would have done more music together. instead they keep it classy in public. but jay lamed out & boned his BM & made a song about it with that Jay jumped over the line fuk crossing it… thats a no no in the real world Hommie!

      • Homegrown Chicks

        Ummmm where have you been? Nas and Jay have done three songs together since the ‘beef’. And have been photographed hanging out together as early as this year. Not sure what “deep seeded animosity” you’re referring to here sir.

      • dexter

        smh. u dnt get it & prolly never will. listen to ether again the uncut version & tell me that on a deep level they kool 2day? ever heard the term “business relationship”? Did they attend each others weddings? Where have u seen them on some pure social ish? it is as it is. Amen(so be it) & back to the latter I would be amazed if NAS is on JAy nu album…

      • Homegrown Chicks

        They just attended a birthday party together as early as yesterday for Steve Stoute. You don’t know what you’re talking about sir.

      • dexter

        I am sure a ton of peeps atteded that… & who r u? Jay or NAS? Gotta be Jay cuz NAS def dont give a shit…get over it. weather they r or not is of no importance wat so ever in my life. cant speak 4u tho of course…smmfh. btw did u listen 2 “ether” again????

      • Homegrown Chicks

        You’re right, they’re both richer than either of us! Good luck to both of them.

      • dexter

        exactly hun:) but it was fun going back & forth with u & I did google that steve party & yeap they @ the bar happy as can be nas steve & jay… u noe…rich happy. lol

  • Dadon850

    I can’t lie, I’m the same age as Nas but I’m loving this J. Cole kid. Top notch rapper.


      lol as if Age got some to do with your love for real Music… whatever the age real recognize real that’s it that’s all

      • Anthony

        Cole said- Real recognize real- Thats why it took a motherfucka like hov to sign me.

  • $18916246


  • dexter

    it was kool. I think the idea surrounding it is hotter than the verse & or spill… & but I am ok with that:)

  • First chills I’ve had all year….
    No lie


      Oh Man!… Same here word can express… lol I smiled like Nas was telling that shit to me…. That’s a HIP-HOP moment right there… REAL HIP HOP SHEEEIIT!!!… I said it before J. Cole Is here to stay and now he got to/ shit he WILL hold the crown… BIG RESPECT TO NAS…
      My new Top 5 list:
      1 Rakim
      2 Pac
      3 Nas
      4 BIG
      5 JAY

      • No Eminem

      • NEWSKULL

        On some real shit Eminem used to be #5 on my list… But he lost his swag if he gets back to “Till I collapse” level then he might be right under Nas…

      • JonRalphs

        He’s old I think he deserves a spot maybe Rakim’s spot or jay- z

      • Anthony

        Jay-z should actually be higher on the list

      • Malik

        Really? Who is Jay better than on that list? Is it Ra? Pac? Nas? or Big?

      • Bman22

        That must be a list of influence, because if we’re talking lyricists, there’s no way Pac is on that list over Eminem and countless others.

      • dexter

        I dont think the list is about lyricist as much as its about game changers & so they all deserve a spot tbh…

      • dexter

        Dam good ? Malik!

      • Lyricx regina

        hey you

      • Anthony

        To have jay at number 5 is a insult. Hes been the most consistent out of all theses names. He has 3 classic albums as well. MNo disrespect to pac or big but u cant say what they would have been over a guy who is what they would have been.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        Which 3 you consider classics?I’m checking to see if we have the same three…Blueprint one?

      • Bryant D Neal Sr

        Two of those guys murdered Jay on wax so his spot at #5 is justified. Having 500 million dollars doesn’t make you the best. Yes I understand that people have been brain washed to think that. Don’t get me wrong he is one of the best that has done it.

      • hazysin

        While I agree with you that net worth doesn’t determine skill…consistency has to account for something. Unfortunately Tupac and Biggies careers were cut short. While I enjoy Biggie a lot he wouldn’t make my top 5 simply because he doesn’t have a big enough catalog.

        Im different though because Ghosface Killah is solidly in my top 5.

      • dexter

        LMBO!!! & true. he has carved his spot respectively. but money doesnt equate greatness lyrically:)

      • Dickens Dumont

        jay has been consistent a lil bit, in terms of sales but not lyrical content. let’s keep it real. jay hasn’t rapped great since the black album. that album was his milestone. after that, lyrically, he hasn’t been great at all

      • Bryant D Neal Sr


      • Bryant D Neal Sr

        There are a few more that should be on this list it should be longer than 5 Scarface & Em do deserve a spot also. Hip-Hop is the art of story telling and all these guys do a hell of a job doing that. They all was on top at some point in time in there careers.

      • dexter

        his list is fine. we are to consumed wit 1st & last… that list is fine. add to it take away from it as u wish. but its fine in any order. Thats true HipHop!

      • Nas>Rakim ……Anyday
        Nas isn’t a one trick pony that only does brag rap
        He is more complex in flows, lyricism, subject matter, etc.Nas might be inspired by Rakim/Kool G rap
        Nas still is WAY better than Rakim he took what they did and made it better
        Despite the influence, Rakim is NOT in any way a better rapper than Nas

      • I WILL BITE YOU!!


      • Guest

        mmmm idk bout that hommie. I find them 2b equal in their own rite.

      • Dickens Dumont

        i gotta agree on this one. nas surpassed rakim in every way (rakim wasn’t as good as a solo artist and when he entered the 90’s). great observation, the real Q

      • dexter

        I disagree. Rakim birthed Nas. Where is the respect? Even Nas would disagree with you. Rakim did not sell out to mainstream he stayed true to his art. Today its rap back than it was art. smh. I remember hearing RA for the 1st time whiles visiting NYC. Man the nostalgia surrounding his music is smthng I have not felt sense. Nas kept the torch gonna. True. But who the hell lit it! Wow. This is why “rap” is where its @. smh JC made a record about NAS… NAS made a record about RA… we gotta do betta people. respect is the God essence of all things in existence… “SELF ESTEEM MAKES IT SEEMS LIKE THE THOUGHT TOOK YEARS TO BUILD. BUT STILL SAY A RYME AFTER THE NEXT ONE..PREPARED NEVER SCARED ILL JUST BLESS ONE… Rakim Paid in Full Eric B. is President…

      • Still no argument disproving me….

      • dexter

        of course not & I respect ur views hommie:) keep blogging u bring thought to this…

      • dexter

        ummm @newskull now what I will say bout ur list is that they are & were game changers. This is true. @realQ> nas does get the edge for the continuation of the greatness. hence yea he took it & made it better… now I dont know about wayyyyy better than The R tho. I dnt believe Nas would agree with that himself. Simply because it would be disrespectful. Hence ur statement is in someways disrespectful to The R & all he did for the game in terms of introducing styles. besides neither one of these men are or were rappers my nig! they street poets! ask them see what they tell ya…uhhhhhhh! lmao

      • change ya panties ya groupie ass nigga

    • dexter

      really? interesting.

    • Mr. Just Watch

      Yes.. that shit got me too. Especially after hearing the first one right before it

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      shoot first chillls i probably had in the last decade mane!

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    GOAT cole got the ultimate cosign!!

    • dexter

      GOAT? LMAO!!!!!!!! Goat is an acronym that takes time 2b earned. almost a lifetime in some cases its not an expensive car rappers are driving now a days…smh!

      • Space Kakes

        he was talking about nas obviously

      • dexter

        ok i hope so… did not come off like that tho…

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        my baggy lol

      • dexter

        ite den my nig…. lol

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        thanks space i was refering to nas when i said goat ……

  • bisolabliss

    I’m refuse to answer any survey to listen to this, I’m off to hiphopdx to get a lisen…Ha!

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  • brotha_man

    “we was trying to be the queensbridge cosby’s”

  • knix3000

    This shit is official. Nas is getting better with age…real talk.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    j cole is in NO. WAY. SHAPE. or form GOAT. GTFO.

    • dexter

      tbh not that I am really n2 the new ish… but I am pretty sure JC is not even the hottest rite now. In his day… NAS was def the hottest….I am not sayn is not nice… but is he the hottest tho?

  • digitallife

    Nas is the GOAT!! He killed Jay-Z’s claim to it back in 96 with “The message” that entire first 6 bars was aimed at biggie and jay…

  • its dope but hearing nas kiss jay ass lame

  • lil b let nas down

  • niggas get sentimental over nas HAHAHAHA

  • $31339281

    Pac wasnt shit like Jesus, back up dancer, sexual assault charges, half a homo nose rings…..smh get outta here with that bs. And he got ranned up on and popped up. All that Thug talk but when it was on, No heater- No retaliation. Suge was cheatin him out his checks- His paperwork wasnt even straight. Pac was a sucka


      • $31339281

        ask the nga u fckin, homothug

      • Thats what i’m doing!

    • king joe

      dog u sound stupid…

      • $31339281

        i typed it moron…. didnt sound like anything but what u heard in your head while reading-


    Wow Nas killed that shit

  • dexter

    But u noe tbh I am beginning to question Tupacs’ impact on the game startn this “Thug” shit. Not feeln it now Pac. Still love his music but its the image I am not feeln now tho… That now takes him out of my top five where he was an easy top 3….

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  • Shtt was dope, not mind blowing shtt like sum dudes make it out to be, but dope.

  • Lyricx regina

    how are you doing

  • Truth Powell

    The problem with rap’s new generation isn’t lyrics or flows. Its the production. It’s so bland and dull. At the same time what more can you expect from kids raised on soulless synthetic music? I feel bad for kids coming up thinking Eminem, Lupe, Pharrell are the standards of real music. We need kids raised on RZA and Pete Rock to start making new music.

  • Brad Cuspard


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