Son Arrested for Beating Father Over Kool-Aid

(AllHipHop News) A 22-year old Florida man was arrested for allegedly hitting his disabled father in the head several times for trying to tell him how to make Kool-Aid.

Brandon Antron Crosley, 22, was arrested Wednesday in his Cocoa, FL apartment complex where he lives with his father.

According to the police report Greg Crosley, 48, said his son “was making Kool-Aid and was doing it wrong,” so he “attempted to give Brandon advice on how to properly prepare the drink.”

Not interested in hearing his father’s advice, Brandon punched him several times in the head and ran off before the police could arrive.

Soon after, the son was caught red handed in a nearby apartment.

  • therealest1

    OH YEAH! (Kool-Aid man voice) for ignorant shit.

    • RMfag


    • dominicancoke


  • wtf lol

  • Guest

    Damn, this world we live in today.

    • RMfag

      IKR, how in the hell can you be 22, black and not know how to make kool-aid?!


    that’s like a mouse eating a cat…

    • RMfag

      A disabled cat.

  • RMfag

    Why didn’t the koolaid man come through the wall FG-style and fight the dude chicken-style?

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  • 2 packs Kool Aid, 1 & 1/2 cups of sugar in 1 gallon container.


    The bigger issue is lack of respect / appreciation.

    He’s lucky, my mom basically raised us, but back then, if we would have even dreamed about disrespecting, family would have been stopping by for months, from the Bx to Tallahassee, just to introduce themselves & start whupping@$$! Sometimes the @$$ whupping was before the introduction.

    My cousin raised his voice once to his mother…ONCE, after that….

    I remember back talking my momz once, just some slick tone of voice, she smacked me so hard, I felt the sparkz & my homie remembers that ‘chet to this day. Vividly!

    We could go years without hearing from each other, see each other, blaze & just when that 1st awkward moment of silence is about to take place..he be like : “I remember when Mrs. Medina slapped the ‘chet outta you!” & bust out laughing.

    I used to try & fire back about his mom whipping him with an extension cord etc., but the slap was actually funnier.

    Never happened again, except about 5yrs ago, I got real mad & was like :

    Mom Duke’s raised one eyebrow like The Roc, and I quickly explained how I was ONLY mad at myself.

    I would never hit my parents or older relatives, or any relatives for that matter.

    This is definitely a sign of how fugged up certain communities are.

    • brotha_man

      as a kid. Ive seen my family get crazy upset over fugged up Kool-aid. mom dukes may have thrown at shoe or two at kool-aid violators.

      funny story went to my home girl house (white chick) she was happy as hell that she made kool-aid for the first time. I dont really drink it anymore too much sugar. so im like what the fugg i’ll take a cup *takes sip*, the ish was crystal light. I started rolling.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        LMFAO don’t u know Crystal Light is white peoples Kool Aid!

      • brotha_man

        i know now

      • RMfag

        Its weight loss koolaid.

      • Been there, but on the other end…went to my Puerto Rican people’s house & that ‘chet was like syrup!

        “Ghetto Fabulous” they call it.

        Still, I fuggz with the Kool Aid & have everyone in the house on the same page with instructions.

      • brotha_man

        lol @syrup

      • Wifey said to me the other day, totally unrelated:

        “If Cherry Kool Aid used #5 red dye, the strongest available…what color does it turn out insides?”

        After that, I priced a juicer.

    • brotha_man

      like bernie mac said. aint no more big mama’s.

      • Nah, I’m blessed to have had one & Mom Dukes is a tiny woman…but she back slapped me down like I was dominoes.

      • ZUBU

        Yeah I was primarily raised by moms and she didn’t play similar to your story I was a teen and got a lil’ smart nothing major and she Mike Tyson-ed my a$$ right in the jaw, and moms God Bless her was a big woman. Only time she ever punched me and I never got smart again as long as she lived!

      • LOL~N

        I hope for your sake that she didn’t knock you out!

        That ‘chet got me sitting here hollaring imagining if you did.

        My momz was / is a petite woman, but yeah…she slapped sparx out my @$$ 4 Sho’!

      • RMfag


    • RMfag

      The crackhead generation didnt start in the 80’s.

      • Yes it did….technically speaking.

      • RMfag

        The attitudes, dysfunction and disorder didn’t I mean.

      • Bloblo Escobar

        that was the next generation, crack babies cant help it

  • 5789007

    Now this is wtf I call ratchet lmao

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  • brotha_man

    my cuz taught me. grab 2 packs (never use the same flavors) for example: use one grape, one cherry, also known to many as purple and red. don’t measure the sugar, eyeball four cups. and stir. place next to sunny d, so when ur white friends come over their not drinking all the Kool-aid

    • RMfag

      White people like Tang tho.

      • RedEyez

        LOL Fag that was funny and tru tho

      • Bloblo Escobar

        white trash maybe, i sip on crystal light

  • dominicancoke

    Man like how u hit your disable pops how u hit your pops period smh

    Temp–tation stays victorios who doesn’t sin/ all the facination with notorious gansters and kings/ theres a really evil side in all of us we wanna win/ we dont care bout good girls we just wanna f*ck a ten/
    F*ck her feelings f*ck her friends f*ck a promiss f*ck a ring/ yea you know shes married who gives a shit right? F*ck her man/ and likewise cause theirs evil souless bitches/that will leave your heart in stitches when they go after your ritches/u dont see her as your equall u just want her in the kitchen/ or in the bed giving great head instead shes steady bitchin/ money brings greed around now what sorrounds you is fakes/ cut the grass bet your ass every one round you is snakes/kicking u when u down calls u a clown to the face/ u back up wearing a crown theirs a frown in his face/kiss the ground how it taste? My head high till the death of me/facing desteny u want my pride? Take the breath from me!/ f*ck u suck dick if u thinking less of me/i’ll buck u mad quick if u dare take a step at me/

  • dominicancoke

    We have the transcript from the incident

    Father brandon! brandon! booy you doing it all wrong looka here you gotta mix that boy stirr that muthaf*cka right boy u cant do shit right! just like your. one eyed momma

    Son aaaaaaaaaaayuken

    • Boomie Rogers


  • Synista

    Caught red handed???? So I guess he was making “RED” flavored kool aid?
    Wow just wow.

    • Jared


    • Bloblo Escobar

      probably grape

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    shame on you for naming your website ALL HIP HOP.. wtf is this shit?

  • YungKizz


  • YungKizz


  • Chris M. McDade

    and thats sick. What kinda person does that to his own father? Let alone someone thats disabled…

  • 2013 IS MEAN AF