Nine “Its Over Dog” [DMX Diss]

  • Bryant D Neal Sr


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  • speedy37


  • Ravi Singh

    that’s the wackest diss record this year. all hip hop must really hate latino rappers to put ish like this on and like three spanish rappers.

    • johnny

      ravi u wack punk!

      • Ravi Singh

        if that track is your idea of not wack, ill b dat. anytime u want come & prove i’m a punk. bring a camera.

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  • johnny

    Wow! i see we have some X lovers hatin on nine. You cant please everyone, This record about X is old, but i understand how nine feels, Nine could have got at X a long time a go, but nine thought he was dope and let X live but i have to say NINE is very lyrically and hes 100% real MC. when alot of these fake ass rappers lie and stunt about everything. im a x fan too but nine did his thing and got out what he needed to get out! Thats what artist do!!! Now its time to move on to the next nine… I believe that nine will bring that heat and shut yall naysayers the f up!

    • Skillztopaythebills



    Love the old and new, I support you to the fullest! RAW SHIT!

  • johnny

    I just heard some hot shit on his sound cloud for the 1st time! Nine, looking forward to hear some new music fam! keep it up!

  • Skillztopaythebills

    This is hot Nine! Keep it up King! Hip Hop need warriors like you that can step up and say what they feel. You told them already in “Lying King” and now coming back to let them know what it is …. Haters / Negative critics got a job to do…You got a job to do Nine! Bring it to these suckers!! Respect

  • brotha_man

    as a long time x supporter X aint gonna let this go. reminds of when ja tried to diss 50

  • SkrSteez

    X is X he never said he’s a role model, hes just livin out his life. He’s been through a lot of lows just like a lot of us who can relate to feeling depressed addicted and suicidal and his music can pick u back up. YouTube DMX ” life” n try hate on that

  • FREE-Mikey-aka-211

    I wanna see Nine And X Go At It Nine Is Lyrically Nice With Witt It

  • Flea

    The funniest thing is at one point it seemed Nine was going to blow up. Unfortunately good lyrics and sounding a little like DMX didn’t work out for the homey..why not diss someone who made it and fucked it all up, i’d be mad too shit.