Shawty Lo

Hip-Hop Rumors: Congrats To Shawty Lo And Baby Mama!

Shawty Lo is raising his kids and now he’s got another one to add to the Lo Bunch!

Here is the brief report from STraight From The A!

Rapper Shawty Lo welcomed his 12th Child with his 11th baby mama, aspiring rapper, Jai Jai. Jai Jai gave birth to their son on June 28, 2013. Their son’s Name is King L. White. King is Jai Jai’s second child, her daughter died in 2007 shortly after birth. Congrats

Number 12!!!!!!!


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  • Homegrown Chicks

    That nigga need to be fixed and/or quarantined.

    • talking about the man…why dont these rachet ass chicks stop f*cking with the guy….have some accountability WOMEN!

      • ^This

        I know some one like Shorty Lo, it’s not the amount of kids, it the amount of Baby Momz.

        If a dude got 11 kids & 10 Baby momz, what makes them think there won’t be a 15th?

      • DJ7

        In the words of Money Mayweather….”if a man can afford to have multiple cars & maintain each one…why not the same when it comes to women”

        If they like it…I love it…what’s the problem? (DJ7 voice)

      • >>In Whitney’s voice: “I believe the children are the future…”

        It’s not fair to the kids…even if it’s fair to the cars & women.

      • DJ7

        Whose to say their needs aren’t met either? I don’t know homie like that to say one way or the other b.u.t. I also don’t see rumors or news about son going back & forth to court over petty child support either…must be doing something right…at least I hope he is

      • If they not all under one roof, then his time is limited, as opposed to spending time with each, daily, at 11 different locations.

        If they all under the same roof, he’s a bigger man than me, but trust me, two wives also = 2x the head aches / arguing.

        >>Been there

      • DJ7

        True dat..b.u.t. on the same token…there are kids that have just that & still wind up with issues…genetics….maybe…..not saying it’s impossible b.u.t…… we are talking about Shawty Lo…I still want to believe my brotha’s doing the right thing by his seeds tho

      • He’s definitely doing his best, which is a lot better than many of us talking ‘chet about him.

      • DJ7

        Say word

      • NEWSKULL

        Yep… he is doing the best because Dude parents died and he was raised by his grand ma (she died when he was 17)… he knows how it feels to be left alone… Maybe that’s why he wants as much kid as possible…

        Plus They knew each other for a long time now… they have an on and off relationship… Well I read it somewhere…

        here is an excerpt:

        The story begins back in 2003 when the young stylist met the struggling rapper and the two fell in love. Jai Jai was there for Shawty Lo through the lean times, and provided a source of support on the outside while the rapper served a year in prison.

        After they broke up, Jai Jai met local emerging rapper Oowee and had a baby by him. Tragically, the baby girl passed away and the young mother was forced to bury her only child. “Over the time I’ve actually developed from a teen into an adult and I’ve grown through many transitions and transformations,” Jai Jai said

      • I kinda feel band for jumping on the bandwagon & judging him, but dayum, so many baby momz in this day & age is just asking for Da’ monsta!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        true that but by baby mom #5 … any more after that hes IMO putting everyone in a tight spot … if he ever loses his riches its really gonna get murky …. baby momma 1 thru 5 …. didnt ask for this …. hes on some serial baby mom ish @ this point …. but hey they say you get what you ask for …. looking @ the youtube video not many of those baby moms seem upset @ lo ….. so i guess it is what it is …………

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        child support isnt meeting needs LOL!! that just one of many things and honestly child support is something most mothers are looking for NOT THE CHILD !!

      • DJ7

        you missing the point B….Although I do tend to agree that SOME mothers are out for a check only….sad b.u.t. true

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        🙁 lol

      • brotha_man

        I got two kids, two baby mamas (really one) my wife is the other and trust me its a fuc*ing head ache could not imagine having 11 baby mamas……just thinking about that got me reaching for the henny and a black

      • A Ninja will be like:

        “Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a B’ish?”

        Imagine 2 Wifeys


        I thought that ‘chet was cool…from the outside looking in.
        *Not cool at all.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM


      • NEWSKULL

        LAWL @ the Henny and a black

      • DJ7

        As long as their needs are met & the kids are healthy who are we to question anything?

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        how could that even be possible when shes competeing with 11 other baby mothers and 12 other kids … and homey is in the entertainment field … there is no room for meeting needs … all they can do is make sure the kids are healthy … but meeting all of thier needs is virtually impossible ……………… especially in america … if we lived in a country where they live alot more modest it could be possible …… but not in america ………………..

      • DJ7

        WE have 0 clue as to what these females NEEDS (not WANTS) are fam…A phone call & a simple “hello” may do (some females just want to hear your voice)…providing for the kids may just be “IT”…as the 11 other women may have moved on or “know their role”…. some may just want the notoriety of being “Shawty Lo’s BM” I can’t call it…let’s ask an AMERICAN P.I.M.P. how he does it, since you pointed out that this is America & it’s virtually impossible….

        I don’t know where you’re from fam b.u.t. where I stay, P.I.M.P.S. still exist….punk mofos that they are….they still out here nonetheless

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        not the females the kids …. i could care less about the females … obvious they werent thinking about thier kids when dealing with this dude …. especially anyone after baby mom #7 smh ……..

      • DJ7

        I get what you’re saying B….b.u.t. you must acknowledge that kids are just an incomplete version of the people that created them…some good….some not so much…education is the key….in some cases that isn’t enough…4 real 4 real, there are plenty of kids better off without their birth parents being involved in early development….so to say mom or pops ain’t around, may not be a bad thing for some youngstas…feel me?

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol yeah pimpin is alive lol

  • Stay Phokus

    how the hell is he able to pay for 12 kids
    that laffy taffy money must be deep

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      50 cent gave him 10 million dollars a few years ago … fif prob mad as ish right now cause as far as i can see that investement isnt returning any kind of profit just a bottomless money pit sucking all the money in and not shooting anything back out

      • If you really think 50 gave anyone 10 mil, I have a bridge for sale.

        You know 50 stingy as can be. Maybe signed him to a 10 mil deal, with plenty of conditions, but 50 generally makes excellent business moves.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        him and shawty lo have a joint venture together … 50 spoke on it many
        of times as well as Shawty lo … 50 raised the money … i can find
        youtube videos to back it up if needed … im not saying he straight up
        gave him the WHOLE 10 million …. but 10 million was raised to create
        that joint venture … im sure Shawty lo got an M or 2 out of that and
        its how he still ouchea eating …. between the money and the hoopla of
        that deal … which these days its gotta be running thin def would like
        to know if he still active with this situation ……. heres a link to a
        vid of him speaking on it …

        www dot rapbasement dot com/shawty-lo/072211-shawty-lo-talks-details-of-his-new-10-million-dollar-deal-with-50-cent-and-g-unit-watch-here.html

      • Indeed.

        That $10 Mil went to other than Shotry Lo.

        He got paid, but not 10Mil.

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  • tra mo

    Rachet coon shit

    • Casor_Greener


    • DollasTX

      why for naming his son KING – would DAVID or DANIEL been better?

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        I assumed it was because he had his 12th kid.

      • DollasTX

        WE always have BIG FAMILIES – half brothers, step sisters, brother in laws …

      • DJ7

        Fam…these cats sound mad jealous…in the motherland….if you have the means to provide for all of your affairs…you are more than welcome to do so…only Westernized knee-grows have a problem with that…sounds like an inferiority complex to me…My advice to them is simple…stop hating & get your bread up

      • brotha_man

        nobody hating on shawty lo…its his life….nothing about his life makes me jealous. Me and fam headed to hawaii in a few weeks. #goodlife

      • DJ7

        Didn’t point the finger at you fam…& yes mofos are hating…didn’t say you specifically just said cats…congats on your good life…hope you have a wonderful vacation…I know my fam & I did…holla @ us when you safely return brotha

      • EL_BARK

        Alot of views & ways that govern society & conditions or norms is all western ideology… Ie… Only being able to have one wife legally. (Marriage)

      • Celz

        There are western cultures with plural wives and non western cultures that have only one wife.. This nicca is not an example of ANY successful or proven family unit. In Mormon or Islamic families where there are more than one mother of the children the mothers still live and work together. So the Husband/ Father only supports one household. And the ages of the children are spaced over DECADES so some of the children help their mothers in caring for the younger set of children. Then finally the remaining older children who aren’t helping the mother help the father in supporting the family. What that does is create financially stable household and all of the children are properly raised by the father and mother figures. Shawty Lo is nothing like this. He’s an ignorant nicca period..

      • Celz

        He can’t though.. That’s the issue.. And in modern society it takes more to provide for kids, he has 11 house holds to support and 12 kids to put through college..

    • Jay Smith

      this made me LOL for some reason

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    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      everything they want to hear … and imo woman are so vindictive … they are more likely to go with a womanizer like shawty lo than a single man who has yet to even have a baby with a woman … i bet she feels like a queen amongst the other baby mommas … which is sad … luckily for us men woman aint really down to stick together and hold each other down on some RESPECT ISH … shoot alicia keys exposed that, if anyone would uphold woman out there you would think she would def hold it down …. zero principles ouchea when it comes to relationships woman see no boundaries …. men maybe dogs but when aint into wifing up another mans property lol not saying there are those who do but thier a small community lol …. most guys have respect for thier friends girls and everything ….. for woman most of men even thier friends husbands are not off limits if they like them they will not only jump his bones but trying to make him thiers ……… smh …. it is what it is im a guy so i thank the ladies lol

  • Bing6

    Dude wanna be Tip so bad he name his kid the same shyt! smh wow

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i thought TI called his son KANG lol #southernaccent lol

      • Rose Walkingbyfaith Brown


  • nastinupe

    Black women have no standards. And you wonder why they have the highest HIV rates among all women in this country. Pitiful.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      they do have standards lol you must be living on the same street as TI … LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    • DJ7

      Such a generalized & overall ignorant comment…so I guess your mama ain’t sh*t either? Don’t answer…you just may out do your initial dumb ass statement

      • chill yo… dat nigga mama is a SAINT!!!! not to mention mean in that kitchen….

    • Yea its me

      Too bad a lot of the hoes in the rap industry are Latino hoes (Mestizo and Afro-Latinos) who roots don’t trace back to this country. It’s rare that you see a American black girl hoeing with rappers, if you do see a black girl she is usually a Afro-latina of Dominican, Rican descent.

      • DJ7

        I see your point love b.u.t. all roads lead back to Africa be it Mestizo (black african/asain mongoloid/caucasion mixture) or Afro latina (black african/spainard/caucasion mixture) dude is a complete lost one & definitely an AHH troll

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        she made a good obersavtion tho she is kind of right if you look @ it …. even down to super head … most of these hoes is exotic trying to look black ….

      • DJ7

        Exotic? Nah, more like a lack of knowledge of self…

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol i can agree wit that

      • reg joe

        Wouldnt it have been easier and more grammatically correct to say “self-knowledge?” Why use “of” in front and behind the same word? You could use a little knowledge yourself.

      • reg joe

        The reason I point that out is because many folks parrot phrases that they hear (repeat them) even though the phrase actually doesn’t make any sense or is completely grammatically incorrect. Folks will still keep repeating it just because its the popular phrase atm. I heard a 40 plus year old man talking about his “swag.” Are you f…… kidding me?

      • DJ7

        I should of read your follow up b4 barking 1st my brotha. ..point taken…my bad…no harm…no foul

      • DJ7

        Come thru while I’m here & not after the thread has been idol for days B…I’m not getting paid for this sh*t b.u.t. I guarantee you got the point being made

    • Schooly B

      You must be the stupidest mofo in your very small town. I get it… You mad that this equally stupid mofo is doing some sh- thats way flyer than you will ever do, right? He’s banging this chick (who would get it btw) and you are stuck f-ing your Palmela while Thumbelina gives you a rim job, I get it you hating. But in your hate you misdirected your hate at the wrong people, you gotta focus now buddy I know how hard it is to do with all the colors and moving stuff around you. Hate on Shawty Lo, not the black women. Its not their fault that they would f- a stupid mofo like you even with your retard check, not with that retarded sh- you let come out your mouth. Its yours. In short sir, Shut The Fu*k Up!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol you called this “fly” lol

      • Schooly B

        Excuse me, I must be dealing wit a mental midget here. Allow me to clarify. Did I call what his dumbass is doing now fly (12 kids 11 mothers)? No, but the retards doing something right (fly sh-) for him to be in a position for it to be reported and discussed. You can hate on him for that. Don’t condemn all black women because they won’t fvck your cornball as$ but instead some of them would smash him, tighten up your game homie. Go read a book.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        he is doing something that most with a concious wouldnt do lol and thats have 12 kids with 11 baby mommas and continuing the behavior up to present time .. thats why its being reported … just a few days ago some no name was on the news for having like 40 kids and mad baby mommas …. if i was down to do some outlandish ratchet ish like this I would make the news too …. it aint got nothing to do with him doing anything right ….. and has everything to do with him doing EVERYTHING WRONG !! ……. but thats todays entertainment for most folks … the best rappers suck, but good look to recents like cole, kendrick, joey badass etc … who are turning that tide in hip hop …….. showing all these biting as ratchet rappers that positive music may not attract as much as attention but IT SELLS !!!!!!!!! suckas watchem jump shit cause they aint real hip hop they just oppurtunist ………………

      • Schooly B

        True. Let it be known that I’m not condoning the coonery in no way. I don’t listen to homie, and I damn sure don’t applaud homie for not practicing self control when it comes to him fathering x amount of kids by x amount of women. On that point we are in agreeance. On the other hand though this conversation stemmed from one mans disparaging comments towards black women, something I will not condone as a Black Man who came out of a Black Woman. No bueno jefe.

        As far as music goes, take note how we are not discussing this dudes’. He and his music is irrelevant. That J. Cole album is dope. That Yeezus is nuckin futs. Waiting on that new Jay and Pusha-T to drop now. But if you really want to hear some dope sh- look up Pharoa Sanders – The Creator Has a Master Plan.

    • biafra

      “black women”. such a blunder. you don’t commit fallacy like this and expect no one to say anything about it. this is what you are doing: “A man got beat up and thrown in a dirt, you label him dirty person without looking at why he smelled like a dirt.”. Not every black women, not every white women or any women, don’t do that again.

    • Celz

      I guess that means whoever is fuccin em is even more nasty.. And better yet wtf are you doing to improve the situation? Get ya b!tch @ss outta here

  • Jay

    don’t t.i got son name king too

    • chippc

      Said he live down the street from TIP now too….

  • MrNoName2K

    lol, this dude cant stop.. wont stop

  • Golgo 13

    i thought 4 a sec she was that model Lloyd banks fucked 4got her name that line on her belly looks nasty

  • RealSpit

    Rap music now days is 100% coonery!!

  • brotha_man

    12 children good googy moogly… wtf….. this negro musta slept through sex education.
    this dude must be one of them dudes that is embarrassed to buy condoms in public.
    whats u wit that packer gear. #vikingss

  • junj03

    That belly…Ewe!!

  • ant662

    dude looks like hes been done up by the morgue

  • Brindle

    any exposure this clown gets knocks the world back 10 years for every word dedicated to his topic

  • Super_GOD

    Chicks are crazy for even dealing with a dude with all them damn kids. smh Cornballs!

  • Super_GOD

    Why does dude have a smile like Popeye? I yam what I yam! smh Cornball!

    • Summer R. Newman

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      • Celz

        Tell Mildred b!tch better have my money

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM