Jay-Z Talks Kevin Durant, Tour + More in “Picasso Baby”, “FUTW” and “Crown”

(AllHipHop News) #NEWRULES Two days before one million Samsung Galaxy owners are treated with Jay-Z’s new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, he releases the lyrics for three of the songs.

In “F.U.T.W. (F*ck Up The World)”, Young Hov tries to inspire those to “f*ck up the world” (and shows he watches Showtime’s Homeland). “Picasso Baby” finds him playing with the concept of cultural juxtaposition comparing himself to Basquiat and Pablo Picasso while he threatening to “spray everything like Samo.” “Crown” is simply Hov at his most braggadocios making reference to luring both Robinson Cano and  Kevin Durant from their longtime agents to join his Roc Nation Sports as well as speaks on his own legacy.

Check out the lyrics below:

jay-z-crown-lyrics jay-z-futw-lyrics jay-z-picasso-baby-lyrics

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  • One Nite Stanley

    Lol…Hov killin ’em going “Wikileaks” on his own album before it drops. Guess when you pre-sell a million, it doesn’t really matter at that point.

    • johnblacksad


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  • thaGOD83

    Niggas who download this shit will be subjected to more invasion of privacy. The album is just a KEY to get these niggas in to your phone system so they can monitor you. Lol yall boys blind to the real. haha

    • thaGOD83

      dude gives nothing for FREE….esp samsung……come on yall…a free cd…. what last cd has dude dropped that didnt include some type of advertisement? funny thing is that they leaked this news, and he responded with a tweet as if they leaked it without his permission lol…dude is OWNED buy live nation, so this is over his head…he is like dre…..”we donating 35 mill to usc today” yessir massa… jay got his folks pulling his strings…..”samsung buying 1 milli of your shits” and he didnt get the call like dre lol. he found out like US….download this if you want to…..

      • DJ7

        Peace fam…Although I tend to want to agree with your post I’m a realist, so listen….we’ve always been exposed…we all have a social security #…..birth certificate…hospital/dental records…public/private school records…driver’s license…the list goes on & on & on & on…no Erykah….check it, we’re on the internet right now fam, correct? Even if you’re an IT guru with a super computer that you’ve designed from your own private stash of ultra secret components made in Mars…scratch that…not realistic…b.u.t. in the case that you imagine that you are… even still…IP addresses…reverse look up…. whether you’re bouncing your sh*t from server to server from country to country…. you’re being monitored….the net is the most effective military tool designed to track the unsuspecting general public as well as private officials globally…gone are the days of the rumored ID chip, there’s no need as no one would go for that…too complicated to launch a campaign to get our support…that’s old school thinking….this generation replaced that idea with the invention of the home pc & smart phone…you will stand in line…for days if need be just to claim your (sur)prize…who doesn’t have or want one? those burner joints @ 7/11 ain’t even safe no more, they got that covered too…no ones realistically ever been safe from probing, that was just an illusion fam…you can’t hide from the boogie man if he really wants to take a peek …facebook ….twitter …instagram …AHH …WSHH…not to mention all the other bs social networks, blog sites…it’s a wrap….you’re constantly giving updated mug shots after mug shots of you & your entire network as they do the same…that worm hole goes deep kid…private or not….don’t matter….I know we would like to “believe” that we can prolong the inevitable b.u.t. let’s be real here…..just when you think you’re the exception..they already got something for that ass or hard at work on it…I know it’s a hard pill to swallow…my advice….get a tall glass of H2O to digest it because it’s going down one way or the other…contrary to popular belief….we (the lil’ guy) were never in control….#thestinkingtruth

      • Weedras

        Real Shit!! someone who’s making sense, someone whose not looking at some rapper as the means of their demise but rather looking at the far larger picture where it’s the gov’t and politicians who will be responsible for shackling you… this country is slowly becoming something far more worse than the communist ones they so love to revolt against and the funny thing is many are too busy worrying about some rapper rather than eyeing the folks who are really making the moves… these conspiracy theorists sometimes spew shit… kudos for breaking it down for em…

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        uhhhh i feel ya but if you judging peoples focus on life based on comments off a hip hop site then please redirect cause of course the comments here and @ other site are going to be predominantly about music and hip hop because this is a damn hip hop site … but trust when people log off they are dealing with real life … when they are discipling thier kids im sure they arent on some I WISH LIL WAYNE WOULD STOP RAPPING SO EXPLICITY SO MY KIDS CAN ACT RIGHT lol ……. we as the AHH community say stuff like we wish rappers rhyme with more positive lyrics because we know the power music has when they speak words into existence … kids are still going to act up …. but instead of powering words like Molly …… rappers could be powering words like Roth IRA …. something that will peek thier interest in a positive way …. off soap box lol ….

      • JondoE303

        That may be true fam but we still outnumber them and that’s why they’re afraid and try to keep us occupied with matters of no real importance if people would just stop playing into the bullsh!t that they feed us there’s no way they could continue to fucc us the way they are doin now…

      • DJ7

        Listen…it’s highly unlikely that we the people as a whole will come together at the same damn time…no Future…give up everything that has been programmed into our internal computer since birth to go slay the dragon…this ain’t the movies B…it’s gonna take a reeducation of the youth to even fathom such a task…and even still they will be tainted somewhat by their initial programmers based upon their perception of reality…everyday a war is being launched…the war for our minds/attention…ex…changing topics on AHH…today’s reality is different than yesterday’s and tomorrow is different than today’s as there is a child being born b.u.t. the mission is still the same…how to break the cycle….If I knew…let me reprhase that…if I were to stand up & give my opinions…my black ass would be on a tee shirt b4 I could even put the. @ the end of a sentence…in loving memory of DJ7 or FREE DJ7…In all honesty…people say they want change b.u.t. are not willing to give up what percieved freedoms we already have to get it…besides…change to what is the bigger ?…do we even know what we want…my change may be different than yours…what happens if my change occurs & yours don’t? Are we then at war….this discussion could lead to 2-300 comments or more filled with ambitious ideas b.u.t. then…….reality sinks in…it’s getting late…gotta go to work in the morning type sh*t…log off ______(insert fav blog site)_____…wake up…do it all over again…no change b.u.t. different topic to discuss tho…see the cycle?

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        there is one way we can come together … .THRU MUSIC !! hip hop is our biggest example of the power and the glue that music has ……….

      • DJ7

        True dat…b.u.t. as you (meaning all of us paying attention) have noticed …it’s already been infiltrated as well …no need for me to drop a long drawn out post about that

      • JondoE303

        I feel everything that you’re sayin but like you said it has to start somewhere…

      • DJ7

        No doubt….one word…self

      • Negro Peligro


      • ItGoesDownINtheDM


    • KC The American Pimp

      Word up fam,I am not surprised

    • Homegrown Chicks

      They’re in your phone already – cut it out!!

    • Summer R. Newman

      as Judith implied I didn’t even know that a mom can make $9171 in one month on the internet. did you read this webpage w­w­w.C­a­n9­9.c­o­m

      • JondoE303

        Fucc what you talkin mane

    • johnblacksad

      how could they invade more? they already got everything… mail, pics, vids, chat, texts.. you name it

    • Negro Peligro

      LOL. Man you dudes and your conspiracy theories. Ya’ll always nipping at brothers when its whole lot more under handed stuff to eat right under your nose. BUt you so far up yo own a** you just keep finding dumb sh**

    • Tony G.

      ur a clown

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      lol if your already signed up for social sites like facebook, instagram, twitter etc… its too late you already gave all you info away … so downloading this aint going to hurt as bad as what you did @ you own will via those sites i mentioned earlier lol

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  • Negro Peligro

    Man these lyics are sub par. He was way harder on Open Letter. This is feeling like Jockin Jay-Z had me all hyped for Blue Print 3 and nothing else on the album was even close soniclly. He might want to go back and take a another and just redo the whole album.

    • Tony G.

      ok so lets see ur lyrics

      • Negro Peligro

        Aight. bars is where its at

        I Put yo buds on ice like bar back

        I’m no Patron I take Jay’s crown with out no crack

        While ya’ll sitting cocking gats behind bars on some be right back

        My facts is free

        Papi Cocking yo girl popos ain’t Barring that

        Son of a cotton as far as that

        No son of a B***** so I can’t relate to fashion rap

        I shop at neimans, bloomis, I can show you the saks

        But what kind of man sit up show you his sacks

        Jays plat honestly the greatest in fact

        Irony it was rags rap that got him all that

        but Irony its a rap

        folks still chatting on how negro ain’t black

        Ironing over the facts

        Irony is ignorance cant be ignored

        Ironic Hitler was a moorish jew

        Now to be more black you gotta be black moors

        You sound a little a**hole why you so sore

        I dont remember you f***s like drew berry moore

        Its like 50 first dates how I f***ed you before

        I ain’t playing with you twitters follow me you gone get floored

        Live on Trayvon f**k Zimmerman George

        I court precious b****es wit my tweeter to ride in the court

        Live on Trayvon f**k Zimmerman George

        So in the court of your oppinion its courtesy for you to give yours

        But I give about as mini f***s as previews of dry humping midget doing some porn

        See if I whip your a** like donk a store

        They only see the Jack A** not who open the door

        Wait I know you heard this before


        The only thing more dangerous that following me

        Is following someone who keeps account with no accountability

        Allah is all powerful and cannot be seen

        But in the land of the blind Elijah Mohmmads the king

        So the Nation Islam is all you have to see

        Farakhan to Malcolm Jackson to king

        They kill the vision leave thieves to interpret the dream

        Black leaders keep bank accounts with no accountability

        So many black people speaking for me

        I believe I only voted for 1 respect to Barack B

        Lil Lies of Muhomad like that song lil Liza Jane

        I got pure blood you ain’t got non lil lies that Elija Gave

        He took the Mormon religion to descendants of slaves

        Which Islam is how the Mormon relgion was made

        Elijah made a nation of Islam but only in name

        Teaching Eugenics not how Allah said man was made

        F*** an American Zulu nation

        no wait that goes too hard

        Just take a ginetic test why is that so hard

        I don’t lawyer what I say I’m above ya’ll bars

        I’m gone be a N***o all day you don’t even know who you are

        So I’m Ferrris Buehler to your old school I don’t want to hear it

        The kid is spitting somebody go and get da merit

        Oh you don’t want to go get the lyrics

        Wise dumb n*****s hear wisdom and fear it

        Like these Illumanati ni**as spend all day break down raps

        While pharmaceutical pass laws to break down traps

        While the corporate prison pass laws to bring slavery back

        Yo Wise dumb a** find a message in tracks

        While pharmaceutical dont need a vote to give heroine back

        They keep the weed vote no cause you can make money off that

        While we late to afghan early to Iraq

        So Rick Scott can get rich and lock up more blacks

        Sort of like used condoms in the parking lot of the Vatican

        That could’ve spoke to the truth and saved some Africans

        They try to get rid of the Fourteenth Amendment to send Africans back

        The president who passed the amendment was a slave so itll take more than that

        Yeah white people too. .I’m done. Lol. Night.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      when you hear it you prob will change ya mind … reading lyrics and not knowing the flow isnt always going to turn out a good thing ……. the flow and how the beat is arranged around it can severly change the out look on written lyrics ….. a simple hi hat tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap by itself doesnt sound like much but if you add a kick and some bass to it … boom boom tap boom boom tap kick boom boom tap boom boom tap kick boom boom tap boom boom tap kick … sound a little more interesting …. and if i add melody to that i could take it the next level …. and once i add lyrics its in outerspace ……. YA DIG !!

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    sn why dont rappers consider rap a job lol especially when you signed to a corporation or your registered with the state as a record label ?? ijs and they work way more hours than most people with a job … and most artist start out either paying to be in the business or working for free ??????