Rick Rubin

Hip-Hop Rumors: WHA? Rick Rubin Didn’t Work On Magna Carta?

Rick Rubin is the man. He’s THAT DUDE! He’s that dude so much that Kanye West utilized his talents to pull together Yeezus and it was still bad. Imagine if Rick didn’t put his magic on it! Well, Rick Rubin has been prominently pushed and active in promoting Jay-Z’s new album MCHG, but now it has been revealed that he didn;t work on it! LOL! He’s actually been speaking on the album. It seems like the dream team consists of Timbaland, Pharrell and Swizzy! Rick was just in the room. Peep the scoop from XXL Mag:

“The point of me being in the commercials was that he was filming a documentary and he asked me-I imagine he’s just comfortable talking to me-to come listen to the songs with him and just talk about the songs. Just listen to it and talk about it, and that’s what we did. It was fun.” He went on to divulge what he initially thought of Magna Carta, saying, “I liked what I heard, but it was a little difficult-after just coming from the Kanye sessions-to listen to Jay’s album, because they’re so different. I was in a very alternative and progressive headspace, and Jay’s record is a more traditional hip-hop record.”


This doesn’t matter much to me, but I do feel a bit hoodwinked.


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  • therealest1

    Lying shit?

  • Doc Franchise

    jay is faker than a 3 dollar bill

    • johnblacksad

      If you can’t respect that, your whole perspective is…

  • DJ Hogan

    What a shitty column you write, Illseed. Filled with typos, grammatical errors, and that’s not even to mention how terrible you write in general. I can’t believe someone pays you to make up rumors, and then write them out as if they were dictated by a four year old. You are a stain on the blog community. That is all.

    • babymamadramaaaaa

      cause its not illseed.

  • digitallife

    Don’t get the fanboys hot under the collar by saying Yeezus was hot garbage lol they were in denial prior to its release and still remain so. Yeezus : 2013’s version of digital weed plate.

  • brotha_man

    i learned nothing from this article. so if rick didnt bless it, does that mean it sucks? he said “it was difficult to listen to after listening to yeezus?” he liked what he heard? is up to par wit yeezus or not?
    Yeezus was not a good album

    • Not up to par with Yeezus.
      It might brick, even though it will still sell, it might be one of those albums where you kinda like 1 track.

      I could be wrong though, but it looked like a PR move having Rick there & a shystie one at that.

      • $11625525

        I’m listening to it and it’s a solid album, for where jay-Z is at this stage in his career.

        He’s the ultimate crossover artist, evn more than LL Cool J ever was, because of the evolution of Rap and his ear for music. Jay-Z would never get too experimental, he’s takes it close to the edge but he’s got a parachute and a harness, so he ain’t about to fall off.

      • “for where jay-Z is at this stage in his career.”


        Tell me how you really feel, that was a hell of a disclaimer.

        I had a white chick tell me once :
        “You look good for a Black guy!”


      • dexter

        nAw he rite tho it do sound nice… wasn’t happy bout the “beat boy drug dealer look…” tho. I think he should be behind promoting that lifestyle that blatantly tho.

      • *don’t “think”?

        I’m gonna check the album, on the strength of your recommendation, but 1 question…would you pay full price for it after hearing it?

        Is it worth it?

      • dexter

        TBH I wouldnt pay full for no1. I am to cheap. lol. but wen it wasn’t a way to get it free…ummmmm maybe….I mean he got Timberland Pharell & Swiss doing beats it kinda hard to mess that up… u feel me?

      • Uh, nah, those dudes do their thing, in their lane, with their people, Tim & Missy, all day, Pharrell & his team, etc., but it looks like he’s reaching like Lebron, which might work, but…

        You make a good point though, when there wasn’t an alternative, you had to buy full price, once they starting digital bootlegging, it was a wrap, now….if you pay full price, you either don’t know any better or want to support the artist.

      • dexter

        lmbo u still stupid man! & true u make a solid point as usual.

        but lets be honest here. not takn away from JAy he side convo to this now… but he always kept top notch producers in his stable.
        now wat would have been impressive if had he went out found & used upcoming & coming producers with that 2day 2day sound…

        he in turn making them hot whiles they keepn him hot…
        Its like what u eluded to…with that producer line up u cnt really miss JAy…

      • Indeed, but the business side of the industry is like credit, can’t get none without none. They want a complete package, instead of raw talent that has to be polished, etc.

        That is why there isn’t really any artist development now. The truth is, if you aproach like an artist, you will be treated like one, flip side is, if you approach like a bank, you will be treated like one / a business.

        Hip Hop doesn’t sell, let’s be honest, if it’s fiyah, you will download for free, unless you got that J Cole ‘chet that will:

        >>In J Cole’s voice: “Make the crowd riot, make a fat ninjah diet, make a square B’ish try it, make a cheap skate buy it!”

      • dexter


      • $11625525

        I intend to when it comes out in the UK on Monday/Tuesday, yes. CD

      • That’s as good of a co-sign that can be given. I’m definitely going to check 4 it.

      • $11625525


        No man, I ain’t saying it’s shit, I just expected a bit more lyricism, After hearing Open letter i thought he was born again.

      • Guest

        nAw he rite tho it do sound nice… wasn’t happy bout the “beat boy drug dealer look…” tho. I think he should be behind promoting that lifestyle that blatantly tho…

    • dexter

      he also said…”and Jay’s record is a more traditional hip-hop record.”… which 2me is a good thing. Ye on some otha ish I dnt get it otha than not really caring what his fans think. he sound like he doing him on Yeezus…..

      • The commercial doesn’t sound like it, I hope it is, but that ‘chet on the commercial wasn’t 80’s flavor, no where near it.

      • dexter

        no no no. lol. I think he met like Ye ish aint really hip hop. its just music. now good r bad its a matter of opinion of which i think is garbage. But JAy played it safe as he always do & stayd inline with just traditional hard hitting 2day sounding hip hop tracks… now that Joey Bada$$ got that 80’s flame sound. check Summer Knights Free on datpiff website

      • Yeah, @johnblacksad:disqus already gave Joey B the green light, so I know that’s legit!
        Good Looking!

      • dexter

        yes sirrrrr!

      • bisolabliss

        Bada$$’ ‘Summer Knight’ is flames…I can’t seem to get enough of that ‘Unorthodox’ joint produced by Premo

      • dexter

        Funny u should say that cuz I am stuck on that same jawn! in fact wen I seen who produced it I went rite to it 1st… so for me that trizzy set the mixxtape off 4me. standn ov for joey…

      • Escobar


      • Say no more!

        Joey B has Hip Hop’s blessing!

      • johnblacksad

        The joint knocks… I really like the feel the kid is able to recreate… some joints take me back to Dah Shinin… on some Smif n Wesson sh!t! Plus he reps Bucktown to the fullest too… maybe that’s why

  • zkinter36

    Just because dude didn’t actually produce any of the tracks doesn’t mean that his influence was not felt in the making of the album. Jay brought dude in as a consultant for quality control because he values his knowledge and opinion. As a producer, I can’t wait to listen to the production on here and break it down. Very high expectations for this… And Jay usually doesn’t let me down!

    • The album was already done…he just listened to it & they used his name like a

      George Foreman grill.

      ““The point of me being in the commercials was that he was filming a documentary and he asked me-I imagine he’s just comfortable talking to me-to come listen to the songs with him and just talk about the songs. Just listen to it and talk about it, and that’s what we did. It was fun.” He went on to divulge what he initially thought of Magna Carta, saying, “I liked what I heard, but….”

      Everything after “but” was BS.

      • pauleyPee

        I disagree. An albums isn’t done until it ships. Having other producers in the room whether they actually created the arrangement or not is exactly how Motown worked for years… In fact, it’s how you HAD to work during the analog days where you needed multiple hands on multiple pieces of hardware.

      • True, but they were working & getting paid, and today isn’t analog.

        I think Jay Z pulled a fast one, and so far, IMHO, the album is kinda wack. I doubt 1 Million people will buy it as individuals, and it might not even outsell J Cole’s or Kanye’s, minus the Samsung bulk purchase.

        1 Mil Samsung > 500K individuals, still, I think Jay Z & Co. want to actually outsell Ye’ & Cole in individual sales as well.

        Could he sue & get paid for production based on his statement?

  • DJ Hogan

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who gains nothing from reading Illseed’s poorly written column. Last rant, I’m sorry.

    • Whatwhat

      I rarely understand what hes getting at

  • Jay just wanted him in the room for camera footage.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    @ Soundcloud . com

  • DesignatedH8R

    I’m betting this album is gonna suck. Corporate sponsored garbage.

    • Sinbk Legend

      gonna sound better than that trash azz yeezus album

      • MadVillain

        it doesnt take much effort to sound better than Yeezus. hell i can drop a better joint than Yeezus and i cant spit OR produce… just mash up some random samples n sh!t on FL and call it “art”

      • dexter

        yes Ye struggling…

    • dexter

      naw its actually a pretty nice jawn… dl it…

  • big time music producer cant switch up genres on the drop of a dime

    • Chris

      You can’t be talking about Rick Rubin.

      • dexter

        naw they not talkn bout RR… plus he got deep & in between the lines he was saying I was so n2 the Ye jawn that I had to adjust to the Jay jawn so i could be equally engulfed… I mean its Rick freakn Rubin. Are u kidding me…he can take time to adjust as he took time to give hip hop years of dam good music…

      • Chris

        Real talk.

      • dexter

        besides 9 times outta 10 its a not noeing young person making comments like that…smh

        not to mention afta listening that garbage Ye calld music on Yeezus Im sure he had to re calibrate his mind body & soul back to “music” mode

      • Chris

        I haven’t even listened to Yeezus yet. Was it really that bad? I haven’t heard one positive thing said about it yet.

      • dexter

        Yea he gone… its sad. imo he doing him on this one in that he is not caring bout his fan base. Yeezus is personal for his ear friends & family only.
        not presented to the world as a gift…def not a gift…
        I personally think he still has lyrical potential in which case he needs to surrender to the idea of outside producers coming in for say an entire album than go from there…IJS

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  • dexter

    I think its all brainstorming marketing for JAy. Like this will be the 1st time ever hearing & seeing hip hop geniuses @ work…now if that aspect of this Magna Carter project/album is ruined… than I will have something to say. I mean its Rick Ruben! Need I say more?
    We can check the credits but this guy fathered all that 80’s fire ish… Run DMC LL Cool J Beastie Boys Just to name a few. Yeah him just being there is hot in the eyes of hip hoppers…
    Besides Swiss Pharell & Timberland… fukn duh!!!! He dont need to do ish… smh ni@@as be stupid…do ur research b4 commenting or writing articles…

    • Weedras

      having Rick Ruben listen in and give advice on aspects of an album you’re putting together is still a big thing… i mean dude had went missing for years on the hip hop scene and resurfaced with that 99 problems joint off Jay’s Black Album and now he’s back giving his input its still a plus if you ask me..

      • dexter

        pretty much & tbh I pretty sure he always been around. Remember it was a time wen we would actually read the credits 2c who wrote wat or who produced wat on an album…

      • That was back when DJ’s were on the turntables….as opposed to on the computer monitor.

      • dexter

        Exactly! & with this digital ish its nffn to read even if u wantd to. u have to google & do research which in some ways is good if u not lazy….

  • AK

    how else will a 50 year old sell in 2013

    • blackie_chan

      he don’t hafta sell ANYTHING! he’s a producer

      • dexter

        I thnk he tlkn bout JAy….

      • blackie_chan

        if he’s talkin about Jay, makes him even more stupid

      • dexter

        lmbo! STOP YO!!

  • Opposite Of Everyone

    Yeezy ain’t “progressive” tho. No new rhythms, harmonies, time signatures, timbres, dynamics, structures or anything basically…

    • dexter

      I think Ye should consider bringing in other producers… I still think he got lyrical potential…he just loosing his way a lil…sadd but tru. in that respect I feel he should stay under JAy more imo

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        Cosign. He’s nice lyrically, though to be fair he’s not pioneering or unique in that respect either (in terms of MC’s who are, lets say, ‘in touch with their feminine side’). He’s basically just a good/proficient rapper in the soup-queue of the thousands of other proficient rappers; not a god or a yeezus, just a proficient rapper. I wouldn’t give him ‘MC’ status as there’s nothing particularly ‘hip hop’ about him. Personally, I like my rappers broke. And once they make money, I find a new broke rapper to listen to.

      • dexter

        Great fukn point one I been eluding to… the broker the hotter… bucz there in lies the essence …”of the everyday struggle” ( in my biggie voice)…there are more in the mist of that & find it 2b readily relatable hence better music for most this reason is… not everyone. but for the rest its just good dam music…we gonna coin a new phrase here today “hunger music”. this way all genres & artist alike will be included hence forth…can some1 2nd the motion?

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        I hereby second that motion. From this day forth, in the interest of creativity and artistic merit; toward the noble goal of resurrecting the R.A.W spirit of Hip-Hop (god rest its soul); the decree is henceforth thus : DON’T FEED RAPPERS. KEEP RAPPERS BROKE. BROKE RAPPERS SPIT RAWER THAN ONES THAT ARE EATING. IF YOU’RE EATING YOU AIN’T HUNGRY. IF YOU AIN’T HUNGRY YOU AIN’T RAW. SUPPORT ‘HUNGER MUSIC’ BY NOT ALLOWING RAPPERS TO EAT.

      • johnblacksad

        I agree… but you can still be loaded and witty

      • dexter

        JBS just 3rd it… def a respected figure in our blogging community… & true u can be loaded & witty…

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        Liberace was witty. Whilst humour is to me indeed of paramount importance in hip-hop, it must be carefully balanced with an equal measure of Hardcore. And if you rich you ain’t hardcore no more.

      • dexter

        true also…& but yet let the decree be set forth as law moving 4ward… hungry is better…music that is…

      • johnblacksad

        Agree… even Meek Mills hunger was nice to observe… even if you don’t fcuk with his music, you could tell he really wanted it and grinded hard for it…

        speakin of Meek Milly… is it me or do they now all kinda disappear once their first album is out?

      • dexter

        yea see now thats where I step in & def agree how JAy transcended the street ish most these kats cnt get it out of they system… defining bizness & nonesense… u see he was just in court on some ish he said on twitter that got a judge threats from his fans…
        I dnt get it wen we was coming up u didnt want folk noeing ur every move & or thought… 2day its hot popular 2do. smh

      • They ate, got the ‘itis & went to sleep.

      • johnblacksad

        I know… and honestly this is the part i don’t fight… Hov will never (hope he proves me wrong) go back to that Reasonable Doubt hunger… I was just listening to Friend or Foe the other day… had me like damn… Jay really had it… I’ve gotten over it tho… like i said before, i fcuks with broke rappers don’t get me wrong, but it’s also nice to have somebody like Hov update me on timepieces, roofless vees… ghinis and bugattis, armand de brignac… and all that good stuff *n my Meth voice*

        Real talk… i fcuks with art a lot… way before Jay started droppin all these painters names etc… from Caravagio to Raphael, Botero to Modigliani, Kandinsky, Basquiat, Delacroix, Douanier Rousseau, Arcimbolodo, El Greco, Picasso, Dali… i mean i fcuks with art a lot… but i didn’t know Rilke until Jay dropped his name in “Who gon stop me” (WTT)… i looked up and i fcuks with Rilke too.. just an example…

        but you definitely can’t run to Jigga if a hungry rapper is what you’re looking for… that we agree on

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        The Jay-Z ish that made the most impression on me was the track I had half a radio tape recording of from 86 that I never heard again and could never find a copy of til around 10 yrs ago when i found out it had Jay on it when he was in High Potent MCs.Track called “HP gets Busy” (check it out if you ain’t already).
        Apart from Critical Beatdown obviously, for the perfect combination of hardcore jail humour, hip-hop culture, skills and brokeitude my best album is without doubt “Skillionaire” from THIII, Masta Fuol, Richie Balance and the Lo-Lifes. And I been listening since Sugarhill so I don’t say that ish lightly.

      • dexter

        lmbo just utubed it… he featured on a Jaz-o jawn bout to listen now…

      • dexter

        yooo thats going wayyyy backkkk… nice tho. Jay sounded yung as ish…

      • johnblacksad

        don’t know how old you be… but please reassure me that you have heard Reasonable Doubt? just making sure…

      • dexter

        lol yea man!.. I am a hip-hop baby meaning rap def raised me:) I memba JAy wen he 1st startn hanging out in east trenton he blew tree in my cuzn back yard…I mema gail he took me to marcy one time wen we went uptown to cop from145th the papis’…we swung by BK 1st than come back uptown…

      • johnblacksad

        Skillionaire… bout to check that out! I like it when brothers drop gems like that…

        “Who needs a chain when every thought is a jewel?”
        -The Roots (Kool On)

        That’s Jay’s original flow right there… The Originators!

      • dexter

        rite rite it is & im bout to check skillionaire also

      • dexter

        lol thats wats up!!

      • >>Bangs gavel & sustains the motion.

      • dexter

        My nig EDOG! thanks for officiating the proceedings sir!

      • >>Bangs Gavel

        “It’s “The Honorable Judge EDOGZ818” when I’m on the bench


        >> Standing in for The Honorable Judge Big East

        >>Calls Next case

        AHH VS RMFag

        >>Side note : You emailed me? Didn’t get it if you did

      • dexter

        yea its on ur FB page I inboxed ya… i dnt have ur EA…

      • MiJac was poking the Nanny?


        I Got ya’ famz!

      • dexter

        duh… lol look @ the dates on those articles…. lol. they just pushed the gay & molestation ish on him. But yes MiJac was hittn a sista… a fine 1 @ that:)

      • *Hungry

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    snore. fcuk this site. complex and pitchfork and hiphopdx already posted this as NEWS. whoever is writing as illseed now needs to step to the sidelines and take a knee. this is benchsquad reporting.

  • Wavpin

    Come on …. this was planned …

  • Weedras

    i never got the impression Rick was working on the album from watching all the videos he seemed more like he was their for creative direction rather than producing anything… dude was laying in a couch for all the promo and just giving feedback… its not like he was around the boards and shit… ppl just assumed then they’re saying the got hoodwinked.. nah you just assumed because you saw a producer in a room with a rapper and a bunch of other producers lol!

  • He was ambiance, lol.

  • Jarvis Searight

    Kanye’s album is complete waste . IT was bullshit Jay Z’s Album is a strong 7 on a scale from 1 to 10 . J. Cole and Wale albums are way better .

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