[NEW MUSIC] Jay-Z feat./ Justin Timberlake- “Holy Grail”

The Legends of the Summer tour headliners reunite over one of the standouts on Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Produced by Timbaland, the track finds Jay-Z and Justin battling with the back and forth of emotions that comes with fame and maintaining one identity over a signature Timbo bounce.

Magna Carta Holy Grail is available now to all Samsung Galaxy owners and will hit all outlets on July 7th. The Legends of the Summer tour begins in July 17th at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Check out the “Holy Grail” collaboration of Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z below:

  • Wavpin

    not impressed …

    • dexter

      better watch it the JAy blogger goons r out in heavy force 2day…

      • Wavpin

        ain’t gonna change issshhhh … this song is just aiiight …

      • dexter

        true but JT pushed it over the edge to not so good song… Y do they be thinkn n e body hot will & does sound good on n e thing? I dnt get it sometimes…RS
        & but the beat carries this song & the overall productions carry the album. I mean JAY does his thing but the beats are nice tho…

      • Wavpin

        The album is fire production wise … this song Holy Grail is nothing special

      • dexter


      • Julian

        You both need to get a room……. I don’t know what is lodged between you guy’s ears but JT Murdered his part on the record. You all are definitely in the minority on that one…. He did his thing and if you ask me he made this track mor so than HOV even though Hov did his thing as well..

      • dexter

        oh wow yea wat the phuck was i thinkn…thank u dear kind sir or ma’am for having shown me the lite. this song Holy grail feat. justin timberlake is by far the best song I have ever heard.
        Also please accept my deepest apology for not having seen it ur way 2 boot.
        & again thank u for ur mercy & grace oh mighty one(as I exit the room containing u & ur throne bowing continuously whiles walking backwards)
        & also on be half of my fellow blogger Wavpin (& or my would be room mate as u put it) accept their apology as well for we were both lost souls until u seen fit to save us oooo kind & generous God of Opinions. THANK YOU:)

      • Wayne Perry

        I agree wit Julian get a room lol. This jay haters right here;
        Lil wayne, drake, etc – album was trash y’all say shit like “man that album was better than I thought”
        Jayz – album was good/ or classic y’all say shit like “man jay fallin off, he should quit, this album was overhyped”
        For that logic ALONE without even considering anything else makes y’all opinions obsolete.

      • dexter

        most definitely ur highness… lol & yea I feel u tho…& I am mutual I just like good music…thats all

    • dexter

      TBH I thnk JT fukd the song up… wrong place @ the rite time him being on this song. RS

      • Wavpin

        totally agree …

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    That’s it with all the Noise MCHG enh???? not feeling this one. just keeping 100. Back to bumping Nas, K.Dot, J. Cole and Wale 🙂 Next single pls

  • Celz

    …. Damn it’s lookin like American Gangster may be the last great Jay Album.. This song is better than the trash on radio but it’s still meh.. Too much singing and the rap flow sounds like it should be on a single way to dumbed down for this beat..

  • doggynuts

    This hittin’ hard. Jay Z puttin’ it down. This song and the whole album is a breath of fresh air. Hip Hop is alive!!

  • king sodomy

    was this a jay z track or a timberlake track all that singing i couldnt tell….im a jay z fan but this song alone would not compel me enough to buy it

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  • Wayne Perry

    Im not really a j fan but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know some of y’all had this hate rehearsed no matter how the song sounded. U dont have hate for people to realize u exist………..oh wait yes u do sorry my bad go back to your hatin as usual lhhbvs.

  • Wayne Perry

    Jay bloggers plz u corny as hell tryin to beat his fans to the punch. You need to spend that hate on someone who deserves it like wheezy wack ass. That dude music has no message or substance that’s why he made a billions microwave mix tapes. “U niggas on the bench like a bus coming” fuc outta here lmfao.

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