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Rachel Jeantel Gives First Interview Since Trayvon Martin Case Verdict (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Rachel Jeantel thinks the George Zimmerman acquittal was “B.S. Just B.S.”

The last person to speak to Trayvon Martin before his death held her first interview with Piers Morgan after the end of the trial. In the interview, Jeantel attempted to clear up misconceptions of Trayvon’s image perpetuated by Don West and George Zimmerman’s defense attorney.

In the interview she denies that Trayvon was a thug and attributed the numerous social media posts of him with guns and seemingly engaging in gang activities as just bragging on social media.

Jeantel also questions “If Trayvon was white, what would have happened?”

She also responded to the onslaught of inflammatory comments aimed at her by onlookers of the cases which centered on her speech and intelligence:

“I have an underbite. [There’s] a bone they have to push back. I have to have surgery to push it back. Right now, I dont want to do it because it takes a year to heal. Alot of people have that situation.”

Check out both parts of the video interview where she addresses jurors’ assessment of her intelligence, Trayvon’s funeral and more:


  • best_believe

    A lot of people have that issue? That you can’t read the letter you supposedly wrote? Come on girl. Don’t try to get paid off of Trayvons name. The more you reach for fake the worst it’s gonna be.

    • Big Dog

      Dummy how is she going to get paid off of Trayvon’s name and if she does Trayvon probably would have wanted her to being that she is a close friend of his.

      • best_believe

        Dumb Dog. What do you think she’s doing in that interview? Looking dumb like you and getting paid doing a interview. Where’d you go to school with her.

      • I guess when America attacks you, you’re never supposed to make an appearance to clear your name. A lotta racist folk and other folk (like you) talked bad about her-it cannot be easy to sit on a witness stand for HOURS being poked and prodded by a pretentious lawyer who is defending the man who murdered her friend. For that, America talked bad about her. She has every right to defend herself. A lot of ppl calling her dumb are dumb themselves, because English is her third language. She speaks Creole and Spanish, THEN English. u wont find ppl who speak three languages everyday

      • best_believe

        I guess if you speak 3 languages you have no clue that cracker ass white boy is a racist term. I speak 2 languages and you can sound out words if you can read. Maybe she didn’t learn that on CSI.

      • black folks don’t enforce racism against whites, we don’t own the power structure . cut it out

      • Truth Powell

        Stop making excuses, many kids spoke a language other than English at home before they started school and by the time they were in high school weren’t as good at their first language or equally proficient. Rachel is perfectly proficient in English. You’re actually insulting her on the sly by saying that.
        It cracked me up how she lays down reasons why Trayvon might have actually been a burglar( “he didn’t live there, he was leaving the next day, why would he wanna steal”) as her rationale as to why he wasn’t.
        She just truly doesn’t have it all up there, has nothing to do with her cultural background.

      • scullyson

        Real talk….I thought it was wrong how folks piled on her but what I do know is in the words of Lyfe Jennings ” God don’t like ugly and he ain’t to fond of pretty either “.

      • Big Dog

        She is looking smart than you, she seems more educated than you.

      • best_believe

        Shut up and take your advice a write correctly. Just like I don’t know your education level. You don’t know mine. What are you profiling?????

    • she didn’t write the letter dumb ass…a friend of her’s wrote it for her because she can’t read or write in cursive

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  • scullyson

    I watched this and trust it was painful to watch but she was speaking truth on alotta ish regardless of how it came out. One thing’s for sure she wasnt mincing her words for nobody…lol…she told her story in her own words like it TI is…

  • Truth Powell

    WTH does her underbite have to do with anything???

    • scullyson

      lol….I missed that part….thats wild…smh

    • people talked about the way that she spoke and her not speaking clearly. She is explaining that.

      • Truth Powell

        I have family members with underbites, that’s a poor excuse for her courtroom etiquette.

        So does “cracker” mean white person and “cracka” a cop/security guard? Or did she just nullify the word for the white population of the world?

        Please don’t make this girl the poster child for the “new generation”. As pervertedly on point as that may seem.

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  • “Watch Out For Your Neighborhood Zimmerman”..listen on SoundCloud by Adopefemalemc

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  • MildManneredReporter

    first thing first she needs to lose some weight..