The Last Poet: Your Revolutionary Card Has Expired!

WOW! So now Hip-hop is to blame for the murder of Trayvon Martin?

That’s what The Last Poets’ member Dahveed Nelson says! Most of you are too young to remember The Last Poets, but I was a coming-of-age teenager in the 70’s and remember quite vividly this amazing group of black guys “going in” on whitey over bongos—before rap music. The Last Poets are the eponymous fathers of the rap music genre. With classic spoken-word joints like, “Niggers Are Scared of Revolution,” “When The Revolution Comes,” “Black Thighs,” and “Gashman”—these guys fueled my blackness. I really respected these cats back in the day! The Last Poets helped give me my militancy and I still own that classic album!

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But what’s this I’m reading by one of their members—Dahveed Nelson claiming hip-hop is responsible for Trayvon’s death? And saying Jay-Z is a “coon.” And shitting on Russell Simmons? According to this coon (and yeah, anyone who makes these assertions about hip-hop is an ass-backwards coon—with all due respect to your Negritude bruh-man)—hip-hop’s uber-macho gangster thug image is the reason Trayvon is dead. He says, “You can put the blame squarely on hip-hop.”   I’ll just say you’ve become a “Hot African Mess!”

Dude moved to Africa!—the Motherland!—Akebulon!—the cradle of civilization where all religion was birthed or, as Count C.F. Volney (a white guy) wrote in 1793 in his book, “The Ruins of Empires,” “There a people [Africans], now forgotten, discovered, while others [we Europeans] were yet barbarians, the elements of arts and sciences. A race of men, now rejected from society for their sable skin and frizzled hair, founded on the study of the laws of nature, those civil and religious systems which still govern the universe.”

If we are to follow brotherman’s logic, hip-hop must’ve been around 400 years ago when many, many, many more blacks were killed (by whites). Did hip-hop kill Medger Evers? Did hip-hop kill those four black girls in a church? Did hip-hop kill Martin Luther King Jr.? Did hip-hop kill Emmitt Till? Did hip-hop kill Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman? How do you explain the thousands of dead black people prior to hip-hop’s advent? How about all of the black men that were gunned down in your era (da 70’s) while wearing bell-bottoms and platform shoes?

White folks didn’t just start becoming suspicious of black men in the age of hip-hop! They were locking their car doors, clutching their purses and crossing the street before hip-hop was a twinkle in The Last Poet’s eye! Eff’s wrong with you man? You just oughta have your hood-pass and black militant I.D. card revoked! As a matter of fact, it expired the minute you came to these fooGAYzi conclusions!

It is the most scapegoating excuse coming from the mouf of a supposed former revolutionary mind! Trayvon Martin’s death was the work of a rogue American citizen!

Dahveed Nelson uses those antiquated words “nigger” and “coon” to try and assert his “blacker-than-thou-ness!” That might’ve rubbed a black man the wrong way in 1974, but this hip-hop generation has flip-da-script on you old-heads! The new “nigger” is a N.I.G.G.A.—Never-Ignorant-Getting-Goals-Accomplished. (You can thank the son of a revolutionary for that—Tupac Shakur!) The new “coon” is a C.O.O.N.—Consciously-Optimistic-Overtly-Nihilistic. (And you can thank me for this!)

For all of hip-hop’s brashness—to think that gangster music and hoodies cause black people to become the victim of white fear and their need to protect themselves against that fear by murdering the assumed object of their fear is just a crock of sociological shit horse dung and you, Dahveed Nelson have just gone down in hip-hop history by making the most coonerific statements evaaar! Even Jesus wore a hoodie.

He goes on to say, “This whole hip-hop generation, it’s the devil. It’s Satan…”

Nelson—a supposedly enlightened black man from another generation, who picked up his bed and moved to the Dark Continent — is still steeped in the oppressor’s religious mythology and language — the devil, Satan — to make a point about hip-hop by using mythical, fairytale-like imagery! (Where dey do dat at? “They,” meaning black militants of the Eldridge Cleaver/Huey Newton/Stokely Carmichael variety circa 1968.) I knew Stokely Carmichael  a.k.a. Kwame Toure’ personally! He would never use euro-Christian imagery!

Does this devil you speak so knowingly of live in the center of the earth and does he have a pitchfork, horns and a tale? Talk about losing cool-points!

If Langston Were Here (For Trayvon…)

Way Down South in Dixie.  

(Break the heart of me)  

They shot a young black brother.

He was only drinking tea.

Way Down South in Dixie

(Black boy’s body, who cares?)

I asked the Lord White Jesus

What’s the use of prayer?

Way Down South in Dixie

(Break the heart of me)

Hate is a nigga’s shadow

He was only trying to flee!

Khalil Amani is a blogger for AllHipHop. He also writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. Amani also writes for Hoodgrown, Maybach and Sext Magazines. He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” iuniverse.com 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One at http://www.khalilamani.ning.com Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Youtube @ yahweh 12

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  • Slaughtr

    No comments because this shyt is beyond real talk, all respect to the poets I have the album too,mom opened my eyes early which is what alot of these young brothers need to do.

  • Freezamon

    Brother Dahveed is absolutely right in the sense that Hip-Hop re-enforced stereotypes of black men. But also note there were pro black groups in it as well..but were drowned out by cointel groups like NWA ( which frankly promoted gang life (black on black crime). But let me be clear we have to go to the source..who owns HIP-HOP, HOLLYWOOD, & Media ( Tv& Radio)? Jews..yes the same ones who marched on washington with Black folks in the 60’s. Why would they portray the black man as they do in all of their media outlets? We as black people need to know who our true enemy is. No one wants to confront this FACT! because if anyone speaks up against a Jew they are branded an anti semite and will lose their job or career which is also controlled by Jews. Black people ask yourselves this question. Why is everything we use listen to or buy..owned by jews (this is Fact) Music, Fashion, etc is owned by Jews. And when they marched for equal rights along with the black man why would they betray us this way or was it a planned scheme from the door. Until the Black man wakes up and see the true enemy he is doomed.

  • Freezamon

    NAACP is Jew owned. All Major record distributors is owned by Jews. Fashion Brands is either owned by a Jew or need the Ok from a Jew. Hollywood is owned by jews. Radio & media is owned by Jews, The Fed is owned by Jews. Our government is owned by Jews. Zionist Jews..look it up

  • ytgarner

    What the brother said was truth. The negative stereotype associated with the hoodie is due to media news and entertainment. Hip hop is for the devil it promotes sex and drugs to underage adults. Read the Satanic Bible its in there. Fact don’t clubs allow 18 year old girls in but not young men until there 21 years of age. And the devil is living and breathing and talking and walking. And if you think not you a fool. Judging of this article you might be one too.

  • Freezamon

    All Jay-Z partners are what…wait for it? NBA, NFL,MLB, NHL controlled by who?
    New York is ran and owned by who? the Stock exchange is ran by who?….So no wonder the black man has no wins..Because he owns nothing, has been stripped of manhood, taught to self hate by alienating his woman his family for dreams he cannot attain unless he totally submit!.. Fed images that white is right black is wrong..

    • Dead wrong

      It’ll take a lot of people willing to risk life and limb for us ever to completely leave the plantation. Every small but risky move to truly be free will get us there over time. It will take more than a few brothers having the gall to setup their own stock market, professional league,etc. As I discussed with a brother the other day, the beast’s tentacles stretch worldwide. He was advocating that we urge the U.N. to reign in the U.S. not knowing that they’re powered by the same elite fuel. It’s all controlled by the other man. We live in an architect’s dream like it’s the movie Inception, not creating our own reality but walking around in the man’s dreamland..bytching.

      • ytgarner

        I totally agree with you but the reality is these children don’t know who x clan krs one and eventually won’t know who tupac is. Why because hip hop is being cleansed of the black face that created it. It is now soulless and had been for a long time as long as these children get these images on this tv and computers they lose. They don’t need to be on them computers that much no way it blocks them intuning with nature. regardless to how you raise them you can’t be with them at all times so they will expose themselves to what you don’t want them to see. You just can pray they trailblaze there own path instead of following their peers. All we can do as parents is give them right knowledge but if they are not told rightknowlegde they will never have the tools to make a more sound decision to awaken to break from the spell of the material world and know when there in the presence of though’s corrupted by it.

  • Freezamon

    Since the writer of this article is being paid to protect his master’s machine ( this site is also promoting negative images as well ) It is understandable that the article would be Biased towards real thinkers. Brother Dahveed is telling the truth but only on HIP-HOP as we now know it. He is not condemning the Public Enemies, The X Clans, The KRS-ONE’s and all the other positive movements within HIP-HOP past or present, just the coonery that now exists wearing the mask of HIP-HOP.

  • remy730

    TM’s situation had nothing to do with hip hop. He had a right to be where he was and stand his ground. GZ just found a kid to impose his will on who, by law, couldn’t match the level of force GZ brought.

  • ZUBU

    I know most of the brothas commenting so far are familiar with the artistry of the last poets, but I certainly wish many of our young brothas and sistas could listen in. I was introduced to some of the music as an early teen (early 80’s) and thought it was so heavy. It helped me understand why some of my family members were “so black and proud.” Just listened to this song here and it took me back, way back.
    Also several of you brothas who have posted before me have some very valid. Peace…

  • me

    Just like advertising works, there is a machine designed to make us look bad/inferior.It is bigger than hip hop.Read the book Brainwashed by Tom Burell it is enlightening.I still blame hip hop but it is clear that the machine used to create a bad image of us is bigger than one we could create.

  • Chrisblackusa

    1st..satan has been high jacked like everything else…the ruler of egypt could only take the title suten when he sat on the throne,,his monumental name is ur nubi or great nubi where the word nubia and nubian is derived…the position you take in a chair is still used to this day…sit,sat,seat…the word south itself the direction you face to get balance within..the oldest black symbol for left and east are the same symbol..the oldest symbol for right and west is the same symbol meaning the south is faced…aeiou and y are interchangable to help the ignorant..

  • Soulgasm

    As I said yesterday, Hip Hop is to blame, huh? So, I assume that also includes Lupe, Talib, Mos Def, Common, Lauryn Hill, Nas, KRS-ONE, Chuck D, etc., etc., as well? Last I checked, they are Hip Hop also. Do they share that blame also. If you want to blame something, blame the homes these kids are raised in. THUG LIFE – The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody. The youth aren’t a product of their music. They’re a product of Love they DON’T receive while growing up (hate). Kids are drawn to what they relate too. To what makes them feel good and comfortable. If they don’t have positive role models in their homes, raising them in proper ways, they aren’t going to relate to positive music. They are going to be drawn to the hate that is in music, and with no positivity in their lives, they only see one way…..or rather CHOOSE to see one way. To them, drug dealing, Jordans, Rims, cars, jewelry, and ho’s, and clothes IS positive! The saying goes, “if you knew better, you’d better”. Well, who is showing and teaching them better? You can’t expect Hip Hop to completely do the job that parents have continually failed to do……generations after generations. You just can’t…

    • Wavpin

      totally agree

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  • Freezamon

    You cant deny that there IS a system meant to keep the black nation from flourishing. This system robs us of our creativity, our society, our cultural impact on the world from beginning of time to this exact point in time, our achievements and influence on other cultures. This system is used to break our family foundations. This system has portrayed the black race as mindless, lazy, angry, dishonest, and untrustworthy. Mind you all traits excelled by europeans to Conquer and destroy nations from within. We have our heads in the sky looking for a god that was created by these europeans to keep US in order. We lost our Culture by accepting the european way of living and thinking.

  • Wavpin

    this dude is lost …

    • Freezamon

      Who are you referring to

      • Wavpin

        The Lost Poet…

  • Freezamon

    There are a million Trayvon’s out there…any of us could be him at any time. We need to focus on our own redefinition on what we want in this day and age. We first need to find respect for ourselves because no one will respect us at all…see whats going on as fact. Then we must weed out the betrayers of our culture.

  • Freezamon

    Khalil Amani is just another wannbe elitist sucking on his masters whip by not acknowledging the fact that HIP-HOP has whole heartedly been the molder and shaper on how white people view black people around the globe since the advent of hardcore thug hip-hop. He should be ashamed as a writer to totally shoot down another brother for stepping up an saying what needs to be said. And a devil is a devil in any religion if you believe in religion. My advice is you need to do more research on Zionist Jews, and The Uncle Tom condition.

  • remy730

    so basically, it’s everybody and every things fault except the guy that did the profiling and trigger pulling.

  • @Real_SirJamie

    We can’t expect to unite calling each other and ourselves “Coons” and “niggers” and “niggas” and s**t.

  • Looking for Truth

    I find it sad, but none surprising that the response to the Mr.Dahveed by Khalil is to ‘disregard him and what he is saying’ . And as other comments state, Khalil is gonna be bias because hes essentially defending his bread and butter. But what Mr. Dahveed said is true, to a point. The music that we make and sell to our youth, no longer is our own, not on a whole at least. The Record labels, the media outlets, and the distributors are not owned by us, but by a select few, who call themselves jews. thats the sad and undeniable fact. And serious if you recognize and understand that, the pattern you see from 90’s hiphop to now, the music basically got hijacked and used to spread negative influences to the our youth. They used our youth to spread their agenda. I mean you cant really sit down and think that all this, the direction that almost every black started genre of music took, is by some accident or only the fault of the artist. The Labels set the standard and the contracts, so if the artist dont follow, they dont get played or paid. Tell me that dont sound like, or if it dont turn out into a master and slave relationship, specially if you dont own shit. Thats why its important to know who owns it and who is putting the shit out to understand who really in control from the shadows. Hip-hop, as it is controlled and portrayed, is in part to blame. Young black kids follow it and internalize it, along with the effects of their environments, which are broken (and following history, you can almost justly say, its broken by design); so they dont make the best decisions with the few options they are given. White america also internalize and use it to reinforce their stereotypes and fear of black people. With ZM and TM, Trayvon didnt do anything wrong, but ZM did, seen through his lens that young black males are bad, to be suspected and to be feared. And you cant deny that the culture of hip hop wasnt apart (though not the only view) of the lens that ZM view Trayvon as. I mean seriously, what does mainstream hiphop even promote…nothing positive, and what do non-black people view black people as…nothing positive, it make you wonder. Hip-hop, isnt the sole thing to blame, but its apart of the issue. recognize that and start asking questions, shit isnt a coincidence nor a joke.

  • Umar Bin Hassan

    On behalf of the Last Poets, I want to acknowledge that the tragic loss of Trayvon Martin and the George Zimmerman verdict remind us of the dangers of being young and black in America. Our thoughts and prayers are with Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.

    Dahveed Nelson is a respected and honored member of the Last Poets but he speaks for himself when saying hip hop “collaborated” in the murder of Trayvon. The real collaborators are the “stand your ground law” in Florida and racist stereotypes that transform black children into black monsters. Because the Poets are not some programmed machine that acts as one, thinks as one, and moves as one, some might mistake Dahveed’s comments to Jason Whitlock as representative of the group.

    Since we started in 1968, we all have been independent thinkers. That’s what made us the unique group that we are. Until all of us old-heads and young-heads can sit down with one another or across from one another and reason with one another, I suspect there will be little we can do to protect the Trayvon Martins to come. And if we allow that to happen, then all of us must take the blame.

    Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets

  • djames

    Hip Hop is not responsible for Trayvon’s death

    However it is extremely obvious that a lot of Hip Hop perpetuates the stereotype that black people are criminals


    “Let’s make love on a million, in a dirty hotel
    With the fan on the ceiling, all for the love of drug dealing”

    -Picasso Baby- Jay Z


    “D boy drug dealer look
    Billionaire, billionaire”……
    I’m not ya average dope dealer
    Silver Toyotas four runners and four wheelers

    BBC- Jay Z , Nas and Beyonce

    Jay Z is very wealthy powerful and popular. People are very afraid to call him out. -not becuase he’s dangerous because he’s popular

    And Hip Hop media makes millions off of him.

    Now Hov is out marching with beyonce for Trayvon so he can continue promotiing stereotypes of black people as being drug dealers, selling our dignity for money. Dahveed Nelson is just one of the few brave enough to speak the truth and to call names.

    The Jews write his lyrics?
    Sean Carter is a grown man, he’s been a multi millionaire for many years and hasn’t been in the drug game for over 25 years so he’s not even reflecting anything he does now.
    If you’re a grown man and you are not starving, you are responsible for what comes out of you mouth. period

    • golder1

      What does you reciting this lyric mean? Does it man his argument has valid? Hell no. In all genres of music they discuss things that might not be positive. Hip Hop perpetuates what happens in America, just like movies, rock music, pop music, and many other forms of entertainment.

      • Nah, RAP perpetuates a divisive image that perpetuates the criminalization of an entire segment of the population.

        You know, Rick Fawlse’s famous qoute, talking about when he says he got rich slinging YaY on the streets, he was actually slinging Yay on the streets.
        You know the hook “Selling wieght, str8 off the IPHONE, (DJ Scratches IPhone, Iphone, )

        Yeah right.

        Ninjaz should be taking notes when these O.G.s speak that spill.
        Who else is gonna bring them the real? Radio station advertising execs?

    • remy730

      LOL what’s funny to me is as I was reading the lyrics I pictured the CEOs of pfizer, GlaxcoSmithKlien, Merk, and the other companies saying the exact same thing and being praised for it.

    • Jake Moola

      What Hip-Hop are you listening to? You may need to switch it up…

  • Technically, “Racism” started in 1638 with the passage of the “Maryland Doctrine of Exclusion.”