Video Model Mother Leaves Kids in Car to Attend Lil Wayne Concert

“We gotta take care of them kids, man, I know you heard Obama”-Lil Wayne

(AllHipHop News) Chances are 25 year old Brittany Harris did not hear President Obama’s 2009 presidential address to children to improve their school performance but she sure heard Lil Wayne. According to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, the Florida woman left her two children unattended in a parking lot at the South Florida Fairgrounds in order to attend a Lil Wayne concert.

An arena employee at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach found Harris’ two children, ages five and three around 9:45 pm in the parking lot next to a Nissan Altima. The children informed them that their mother had left them in the car in order to watch the Lil Wayne concert. After the worker escorted them to the sheriff’s deputies, Harris was located by investigators around 10:30 pm in parking lot.

Harris initially deceived the investigators by claiming her cousin brought the children to the parking lot before later admitting “that she came here and left the kids to stay in the car so she could watch the concert” according to the affidavit. She was subsequently arrested and held on $10,000 bond for each of her felony accounts. Due to the child endangerment charges, Harris’ children were taken into the care of child welfare workers.

Harris is also known as Pretty Red and has appeared in a few music video.

Check below for a picture of the affidavit with a complete recount of the events:


  • Dead wrong

    Meh. I’d smash.

    • Matt Swan

      Eh why not? She’s gonna be in jail for a min or two, she gets out a lil horny, pick her up, play a lil bit of wayne to get her in the mood smash and go. I kid I kid…..sorta lolz

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  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    A f@cking rat she is.

  • JEDI

    Damn this chick living to rattastic

  • theKID

    NOT surprised. black women are the WORST parents on the planet! ESPECIALLY, the younger they r. This Bitch was more concerned with bn a possible jump off than bn a mom. Poor kids. Hope they get adopted by a good white family. Smh

    • Tony G.

      yea ok…Casey Anthony…come on..its a lot of bad ones in all races…

      • The Black Fist

        So true!!!

    • The Black Fist

      Are you black?? one thing for sure, you’re ignorant, always gotta pull the race card. how many WHITE parents, mostly mothers, has been charged or accused of KILLING their own child? FACT: alot more than black mothers thats for sure.
      and there’s no worser type of parenting than a mother killing her kid. Now what this dumb chick did was absolutely, flagrantly irresponsible and she deserves some stiff punishment no doubt!!! I might leave my dog in the car like that BUT not for a Lil wayne concert period! and to do ANY child is fucken insane.

      • Inquizative

        “worser” I don’t think that’s a word. What’s really bad is having children out of wedlock. Which most black women do and blame their bad choices on the baby daddy. I am sure you’ve heard of birth-control, it’s FREE by the way. This woman has at least 2 baby daddy’s. 72.2% of black women have children out of wedlock, that is the real problem, black women have no regard for a family, a “nuclear family.” Oh yeah, before you try to minimize this with “white women do it too!!!” Only 26.2% of white women have children out of wedlock..

      • Guest

        Please read a book. Turn the tv off and get some knowledge cause you beyond stupid right now! If what you say is true and it sure in hell isn’t, but if, that’s right, with marriage being this supposed “cornerstone of society”, y’all raise your kids to become suicidal, mass murdering, bomb making, serial killing, corporate thieves. BTW, the majority of all divorces end in 50%. So white women get married then half of them get divorced so the kids are still from a broken home. Also the incidence of divorce increases with each marriage so what is the point you are attempting to make when at some point both races still end up in a single parent household, at about the same rate. If not single parent, then dysfunctional. And from what I have heard foster homes might end up caging kids, molesting them or even killing them. They get paid to take the kids and are more concerned about the money less concerned about the kids. Most ppl who end up in these foster homes still grow up feeling incomplete.


        Yes, and half of marriages end in divorce. So, that means that of the 73.8% of white women, after 5 years, at least 36.9% of them are single parents. 36.9 + 26.2 means that on average 63.1% of White children are raised in single parent households. Now, of your 72.2% of Black children born out of wedlock, how many of the mothers marry the fathers AFTER the child (ren)’s birth? A. LOT. Where is the statistic for that? It doesn’t fuel the negative stereotype of Black families so you are unlikely to find that anywhere.

        I agree that women should chose their children’s father carefully. But the issue is not marriage. There are plenty of reasons NOT to get married. And in many instances people are together but unmarried.

        The other issue is that too many women choose poorly, then rely on public assistance and Family Courts to remedy their poor choice. Without such a “safety,” would these women make different choices?

        The focus should be on meaningful parenting regardless of whether the parents are together or married. And that is about men and women both.

      • Rese

        Well stated!

      • theKID

        Ur moniker suggests ur unbiased and only rationalize based off STATSnFACTS. U should change it. Ur point about white mothers aint substantial. The media’s fos. Who cares which stories they CHOOSE 2 bring 2 light. Im speakin only off of life experience. All u c or hear about n the hood daily is how these youngins r fucked over one way or another from shitty parenting. Killing a child is obviously the WORST that could happen. Killing and/or stifling their growth and development as a productive normally functioning person n society is arguably comparable.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      she’s mixed of Asian, Latino, & Black.

    • Matt Swan

      Are you F*CKIN SERIOUS?? Or is it that your that young and naive to believe and actually say something as dumb as that? You should be SYH after you look in the mirror and look at the fool who said this.

    • Guest

      @thekid You are so ignorant and likely had a sorry @$$ crack head for a mom. Not every one like the whores in your family. This woman is only 1/3 black btw. Have you forgotten about all the things that people of other races do to their kids like kill them and stick their bodies in plastic tubs and discard them. I am in no way condoning Brittney’s behavior but to say that all black women are bad mothers is ridiculous. I can’t believe ppl even liked that status. So now black mother ain’t sh*t and black fathers are absent? Stop watching tv and music videos and get you some knowledge dumb@$$!

      • theKID

        Wow. Thanx 4 all the name calling directed at me whom u kno nothin about. Hit a nerve perhaps? This shit must apply 2 u. I’m not ridiculous enuff 2 make assumptions so I wont speculate. Btw I DIDN’T SAY ALL. Facts r facts tho. All these complaints about absent fathers were valid arguments LAST CPL OF GENERATIONS. wats the excuse 4 this one? 1/3 black or not this piece of shit represents a race that I’m part of and she’s a shitty ass parent like plenty of others her age with bastard children. Yet ur naive enuff 2 defend her? Go 2 Hell. You’ll eventually meet her there

      • Rese

        “black women are the WORST parents on the planet!” This is what you said. Where does it say some? Also please understand with the things I endure with being a black woman, yea you struck a nerve. Not because I’m a bad mother but because there is so much going on right now in the media with black people, imo, I would be a monster not to be sensitive. I hate to see anyone attempt to bash any race of ppl especially black people. My mother is a black mother, my aunt is a black mother…you get the point. Are you black? Do you have a black mother? Well speak for your self. Most of the people I know, who happen to be black had black mothers as well. LOL. All those mothers were good mothers. It has more to do with the level of education and the amount of money families had I’m finding, sadly. Those who grew up in the hood were more that likely to have sorry moms. Its likely alot of ppl but NOT all ppl as you were basically saying with what you stated. I don’t know what her excuse is. Please in the future speak for your own experience. Just cause your mother may have been sorry and the ppl you associate with doesnt mean all black women are trash. Peace.

      • theKID

        Ur ridiculous. As far as parents go the group that blatantly has the title of WORST is black mothers. Wasnt ALWAYS that way, but it 4 sure is NOW! Thats just a fact, not speculation. U say most the ppl u kno r blk and had good blk mothers?! Ur obviously NOT from the hood then. My hood is oversaturated with bastard children poorly raised by blk women. The fact that u dared 2 defend this ratchet on any level says volumes about ur lack of intellect. Also, ur emotional outburst states a bit as well. That same inability to control emotion is exactly wat these young kids raised by blk mothers pick up. Most the bs mayhem n the hood is bcuz of it. Ur only proving my point btw

      • Rese

        Like i said, than u confirmed, you see these type of things in the hood. In people with higher education and in other economic classes poor parenting isnt as prevalent. Im sure not having financial stability is stressful, but is still not an excuse to be a poor parent. Im not taking up for this lady, i think what she did is horrible. There are bad mothers in all races. Its so unfortunate that that blacks will believe the worst about themselves tho and this further encourages the division we have among ourselves. It just bothers me when black men in particular bash black women. Like i said all black women are not the same. Thats like me dating a few black men and saying all black men are horrible and none know how to be dads. Thats ignorant. I havent dated all black men. Anyway, we can just agree to disagree. This isnt going anywhere. Peace.

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  • Obi Won

    Where’s the father of these kids, b/c mommy aint shit!!!

    • arrdeesss

      Bish like that probably don’t even know who the father’s are.

  • junj03

    T.I. must be pissed cause of what her sister “Brittany Harris” did…

  • andone

    glad yall bumped this thread back to the top of the news section… we need to put these good for nothing mothers/fathers to shame/on blast… i bet this broad was thinkin she was cute gettin ratchet to lil tunchi while all them thirsty @ss ninjas were tryin to pull this dumb h0e and they didnt even know it… SMFH to the 3rd degree!!!

  • Ike’s Mood

    somebody needs to kick her in her chest!

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Wow……I’m not surprised.

  • Infinite8

    Everyone she probably asked to watch them kids probably went to Lil Wayne concert. She thought them kids was gona be sleep and left them a few lunchables and couple juice boxes from Costco til she get back. Damn really Lil Wayne is more important than your kids? Maybe she got VIP Tix and Backstage passes which made it that hard to pass up! Just sad the world we live in these days!! SMH !!!

  • Oknas

    And niggaz would still impregnate dis bitch cuz she light skin smh lol

  • This is the kind of influence that Lil Wayne has on his fans….. It’s that I don’t give a Fu#K music.

  • Sydewayz Soundz

    Mother of the year

  • youngplaya

    Geez that’s just terrible. Lost in the sauce for real. Now the poor kids in the custody of the state and anything can happen to them babies in there. We have got to do better

  • king

    Ni$$er $#!+ at it finest we screaming justice for trayvon and can’t even look out for our future leaders.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      ish has hit the fan and is being spread onto any one that looks up at it. there is no one that will break the cycle of stupidity, so you might as well say look out for our future followers.

    • Rese

      Why is it that when it comes to minorities we are always lumped together with the negatives? I mean you could have easily said biracial, i have heard ppl blast her for that and say that’s how mixed ppl are. Or light skinned or whatever. Any attempt to lump a group of ppl together is the basis for ignorance as no two ppl even if they grew up in the same household are exactly the same

      • king

        Was that question for me or just a general information question

      • Rese

        In general

      • atle fjeldstad

        No but we are alle 99,8% identical
        and that`s sort of the same as the same, hehe. Just playin mayne

      • Rese

        Its cool.

  • Some people don’t deserve to have kids… Now she can sit in a cell for a while and think about that dumb shit she just did and figure out that she needs to get her priorities straight..

  • Rese

    She wanted fame. Now Brittney Harris (aka @Iamprettyred of twitter) is infamous world wide. I don’t understand how you leave your kids in the parking lot of anywhere. There are perverts just looking for kids. I’m just glad the children are safe.

  • Rese

    People get on my nerves attempting to lump a whole group of ppl into a category. So black ppl don’t have any family values? Ok, not to make any excuses but how did it happen? Why exactly up to this point has a whole group of ppl gone about things the way that they have? Read a damn book before you get online spewing hateful bullshit.

  • atle fjeldstad

    It`s funny how people in here are talking about race, when in fact, the human race is a part of the mammal group. So in fact we are all the same race, just different complexions. Sorry to ruin alle the racists arguments, but it`s a fact..

    • Rese

      Many people don’t know or just ignore that. Racism, along with anything that attempts to differentiate is a primitive instinct that once serve a purpose to keep one safe prior to evolution. Sometimes my ego gets the best of me, I forget this and become defensive of what unconscious folk say.

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