Hip-Hop Rumors: Polow Da Don Kinda Disses Diddy

I am sure Diddy got a million retweets and replies when he tweeted prayers for the Martin Family after George Zimmerman beat the case. But, there was one person that wasn’t impressed with the notion of “prayer” for the family. Polow Da Don, the man that once proclaimed himself to be the “King of White Girls,” was not having it! Look at how it played out on Twitter and share your thoughts.

And then Polow Da Don replied:


Polow has a point, in the notion that praying alone will not help the situation. That’s why people are taking it to the streets and trying to revoke certain laws. The biggest battle…is still ahead.

Polow looks a bit different now by the way.


But it was all good in 2007.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • @Real_SirJamie


  • It’s true, these powerful people in Hip-Hop, and all they can do is tweet a prayer? We pray on the regular basis, no need for Diddy to influence us.

    • Matt Swan

      How is Diddy really going to influence anyone? Everyone with half a brain knows that signing to bad boy is a career death sentence (Yung Joc anyone for ex), the only thing really saving him is his clothing line. Hell Mtv even got rid of making the band, cuz the show was all about diddys ego. Dave Chappelle did a damn good skit showing it. And to add insult to injury, Shyne was wrong for letting off in a club, but diddy just threw his ass to the wolves and left him hangin. Diddy ain’t about ish BUT diddy. Dude might have long pockets, but loyalty isn’t inside either pocket.

      • Nemo hos

        That’s all the rich folks..they use others as pawns

  • junj03

    What else Diddy should do? Hire Benjamin Brafman as a lawyer for the martin family? GTF out of here.

    • Well Hip-hop mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs blinged up for huge events like the Cannes Film Festival in France by hosting a star-studded party aboard a
      yacht.The entrepreneur has close pals Kanye West, Adrien Brody,
      Tara Reid, Michelle Rodriguez, model/actress Kelly Brook, reality star
      Kim Kardashian and hotel heiress Paris Hilton so with all this celebrity power you better believe that a bigger spotlight would have been shed on the situation.

      • junj03

        If you had his money you wouldn’t do anything financially for no one that aint your family or even a stranger…

        And that’s fine. Most people wouldn’t either.

        is it a tragedy? yes! did he deserve to die? no!

        does zimmerman deserves some type of punishment? yes!

        was Trayvonan innocent “kid”? um hell f**king no!

        pics of him showing gang sings and stuff.

        Ultimately it’s just a tragedy, the situation and the justice
        system in a way. things happen, kids & teens get shot, killed every day in NYC. Innocent ones, that you don’t see in national news.

      • EL_BARK

        Um how the fuk u going to question if trayon was an innocent kid????

        So a pic of him throwing up a gang sign means what exactly?
        You such a simp, i would even waste any more of my words on you…

        How many teenagers were throwing up the westside sign during the east vs west beast.

        Karma a bitch, if the most you can say about a kid who at the time of his death was walking from a store with a bag of skittle is to say he wasnt innocent cause of a pic of jim throwing up a gang sign speaks volumes of you intellect level. Smh

        I hope you dont have kids cause karma a bitch.

      • johnblacksad

        Plus there’s no pic of Trayvon throwing up gang signs to my knowledge… it’s a just a couple of pictures floating where he was throwing the middle finger

      • junj03

        You are just a media follower , its fine. One more mind

        No karma here cause of this situation, I know my karma will
        come with things that I have done in my past I am sure I have & will pay
        for it. For MY sins. Not other peoples

      • Negro Peligro

        Ya’ll done got brainwashed by FOX NEWS. What the media got to do with a kid walking home minding his business has to be a thug.

      • Negro Peligro

        Man I been battling with people SO MUCH ABOUT THAT. Why does it make him a bad kid. Even if he was the grimeyest thug on planet earth. At the time he was just walking with Watermelon Arizona and SOME SKITTLES.

      • greenhouse records

        So giving showing ur middle finger is a gang sign now???

      • Nemo hos

        Ayo do us all a favor and STFU

  • LOL~N @ Pollow talking slick after getting fat!


    If you aren’t telling these black and latin people, they are the chosen people of God, then your life is a waste….

  • Dingleberry Pinklebottom

    Listen Polow Da Don, soon as Diddy gets to the bottom of who killed Biggie, he will take care of this “Zimmermann” situation. Infact soon as Zimmermann goes for a swim, Diddy got some dolphin broads ready to pounce on his azz.

    • ONE

      Please, Diddy knows exactly who killed Biggie

  • johnblacksad

    Polow must be on crack… where did Diddy say that was all he was going to do? (not saying that he’s gonna do anything)

  • Robert Fukouttahere Grafton

    He ruined his point by saying the N word

  • Wavpin

    I think Pollow expected Diddy to send at lease a free case of Ciroc..LMAO … without the N-words … he had a good point!

    • Dingleberry Pinklebottom

      Man Diddy would send a case of skittles thats how grimey he is. They would be sour skittles too.

  • Negro Peligro

    He could make a song. Called. UHRM. Take That Take That. For real though. I’m about to drop this Trayvon Tree. This junk really changed me.

    • Guest

      He once “rocked the vote” and “vote or died” but when he didn’t vote he did not die. Oh yea he ran the marathon with Mohawk to be more “Aerodynamic”.

  • brotha_man

    has diddy ever done “anything”… he is the last person i would check for to stand up for the cause.
    this negro, the king of the white girls……what you gonna do?

    • DLOUPO


      • brotha_man

        well there you have it! …somewhere Wyclef and and diddy are dapping it up

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  • feeliama

    we are the real suckers for even reading this crap every day. this site is bogus. allhiphop is a billboard or a commercial for the industry, only. constantly trying to wiggle a name in here or there, they are using us.

    • Matt Swan

      But you keep comin back like the rest of us lol

  • PhilTheGreat

    Diddy gets the money and keeps it moving… He put in his 2 cents on Twitter and then it was business as usual. Diddy is like one of the front runners of the antibullying campaign though, so can’t like he just doesn’t do anything for the kids man. On another note… Polow lookin hefty; even his fingers.

  • Thatcouchaintyours

    …I went to the Trayvon Martin rally yesterday in Orlando. I was rather impressed with how many people came out in support of the Martin family.
    Getting back on topic, what exactly is Polow doing for the cause?

  • $11625525

    I am with Polow on this one, socially influential people need to use their voice publicly. They need to speak for the people who buy their music but don’t have their platform. I don’t wanna wait until his next artist has a video or show and Diddy comes out in a T-Shirt with Travon on it, people like him, Jigga and them need to be at rallies with megaphones, they need to make frontpage, headline, news. They need to make the media stop and say “Uh Oh, these powerful black media moguls are standing together on this one”, this will get the attention of the politicians who, in turn, will have to understand that these miscarriages of justice have been duly noted by the people who will help bankroll some of their future political campaigns. People who can influence the “Black” vote.

    Twitter is too faceless, half the time these celebrities got people running their accounts for them, let’s see Diddy in front of a camera … Love him or hate him, you know Kanye will eventually come out swinging.

    • @Real_SirJamie

      Well put. The Lil Wayne’s and P. Diddy’s and Jay z’s need to be OUR VOICES. That’s what the last poets and gil scott heron and stevie wonder, ray charles, Michael Jackson, (MAN that list goes on and on!) were doing for the people of that time. Can you even IMAGINE Bill Cosby saying something like, “S**t n***a, I’m just out here making money, I aint no role model to your kids get it how you live playa…”. Then again Diddy was with the “vote or die” trying to get young blacks to vote and exercise… AND he did that “making the band” and got other artists from impoverished communities careers started, so IDK. he SEEMS ok.

      • southside4lyfe

        yeah he did do that but ask were are those making the band people now. Ill tell you after he made a cool couple million off of their tv shows and albums he dropped they ass. P.Diddy shoulda been the one to die not Biggy

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Most of them still have prominent careers Babs runs Queen Of The Ring Battle League, Ness is in Battles frequently and co-wrote some of didy’s tracks, Sarah stokes went on the be a good singer and actor on songs with royce and being in 8 mile the movie, Dylan is… well Dylan… and Choppa got a new suit. Diddy can’t hold their “music career hand” forever he gave them a start.

      • $11625525

        Well Jay Z and Beyonce showed out, ironically, after the President spoke, perhaps he was influenced by that or was asked not to upstage him by doing it first, either way, that was a good look from them.

        Now the rest of the so called “Superstar” rappers need to step up. Who knows, maybe Kanye will attribute his Paparazzi meltdown to the verdict.

        It’s funny, a human being cannot move freely in this world without someone encroaching on their space, even when requesting that person leave them alone they can continue to harass them. I think, at that point, they should have the right to administer an ass kicking until they feel the person “stalking” them is no longer a threat to their safety.

        Is that not why people are told to learn self defence as opposed to carrying weapon’s?

    • dayleedumped

      lol i wouldnt be surprised if the white people werent allowing it and holding them back.. theres a reason for everything

    • Tony G.

      The sad part is all of yall are on AHH commenting about what “our” superstars and celebs should do…but what are YOU doing?

      • $11625525

        I don’t live in the USA.

  • who is this polo da don fellow???? never heard of him…

    • $11625525

      You’re on the internet, stop being lazy! LOL

  • MildManneredReporter

    wtf is this?

  • DesignatedH8R


  • dee

    he prolly found out xzibit was right about the gay club

  • THEguyWHObonedURmoms

    i remember polo tried to diss jay z a few years back, talking bout jay wasn’t cool no more that he could make him cool again…lol polos a grade A clown he need to go sit his ass down somewhere nd bite the tip of his nails off