Joey Bada$$ Talks ‘Summer Knights’, Statik Selektah & Producing His Own Songs

(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn’s new prince of Hip Hop Joey Bada$$ released his second solo project Summer Knights earlier this month. The Pro Era frontman sat down with 2DBZ recently to discuss the new mixtape, his relationship with Statik Selektah, and his growth over the last year.

“Summer Knights to me is like a playlist of my past two summers,” says Joey.

[ALSO CHECK OUT: Mixtape Download: Joey Bada$$ [#BGA] : Summer Knights]

Watch the interview below.

  • johnblacksad

    “bad b!tch with me and she mixed breed”
    -Jeezy (Get right)

    That yellow thang (no relation with her being asian) sittin by him is lookin rite

    This Joey kid has it!

    @Edogz818 dunno if you messed with ‘1999’ but it’s been greenlighted (nothing like Gucci, Jeezy and all them other trap stars) …his sh!t will give you that “Dah Shinin” vibe, that ripe-golden-era sound!
    Tracks to check for :
    -Waves (there’s a live version with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon)
    -Hardknock (my favorite… first time i played it, i was just walking down the street minding my biz, listening to it on my RZA Chambers by WESC, and it made me scream out loud “Holy Fcuk!!!” in the street… all the white people turned around and looked at me like i was crazy… but when the beats stops and Joey keeps rapping until the beat comes back again, it will do the same thing to you! He bodied that track!)

    I checked out Summer Knights too… and it’s as solid as the first mixtape… the kid is confirmin! (got a joint, “Unorthodox” produced by Premier… mad nice joint!)

    • 7yoyo7

      And these tracks! :
      – My youth
      – The Renaissance
      – Fromdatomb$
      – Killuminati

      • johnblacksad

        Co-sign… i fux with Fromdatomb$ heavy!

        (when i wanna recommend songs to listen to, i try not to load tracks… keep it at one or two tracks… but yeah, the whole tape fire)

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  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    Joey is cool but Bishop Nehru is dope also. A more orthodox flow but in the same vein. Sometimes i think Joey is trying to hard to sound like the golden era (which he is not from). Sometime it sounds forced like rhyming to syllables together and trying to fit them all into one bar. I fux with his shit tho but peep Bishop Nehru. ij ust dont want every lame trying to sound like this…. Do you youngbulls.

    • Truth Powell

      I peeped that in his rhymes and flow. He gets some hot beats from some vets but something’s missing…He sounds like an amateur dude from the golden era. Not ready for primetime.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        Exactly! im glad my statement wasnt taken a hate because i like Joey. i think in a few years, when he gets sometime under his belt, he’ll be good money with his flows and patterns.

      • Truth Powell

        an informed opinion can never be hate…You said it. He’s not ready. He should pay his dues and be out there battling and doing small shows honing his craft. His age is being used as a gimmick. He’s not ready.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        did you say Battling, yeah I agree honing his craft is a good thing but He is one of the few that’s doing it the way he wants and not like how record Execs want. the time is now for him not a few years, like he said he’s growing and maturing his sound to the next level. I don’t know how old you are but I remember when gangster music was underground and pop was considered sell out ( MC hammer) then gangster became commercial then back pack MC’ing went underground and now pop is accepted commercial. its just different cycles.

      • Truth Powell

        This might sound cynical but I believe the record excecs/powers that be have deemed him to the the “real hiphop kid”

      • johnblacksad

        No hate there… you spat nothin but the truth.

        He gets support from the old heads for the intention, for reppin for that golden age sound, but yeah, we hear the forced syllabes sometimes, the hov or nas phrases being recycled here and here… but it’s all gravy… as long as he stays true to himself and true to the art…

        Didn’t kno of Bishop Nehru… will check based on your co-sign.

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