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Cee Lo Green Wanted Eminem To Rap About “White Power”

(AllHipHop News) Cee Lo Green has a reputation of thinking a little left of center which usually results in genre blending music and questionable attire that would make Prince blush. However, he recently revealed to MTV’s RapFix that he had this brilliantly off the wall idea to get Eminem on a Goodie Mob song entitled “White Power” of their upcoming album Age Against The Machine.

According to Cee Lo, the song is about “a black perspective on white power” and felt the Detroit rhyme slayer would sound perfect on the track:

“It had gotten out to the press and I just thought that it made a bold statement so I thought that Eminem would easily jump at the controversy being that I heard he had been gearing up to do a new record and getting ready to get back out and fight”

However, for undisclosed reasons the collaboration never materialized but Cee Lo reaffirms the song will still be featured on the upcoming album due out on August 27th:

“I was just as a fan, really anticipating what he could do it. I don’t know for whatever reason we weren’t able to do it. I would’ve really liked to see it happen, but it did make the record though.

Check out Eminem’s most detailed song on white power in the song “White America” from his classic 2002 album The Eminem Show:

  • Sean Taylor


    • RMfag

      That’s it?

  • Wavpin


  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Sounds stupid to me……what was em supposed to rap about on it? White power from a,white perspective? New title : cee lo green wanted eminem to commit career suicide.

    • Maybe, but if Em would have ripped it on some deep ‘chet…Nah, it still would have been career suicide.

  • Itakethemolly

    cee lo green is a big fat KFC eating waste of space. he has zero black fans and he wants to be white so bad

    • RMfag

      He is KFC.

    • Joyous Lament, Jr.

      … I wouldn’t say I’m a fan (therefore my next sentence may be void), but I like Cee Lo’s music… And I’m black.

    • Terrance Goodman

      Shiite clay Davis voice he got goodie mob fans

      • TRE

        haha clay davis is the man, thanks for reminding me fitna watch some of the Wire right now

      • Terrance Goodman

        Keeps it in rotation

  • J.Erick

    CeeLo is a coon

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    • RMfag


  • Musickid203

    Uh…. we already know the power of being white. Just dont say n*gger.

  • RealSpit

    I still dont get most of these southern niggas!! Even with that Trayvon Martin verdict them country ass niggas were quiet as chruch mice while LA, NY and Oakland stood up. Southern niggas be on that coon shit running around with confederate flags belts and shit!!

    • dfwricwil

      Sorry Bro but u must not be up to date on the news because those same southern niggas did the same thing on the protest tip.
      I must ask did u attend or were u on here tap dancing on your keyboard doing the sand man?

    • Shakim 30013

      I am a New York dude who live in Atlanta and I have witnessed first hand the FTP movement spearheaded by Kalonji Jama Changa did some real protesting. You have to be down here to actually witness the movement.

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  • God Body

    Cee Lo knew Em wouldn’t do it, Em doesn’t do career suicide, what it does get is some press about his new project. It’s a reason to give this goodie mob album some form a of notoriety. So now even though Eminem didn’t apparently shoot himself in the foot doing a track about white supremacy we’re all here thinking and talking about it and will now be at least a little intrigued to see what goodie mob has come up with before we forget they have a record coming out.

  • TruthSerum

    Might have been a cool idea in the MMLP era but Em doesn’t take risks anymore…. It’s okay tho, just send him something he can cry about his life on or a track about how much you hate women, he’ll jump on one of those