Cee Lo Green Wanted Eminem To Rap About “White Power”

Cee Lo Green Wanted Eminem To Rap About “White Power”

(AllHipHop News) Cee Lo Green has a reputation of thinking a little left of center which usually results in genre blending music and questionable attire that would make Prince blush. However, he recently revealed to MTV’s RapFix that he had this brilliantly off the wall idea to get Eminem on a Goodie Mob song entitled “White Power” of their upcoming album Age Against The Machine.

According to Cee Lo, the song is about “a black perspective on white power” and felt the Detroit rhyme slayer would sound perfect on the track:

“It had gotten out to the press and I just thought that it made a bold statement so I thought that Eminem would easily jump at the controversy being that I heard he had been gearing up to do a new record and getting ready to get back out and fight”

However, for undisclosed reasons the collaboration never materialized but Cee Lo reaffirms the song will still be featured on the upcoming album due out on August 27th:

“I was just as a fan, really anticipating what he could do it. I don’t know for whatever reason we weren’t able to do it. I would’ve really liked to see it happen, but it did make the record though.

Check out Eminem’s most detailed song on white power in the song “White America” from his classic 2002 album The Eminem Show: