Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Student Twerks For School Project!

School. Students. Higher Learning.


Higher Twerking.

I am not sure of the entire scope of the situation, but I am sure that there’s very little place for twerking in class. BUT, guess what? A student apparently twerked in class as a part of her class assignment in PHYSICS class. Now, there are some ambiguous parts. First of all, I am not sure that its the actually student, because this chicks a$$ is brolic! And, the white instructor is seen in the back getting his jollys off. So, I’m going to assume he wouldn’t do that if it was one of his students with her a$$ out. But, the RUMOR is that a STUDENT did the actual twerking.


But, this happened. There is a video of a physics class presentation of a woman twerking to “Who Let The Dogs Out.” But, there is a catch. The chick has a pair of huge tats on her butt of TWO DOGS. So, the dogs are smacking into each other as she claps or twerks. Everybody is getting their rocks off, but not the guy that is commentating in the video below. Peep this out. The actual twerking starts about 1 minute in.

All have to say is:

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.


Illseed, Out.


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77 Responses to “Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Student Twerks For School Project!”

  1. Mec-One

    Tommy be going HAM on Black women …… Seems he has no love at all because he groups all Black women as ratchet and good for nothing ……. smh

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        shits just mad funny to me hes got the perfect voice for the rants too lol

      • Anthony Pagnozzi

        He might be viewed as a hater but u gotta admit these hoes respect him. If you can take time outta ya day to address someone you think is hatin then they have proven their point. IDK bout u but my time is money and cannot be wasted!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        it dont take much time to drop a comment lol i mean shoot we all responded to this topic … aint much different to someone responding to his youtube vids ……???

    • Matt Swan

      He’d be wrong in saying that, but if the shoe fits, then….. There is no excuse for twerking it in front of a class, and what Physics point could she have proven? Cause and effect are well known, Newton’s law of gravity ok but….. But he’s wrong on the tattoo thing; women of many races like tattoos, so we’re to judge them? And CoCo loves to show her ass for free and we like looking at it. So the black woman is wrong? Don’t think so. Can’t have it both ways.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i aint never seen coco twerk that ass for free …. theres a difference …. thats his point … @least do something with it … alot of these chicks be out here doing it strickly for attention ….

      • Matt Swan

        Google CoCo Twerkin. She’s on national tv giving a “class” on doing it. If there is a way for her to show ANY of her body to any one other than AP9 she’s done it

      • Anthony Pagnozzi

        Are y’all referring to Coco Austin? As in Mrs. Ice T?

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol hey man im not a coco fan like that ijs dude was saying @least get paid for it lol … and coco has made a living off that tushy lol & married a rich mofo named ice t…….. these chicks be on instagram and fb and youtube giving out free looks single with more than 1 kid……………….

    • Anthony Pagnozzi

      Now u know he prolly single OR is dating a white woman which allows him free reign to bash these lil niggletts LLH. XD

      • Mec-One

        He hard on dark skin chicks but he was simpin hard for light skin Caramel Kitten who be twerkin all over youtube

  2. chosenxeno

    Arrie “Peaches” Woodard • a day ago

    “right after Rihanna cuts her hair… good timing mrs jay-z”

    Why would a MAN say this?

  3. bigg

    All u people talkn bout him missing the point.thats some dumbshit she did and need to be call stupid everything black people do aint ok she made
    her self look like a hoodrat

    • chosenxeno

      All of you people that are talking about him are missing the point. That’s some dumb shit she did, and she deserves to be called stupid. Everything that black people do is NOT ok. She made herself look like a hoodrat.

      *translated into English*

      • Anthony Pagnozzi

        U doubtin she got an A? Did you see the teacher’s (pray he’s not a professor) response to her show? He was all in! Probably got reprimanded if not suspended for his behavior. SMH

  4. Yolanda Hinton

    I’m sure the woman that are complaining about u talking about black women, they don’t care about her we just don’t want u generalizing us, just bc some are doing this doesn’t mean tht we all do it…damn it if u r so smart y u can’t c tht….we r not doing tht to u

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      “some” lol maybe only some are twerking in school … but its very rare that you dont find a chick posting pics on the net and not @least having a back shot pick or a topless pic that only shows from the shoulders up … whats the point ?? i mean as a guy i like it but it sends the wrong message … @this point she got me thinking this when your really thinking that … its like my man said yall doing all this twerking, showing off your backside then want a man to approach you like a queen … i mean we are but our minds are on that ass that you poking out by that point ….. lol …….. sending mix signals lol …… but @ the end of the day IF IT DONT APPLY LET IT FLY !!

      • Anthony Pagnozzi

        GTFOH ladies u r sending the wrong msg AND U KNOW IT! You do it because you rather get that niccas attention any way you can than to lose him to that hoe and the best way you can think to do it is to beat her at her own game? Correction, by stooping to a hoes level! C’mon if you a queen and wanna be treated like one then show it, act like a QUEEN! Y’all goin to college and tryin to prove how intelligent you are but then we see this. And why not help educate the ones that are doin it since they obviously don’t listen to us guys but they will listen to YOU. Black ppl WAKE UP!!!

      • aliciacross

        I disagree with the it very rare that a chick doesn’t post back shot or topless pic. Speaking only for myself if my pic looks as if I am topless I am not. Most times it is a tube top or tube summer dress. Especially living on an island these things are normal. There are still many black women in the world that respect themselves. Unfortunately the minority is seen way more than the majority because the minority put themselves out there. So that is what you see. Hell I didn’t even know what twerking was till a couple of months ago :p

      • aliciacross

        I do agree with the “If it don’t apply let it fly” comment though 🙂

  5. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    not tj anyone but tj lol this dude has been ranting about black women on the internet for forever lol now they done gave this man some gas to add to his fire lol smh lol

    • theKID

      TJ that dude. He be goin in but it aint like he tellin lies. Its a shame the way our race has fallen to such piss poor moral standing

  6. Abrasive Angel

    SMH. This is just an embarrassment for black people and some of you don’t even know it. Aren’t you tired of this coonery yet?

    • Anthony Pagnozzi

      Umm you do realize you’re speakin to a generation that waits in line FOR HOURS just to buy the latest pair of sneakers so they can all walk around looking alike and complimenting each other’s taste? I mean, what happened to being original or better yet having your own style and creativity? Those days are lost my dude, long LOST!

  7. brotha_man

    [as Simple Jack] Goodbye mama, now you can have ice cream in heavan! I’ll see you again tonight when I go to bed in my head movies. But this head movie makes my eyes rain!

  8. Tony Williams

    Black women are so gross. ewww i could never date one, i am a black manwho nly dates white , asian ,spanish women.

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