Cassidy “Control Freestyle” (Kendrick Lamar Response)

Cassidy releases his response to Kendrick!

  • tra mo


  • Chris

    Cassidy came with that heat, bruh.

  • True_Fan

    My goodness, he took me back to 04 when him and Banks wrecked every beat.

  • MrJayK

    Nobody checkin for this dude anymore. He said “….you puttin my name in a rap son/is like puttin a silencer on a cap gun.” Nobody got his name in nuthin. Kendrick didn’t diss anyone, and this guy shittin all over kid. #Tryintostayrelevant.

  • MrJayK

    He did come wit that heat tho.

  • Black Exodus

    YES, YES, YES…here we go! Cass in that Ass! Hip Hop…at it’s best! Feed Me more…I’m hungry! lol Again…Thank you Kendrick!

    • What’s crazy is that it was 6mins long & sounded like Cass cut it short!


      • Bumpy Johnson

        thats the krazy part bout it

    • j_pullia

      Real hip hop coming back!!!!

  • Themachineyou

    Kayos KeyiD – Ali (I am the Greatest) Resopnd to Kendrick Lamar’s Control verse.

    Hook – [ I am the Ali (3x) greatest ] (11 times)

    Verse 1

    Not born in the Mecca but i made my pilgrimage

    Hip to the hop Melle Mel, Bambaataa

    Bleed through my pen rap Alma mater

    Pouring out some liquor for my Jukebox

    Death to you sellouts on the tube box, mic check tool cocked

    Hip-Hop is the new Jazz, Rappers are the new Chaz Williams

    But sing more blues than Blake Williams, eat the crude up like Mycelium

    So we can save the babies from these streets filled with rabies

    Revolution is my grammar like A.Davis

    Tougher than Bats, harder than Louisville slugger, everybody home run Bkfull Dodgers

    One for the money, all for the party, gnarley.

    No contenders drop words like Judo, heavy ra ta tat tat boom like Bhuto

    I am true like Truedell, sacred geometry is all life fuel.

    Energy conscious grid, new life new well

    Could have never said i was a destitute poor

    Unfair advantage, leaped across, crossed that Atlantic systematic slaughter

    Call my flows ice or pristine water, no buck no quarters

    I am the full 100, you don’t want it, please get off that, where your boss at?

    Let me X that of the hit list and all that.

    I am the Man they bet upon, you the Devil with the Guillotine

    You like the Moon, I am the Sun, I am scorching

    Run your Jewels like a marathon often, walk through your hood where your body guard

    I come through shake hands with the locals, Kayos is focal, point out the plight

    Ja Rastafari I Ali.

    Verse 2

    Described as Ecstasy, control the grind stone, hustle every portion of it, use caution

    A cool fly kid, honnies try for his abortions.

    Toughest of tough guys nap for tried extortions.

    High no sky, fascinated with this life, scuffle through the lost scrolls

    Trying to find the scriptures where the rubber meets the road

    Connected as a Fetus via or by umbilical, spiritually hooked like Peter’s Basilica

    Not influenced by the whip lash miracle, indeed I rhyme empirical

    Burn a bag to meditate the past and lost secrets

    Thinking hard upon the last dynasties of Egypt

    Thinking should we form a legion, fusion with emerging markets

    Seeking closure, open brackets. Rhyming forever bring dime in like rackets

    Attorney tried to serve me, maneuver Mafioso, I did jobs in Jersey

    I am the best most certainly. My Outburst Bio-atomic Nuclear blast

    Paint me half Pablo, Paint me half Basquiat

    Paint master piece Matisse then off to war like Braque

    I found a piece of Hip-Hop, my life changed

    Chaos catastrophe, prophecy a dime game, nice name, nice lane

    Used to be for killers from the crack game, loop holed the price of fame, Gladiators die

    I am two times too liver than the nuisance who lied

    the people cant tell them apart from the new guy, no use for the futile

    New younger cats too wild, should I Suge Knight them?

    Should i send the Gods down to smite them?

    The black Bold pipe holders and Cojacks on radius

    Move you like Stokley Carmichael plus furious

    World change, seems from the barrel of rifle imperialist

    Sex change cycle deal with it with bally like Cali.

    • Tjzoo


      • Islamic_King

        LMAO! he got Boooo’d

  • Obi Won

    I mean….its Cassidy which is kind of expected quotes for days, but part of it sounds like it would’ve been part 2 for Meek Mill if he hoped out there again. Either way this is GREAT!!!

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Cass went beast mode.

  • Islamic_King

    Cass came with that heat but he didn’t out do Joell I would for those two to spar for real. -Alhamdulilah

  • illness

    I want to hear responses from the ones he named, not these other cats, especially not the veterans.

  • Tjzoo

    Cass sounds like always, Same ol punchlines, NEXT!

  • Thomas Smith

    Cassidy does what he’s been always good at…..battling verse for verse this is one of the responses that won’t get that type of notice….But then again Cassidy always puts niggas on notice easy….

  • Papi Peligro

    He almost did it. But personals just fell off.

  • Papi Peligro

    He did rip it.

  • j_pullia

    Cass still got it! One of the best at this battle shit. So nice

  • He gave props to KL, and Sounds like he talking to Meek.

  • RBG

    nice response. i’m loving this as long as it stays competitive and on wax. should be a pretty nice run of some good music.

  • Kemp

    Yea Cass ripped that one…he is one of the best battle rappers…but yea he was definitely coming at Meek Mills

  • James Thanos Bryant

    This is definitely not about Kendrick. LAME!!!

    • morAL

      Didnt he say wouldnt shine on a track with him on it (thats a dis)

      • Bumpy Johnson

        it def bout kendrick ud b krazy thinkin its not.

    • Taihair Djehuty

      He wasn’t aiming to diss K.Dot, it was just his response.

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  • brotha_man

    whoa!! nothing else to say about this

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    if you bastards doubt me…. im the kid n##ga ask about me…

  • JerZeBoy


  • BruceLeRoyGlow

    cassidy killed that tho…not sure if it was better than Ortiz though

  • mzz88

    Nothing but BARS!

  • dfwricwil

    Hard hitter……..

  • Belvy

    F n murdaaaaaaaaa

  • moonfromsoufcack

    DAMN!!! Joell’s response was better…but not by much! damn cass! real hiphop is back!

  • Nate-than


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  • Pickle

    Alright Cass!!

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