Hip-Hop Rumors: Kim, Kanye and Baby North Get Spotted!

Fam, Kanye’s pimp hand is strong. The rap god has shut down the papz and gossip bloggers super fast. Namely Perez Hilton! There were images of baby North West being carried by handler at an LA medical facility. And then they were gone. POOF.

Oh, but TMZ didn’t seem to care about all that – they got it. They have the images.

It was too much work to jack em so click here to see them.

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By the way, somebody needs to get their money back. Kim said she lost 50 pounds and sold the so-called post baby pics. We know this not to be true now. But, who cares. She just had a baby and last time I checked was a human. On top of that, I heard Yeezy is not sweating her to lose the weight? I guess juxing the media is a for trade.

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.


Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Who gives a rat’s ass shit.

    • Inmadopuroz

      I got the realest tight anus wanna try? hollerrrrr

  • johnblacksad

    oh, so now we just get the TMZ link? WTF?!

    • Inmadopuroz

      I can do tricks on that dick ps i was rmfag

  • DJ7

    Here y’all go with this bullsh*t…peooooooon….that’s the sound of hip hop heads leaving your site again

    • Inmadopuroz

      Are you hung? make me cum

  • junj03

    They took allot of pictures of that blanket….

    • Inmadopuroz

      I will suck your d!ck if you only let me

  • Schooly B

    Ok Illseed, I stopped myself earlier today from contacting Chuck and Greg about your blatant lack of care for your job when I saw that other post you made about one of your “adorning fans” giving you a lead on a story that wasn’t a story. But now this? I don’t mind the misleading titles of your stories. I’m a web developer, I know you are just trying to boost your click through rate. What I take offense to though is your lackadaisical approach to your work. You post content that is misspelled, improperly formated at times, and at other times just blatantly say f- it you’re just not going to do your job. It was too much work to save some images from a webpage? It was too much work just to right click on the images of a covered baby carrier and just use the image url as the image source? Really? You did it for the last image of Kim Kardashian. Thats not your image, that image is coming from the Vibe website database. But I understand that, AHH has a partnership with VIbe so legally thats probably kosher legally speaking. But, I have seen you post images from TMZ before. Images stamped with their logo. But this was an exclusive to them, so how about just saying TMZ exclusive heres the link? It makes you look like a professional blogger and not a professional idiot. I am done giving you passes. I’m coming for your head and your job homie. You are now on notice.

    • EL_BARK

      Dude illcoon used to be chuck. He owns the pen nsme & copyright to it.

      He had a regular writer at one point. The old illseed. But now he uses interns to write the rumors under his name…

      • Schooly B

        Yeah I know that. Illseed is like the Red Hood anyone can be him. But these tards should never be allowed to write a single word if this is what they produce. I take offense not because I am an arsehole but because I am a writer and I care about my craft, as they should.

  • timwest1000

    Kim K is fat all the way to her toes. Looks like she is crushing the pavement.

    • theKID


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