Just About Every Hilarious Kendrick Lamar Meme On One Epic Post!

What can you really say about this week, forever known as the week that Kendrick Lamar “dissed” no less than half of the rap nation. Some people took it personal, others dismissed it and quite a few acted like it never happened. (You can click here to see all the songs, responses, rumors and news on the whole fiasco.) But, there is another part of the “Control” and that part, the internet manages with a firm hand.


Memes have probably been the most entertaining part of the whole thing, and if you don’t know, we feel sorry for your mama. However, to make it easy, we have complied the best memes we’ve found online for your laughing pleasure. This is not all of them and they continue to be made so add the ones you have found in the comment section below. Yuck it up!

More on the way…LOL!

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39 Responses to “Just About Every Hilarious Kendrick Lamar Meme On One Epic Post!”

  1. j_pullia

    Get off this nigga’s dick already! Damn, shit overrated as hell. Of all the hot shit niggas have wrote, yall clingy hoe ass niggas is running with this sub-par shit!

  2. $28825362

    I’m not getting the hype behind this verse. K Dot is nice but the verse wasn’t as crazy as ya’ll making it seem.

    • Dubz

      It’s crazy because when was the last type a rapper…who called out names…pretty much said step your bars up. That is what made this verse hot….It reminds me of when 50 came out…Ja Rule was singing on his records and 50 shut that ish down…or when Jay-Z put out DOA and got everybody to stop auto tunning. That is where the hype comes from. We all wanted these rappers to step their game up….and Kdot (being a top guy in the game right now) called everybody out.

      • dizzybrown

        50 ain’t shut Ja’s style down. He did the exact same thing on his songs. Niggas got short term memory.

      • $11625525

        And Lil’ Wayne and Drake are still plugged into auto-tune.

      • wallace

        I think it was mostly the feds who attacked Murder inc that lead to the end of Ja Rule’s career… looking back at it, after the biggest part of the beef passed, Ja still came out with “New York” and the record was hot. So I’m not convinced that 50 is the main reason why Ja’s career went south

      • Jeff

        50 definitely didn’t shut Ja’s style down. The Feds shut Murder Inc down & everyone wanted to hear something different other then Ja since he was on every damn song on the radio. But its funny how rappers sing their own hooks now after Ja started doing it. And I don’t think Jay-Z shut the auto tune down either, people started turning away from the auto tune before Jay put that song out.

        Artists who make it to the top only have so long before someone new comes along & takes that place.

      • Peter Morris

        50 didn’t shut Ja down? Your name says Jeff.. Jeffrey Atkins is that you?

      • j_pullia

        Agreed, but he’s calling out niggas who don’t need to step up their game. He name dropping other lyrical MC”s. Call out wack ass rappers

      • $28825362

        Thank you… I was thinking the same thing. If he called out real wack rappers by name then I would be like damn dude went in. But everyone he name is putting in good work.

      • Michael

        There’s always room for improvement. Even Michael Jordan still went to practice with rings on his fingers. Let’s not let hip-hop be “good enough.”

      • $28825362

        practice…practice, so we talkin bout practice!
        We not talking bout the game we talkin bout practice.
        practice…practice, not the game I go out there and die for, but practice. We sittin here talkin bout practice… practice man… practice.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        They sure didn’t. As a matter of fact more people are doing it now then they were before that song dropped.

      • wallace

        The only guy abusing auto-tune is basically Future these days, it’s nothing like what it was back in 07-08.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Lol you must not listen to hip hop and r&b. Pretty much every singer that can’t really sing uses that shit. Lil Durk, Chief keef, rich homie quan, Tahiry, (yes joe budden’s Tahiry) T pain, lil wayne, Drake, Nick… scratch that… HALF OF YOUNG MONEY, snoop dogg, Jamie Foxx… I could go on and on if you like lol.

      • LiddyBug86

        Yeah than 50 wack ass. Started singing on every song after that! And niggas still using Auto tunes! So bad examples!

  3. johnblacksad

    “Kendrick’s verse is ight but remember when I called you a Tae Bo Ho?” LMAO!!!!

    that and Big Sean’s “That wasn’t the verse we agreed on”

  4. $11625525

    People saying the verse wasn’t hot, I think he threw down the gauntlet and if it wasn’t hot, let’s see how hot your favourite rapper is when they respond.

  5. NCcatsBALLhard

    It ain’t about the verse its about the impact of the verse…
    When’s the last time hip hop heads got this hype about a verse? When’s the last time a verse caused rappers to check themselves?

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