Just About Every Hilarious Kendrick Lamar Meme On One Epic Post!


What can you really say about this week, forever known as the week that Kendrick Lamar “dissed” no less than half of the rap nation. Some people took it personal, others dismissed it and quite a few acted like it never happened. (You can click here to see all the songs, responses, rumors and news on the whole fiasco.) But, there is another part of the “Control” and that part, the internet manages with a firm hand.


Memes have probably been the most entertaining part of the whole thing, and if you don’t know, we feel sorry for your mama. However, to make it easy, we have complied the best memes we’ve found online for your laughing pleasure. This is not all of them and they continue to be made so add the ones you have found in the comment section below. Yuck it up!

More on the way…LOL!