Hip-Hop Rumors: Foxy Addresses Rumors Of Joining Wiz Khalifa

I don’t know what this chick is going to do, but Foxy Brown aka The Brown Fox seems to have enough relevance that the house that Wiz built is interested. On the flip side, she never mentioned them by name. So, check out the previous rumor I wrote for that, if you missed it.

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“There have been offers, of course. I’ve only been signed to one label my entire career, which is Def Jam. “My bar is set so high that any label that I go to now has to be an incredible situation for me — financially and spiritually. I’m on this whole maturation journey; I’m a different person. I just picked the mic back up,” she revealed. ” ‘Bandz Up’ was the first record that I did.” – MTV

Now, Foxy is working on a new album called, Bandz Up. I don’t know if she’s still on Def Jam at all, but I suggest she run with that deal with Wiz even if its a 360 Raping You Records situation. Lemons become lemonade these days!

RELATED: Hip-Hop Rumors: Foxy Addresses Rumors Of Joining Wiz Khalifa

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.


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9 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Foxy Addresses Rumors Of Joining Wiz Khalifa”

  1. Thenatural503

    What these rappers from the 90’s need to learn is that if you haven’t been putting out constant hit’s since the 90’s you’re done. Unless you had a serious movement like the Wu you can’t take years off and expect anyone to buy your records or go to your shows or give a shit about you.

    Today’s teenagers don’t care about Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand. Foxy and Kim could squash their beef and try to make a duo album and they wouldn’t even sell 100k. It’s a wrap. The only chance they have is if someone like Lil Wayne who has the masses of white kids loving his music did 3 singles in a row with her or Kim.

    • krow132

      well I wouldn’t say its a wrap, Look at Juicy J. You can make it happen but you gotta work and these artist dont want to put in the work.

      You gotta hit that studio, drop some mixtapes and hit the road. thats the only way. Your name doesn’t mean the same unless you put work behind it

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