Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar Breaks Through To Platinum

(AllHipHop News) Was it the recent controversy that took Kendrick Lamar over the top?

Nevertheless, the Compton rapper has made a big leap as his major label debut, good kid, m.A.A.d city, has been certified platinum.

SoundScan reports that the opus has moved a total of 1,002,000 units.

The album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and held the second slot on the big Billboard 200 when it dropped last November.

It pushed 241,000 copies during its first week.
Kendrick Lamar has largely been quiet since Big Sean released his song “Control,” where Kendrick called out several of his peers and proclaimed himself the “King of New York.”

  • taj fryar

    In the words of Lebron…Bout Dam Time!!

  • ddsdavey

    Congrats to Kendrick,in a world of free downloads this is one huge achievement!

  • Global_Mission

    Good Look Kendrick!

  • $18916246


  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    GKMC went plat 2 months ago…

    • andone

      that might have been for units SHIPPED… i “think” this is for units SOLD?

      • NEWSKULL


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  • J.Erick

    Congrats Kendrick

  • LiddyBug86


  • johnblacksad

    Totally deserved!

    The work this kid has put in already is incredible… I like that you can tell he takes his hip hop craft very seriously… he’s been overly dedicated!


      Yep… VERY seriously and from the start… And I bet a lot of people didn’t know what the deal was… With all the buzz surrounding the “control” verse, I knew more people were going to check his previous work… Niggas responding but Kendrick is snatching their fans… ain’t that a bitch! lmao…

  • andone

    the recipe, swimming pools, poetic justice & dont kill my vibe were great singles that all played a part… not to mention the fv(kin probs ft. and the fact that homie only needed a few k to hit this mark b4 his control verse…

    point is even if he didnt spit on that track it was still gonna happen… so jus give the cred where its due regardless of all the b.s!

    sidenote: im not even feelin that “control” song and wasnt impressed by anyone on it… in fact the moment i heard about it the first quote that came to mind was from a legendary east coast act and it goes a lil somthin like this…


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  • southside4lyfe

    Im sorry but Papoose killed this nigga. I can’t feel kendrick shit and niggaz keep saying he something like tupac well if this is the new tupac hip hop is doomed cause kendrick is a soft nigga

    • trues

      Sorry no one cares about papoose what has he done to make him a factor at all his name wasn’t called out by kendrick so why are you responding all the rappers I’ve seen respond with a song is people he did not name and they all are rappers who need attention cause outside their response song no one is checking for them

  • sink

    Sorry, who is Papoose? I’m serious. Stop bringing up irrelevant rappers like their disses mean something. Kendrick is a star. Only a star’s response matters.

  • BigHomie337

    Lol. Yea ok. I wonder how many albums they went out and brought so he could be platinum? Kendrick is an ok rapper that’s being over hyped and its crazy. Now his fanboys are all in their feelings because Papoose and Buddens ripped him on their response. All I’m hearing is, they irrelevant and looking for attention. Smh. So because try aren’t hit they shouldn’t respond? Hip hop has always been competitive so them responding was within the culture. Just because they don’t get records played on the radio doesn’t mean those dudes can’t spit.

    • a b

      Sounds like you’re the one in your feeling. Real talk!

  • grabo2003

    K.Dot stays winning…..don’t know y NY artists mad at Kendrick when almost every rapper have said they are the best, your favourite rapper favourite rapper etc one doesn’t have to say the exact words of ”i am the king of both coasts” for people to react, they say it everyday just not in those specific words. K.Dot made u look!!!

  • Shit Just Got Real

    its not that Kendrick’s verse was overrated or lyrical its just what he said in it that brought the hype I mean him saying I wanna take your fans made already non-popular or irrelevant artists like *cough Papoose feel hella sour..i never even hear a dude until now..

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