Trina Performs “Moment 4 Life”, Nicki Minaj Reacts (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards in New York last night (August 22nd) showcased the true potential of Hip Hop unity in a touching moment between Nicki Minaj and Trina. The 15 year veteran paid homage to Nicki by performing her hit single “Moment 4 Life”.

Trina even resembled Nicki aesthetically, donning a blonde wig and pink dress while performing the single from Nicki’s 2010 debut album Pink Friday.

Not long after, Nicki expressed her enthusiastic approval of Trina’s “Moment 4 Life” rendition:


Check out Trina perform -Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life” below:

  • Nervz

    Cool and all, but shouldn’t she be preforming her own music…. I guess her new album coming out cant be that good if she chose to do a Nicki song instead of preforming her own. Interesting…
    If it was for a special award to Nicki or something I would understand, if not she should get her material out because no one is going to promote her like that.

  • Thenatural503

    So this is how far the rap game has fallen? Artist are now performing 3 year old songs as a tribute to someone who’s done exactly what again? One hit album?

    • ★Crooked_Smile★

      2 HIT ALBUMS…..Hottest female MC period…..money wise and fame wise….and Broken records all over the globe…….so yeah there you go…HATING does not look good on yah

      • Thenatural503

        I didn’t even know she had 2 albums. Hottest female MC period? What’s her competition exactly?

      • ★Crooked_Smile★

        Lets back track a bit…when i say Hottest Female MC Period……I mean she as a Female MC accomplished more than any other female MC in history….her success lvl is way higher globally…and a hater like you cant take that away from her and u no it….And as for her competition idk if you know it or not but these chicks have been trying to come back but Nicki Minaj have this shit on lock……just look at eve didn’t release an album nobody really knew about????

      • Thenatural503

        How many of those singles that sold her record were hip hop records? Because she raps now and then she’s considered an MC? That’s like calling drake the hottest MC….

      • Pierre Elliott



      • NO ONE CARES? funny how here records top the charts EVERY single time…But according to you no one cares….You dudes need to travel more, just because your block don’t respect Nicki doesn’t mean the whole world feels the same way.

      • brotha_man

        there are true female MCs that would ether nikki. but like jay said ” I wanna rhyme like Common Sense (But I did five Mil) I ain’t been rhyming like Common since”

      • THATGUY

        someone’s ALWAYS better than someone else. What’s ur point? That doesn’t take away from Nicki’s abilities or her success so back off with the hate and learn to salute

      • brotha_man

        so where does nikki rank artist wise or MC wise? Cause she doesnt even crack my top 10.

      • THATGUY

        it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t crack YOUR top 10, when it’s 10 thou, 10 mill, or even 10 people who’s list she does crack. My point is don’t come on a post discussing an artist you don’t like being honored to speak negatively. For what? Where’s the logic? If u don’t like the way something taste, DONT EAT IT lol.

        And for mainstream Female MC’s(especially considering she write her own stuff)
        She ranks top 5.
        A. She’s displayed tongue twister moments & has shown capabilities of speed rapping

        B. Her raps are flooded with slang (understood by streets)
        C. Her raps are flooded with double entendres
        D. She’s one of the ONLY rappers (male or female) to write an extended metaphor and make it into a song
        E. Metaphors flood her songs
        F. Very new authentic flows for a female rapper
        G. Punchlines in almost every verse
        H. capable of putting emotions into her voice while spitting if necessary to give the listener the intended effect.
        I. great incorporation of street & pop culture knowledge into lyrics.

        These things qualify her as a beast MC.

        She has faults as well tho

        A. She can be very redundant in topics
        B. Only recently has perfected the craft of riding a beat (creating a flow that matches the style of the song leading up to her part)
        C. She doesn’t show her vulnerability as much anymore

        D. Can sometimes jump off course from where the verse initially started in topic.

      • THATGUY

        Funny how these “no one”‘s really are a sorry bunch of hating nobodies. He claims no one cares when clearly they do the way this comment section just flooded with her haters….

      • Matt Swan

        She is not an MC by any means. Successful yes. She knew where to market herself to and it was a spot that most rappers wouldn’t even touch….the LGBT. She also marketed herself to white America so that brings along another round of success. As far as accomplishments go, the MC’s of yesteryear didn’t have to do each others songs as a sign of respect and accomplishment, it was a given IF you earned it. You have folks today reciting Rakims verses, you WON’T hear Rakim reciting ANYONE’S raps. Nikki’s 15min is coming to an end because she hasn’t done anything to change herself from when she started to now. Shakin a 100K ass and 50K breasts with high pitched rhymes will only get you so far. And really none of he albums lived up to the hype and promotion. Proof in point is Roman Reloaded. Nikki to stay relevant in an industry that prides itself in the ability to market to the young is to reinvent yourself. She hasn’t and I don’t think she will. If she went and became the battle rapping Nikki of old, she’d get more respect from the black community, but there is really no money in it. She was a sensation and a hit but like lil wayne rhymes both are old and quite stale at this point

      • THATGUY

        Don’t say that man…Nic IS the Queen right now of Hip Hop. & those others ARE trying to come back, but let’s remebmber that it’s because of Nicki that they’re trying to return. To breath more life into the body they let die. Nicki made the heart start back beating and they want to be the breath to keep it alive

      • So_Disrespectful_

        ★Crooked_Smile Co-Sign.

      • brotha_man

        MC? no. Money wise? yes. every thing else u said i agree. but MC wise no way

        Jean Grae, rapsody, angel haze, and rah digga are far better MCs, just to name a few

      • THATGUY

        Angel Haze is not better than Nicki now….WHAT are u basing that off of? Tell me what’s the best verse u heard from Nic that makes u say that….

      • brotha_man

        lyrically. haze is dope.

      • THATGUY

        I never said she wasn’t. I know she’s got talent. But to say she’s lyrically better than Nicki is a blatant opinion based lie…..And you still haven’t answered a question that can solve a slew of answers for ur disdain for Nicki. What’s the best verse u heard from her……..

      • brotha_man

        the best nikki verse i heard was her flow in NY- dirty money

        ” Way I ride the drum they salute me in the slumIn the 6 hun the color of bubble gum
        I’m with my nigga Spits and my nigga, Bun Crum (waddup!)
        Yes, I’m the one, I’m the motherf***in’ one (chyeah!)
        Hold more weight than the late Big Pun (oh!)
        Bitches talk slick, but they ain’t say nun (no!)
        Mad ’cause I’m bad, 2 sticks in my bun (chyeah!)
        Yes, sir, look what I’ve done
        They r-run, run when I come
        Bum-stickity-bum, let me tell ’em where I’m from
        Queens, little mama, Gabbana, some nice pumps (chyeah!)

      • THATGUY

        ……you’ve got to be kidding me…..THAT’s the best you’ve heard? Maybe it’s just that you liked her unrefined style. Her EXTREME NY rap style.

        That’s why you don’t like her bruh. you haven’t heard the right thing.

        I think her best verse is from a song called up in flames

        “Anyway lil nigga don’t Test da kidd…
        Even Maury Povich coundlt test the kid…
        Even R Kelly couldn’t TOUCH the kid,
        And even with all your BARS you couldn’t TEXT da kidd.

        Gotta pool that I never even swam in
        Airports that you bitches never land in.
        They be like “Whatchu doing Nicki”?
        Suck a COCKpit, prepare for landing
        I’m Brandon,(continued play on the word branding)

        I aint talking bout Priestly
        I keep a Sniper! I aint talking bout Wesly(snipes)
        …..Why deze bitches so pressed, B?

        Open my trunk, all I gotta do is press B(beats headphones)
        I’ma violate yall asses like Chris Stokes
        I’m in San Trope on a big boat
        On my way to make a billi(billly) Like a big G.O.A.T
        Pull my dick out case u bitchies get a slick throat”

        Explain to me why this is not hot? Please…I’m begging you for this

      • brotha_man

        yeah thats the best. nikki is just not high on my list. clearly she is yo fav. but as far as female MC’s go, right now Jean Grae is and always will be my fave female MC….next to lauryn hill.
        1. lauryn hill
        2. jean grae
        3. rapsody

        Honorable mention:

        dessa (underground artist from MN). thats my list

        end of story

      • THATGUY

        And I can respect that.

        You like who you like.
        But you can do better than going around attacking her credibility as an artist or an mc when the hottest verse you heard from her is a 5 year old song she made as a NEW rapper….that’s far too biased.
        I’m not gonna say she’s the best female lyricist because there is ALWAYS a better to the best…But her combination of skills, business savvy intellect, & crossover appeal makes her Queen of this new era. We don’t have to like it. But the girl has earned it & is feeding her family from it.

        I love Lauryn Hill. But I’d NEVER compare her & Nicki as MC peers. Not only the artistry gap, but their topics are vastly different, their delivery, flow, styles of lyricism…All different.

        It’s like comparing mustard & ketchup. Appreciate them each for what they are. I don’t like mustard. I’ve tried it enough to KNOW i don’t like it. But I don’t go around telling everybody I don’t like mustard….
        Jean Grae is dope…i know her stuff.

        But I’m curious to know whose your top 10 mainstream mc’s bcuz except for lauryn. The others are underground

      • brotha_man

        im more of an underground fan then mainstream.

        no order:
        2. KRIT
        Brotha Ali
        earl sweatshirt
        1. Freddie Gibbs
        joey badass
        Doomtree records (all artist)
        rhyme sayers (all artist)

      • THATGUY

        yelawolf? really lol? what u hear that i don’t?! lmfao


      3 year old song? NUMEROUS age groups enjoyed Moment for life. stfu hater


      I am telling you man!….SUPEEEEEER EPIC FAIL OF THE CENTURY!…. And I am talking about NICKI…

      Ok FIRST OF ALL… Why people don’t even mention EVE when they talk about Female rappers?…. in terms of WHOLE package even what she is accomplished in her career…. NICKI MINAJ can’t fRuck with EVE!… TODAY TOMORROW NEVER!… And NICKI knows it… She never had the guts to talk shit or even mention her name….

      TRINA was just way too thirsty, she is having a hard time out there… But she had BILLS to pay and she want that Mainstream Love….that’s the only reason why she would do such thing…

      BUT Beyond all that NICKI GOT ZERO CLASS!… NICKI know DAMN WELL she doesn’t deserve this HONOR… She is out there talking about secure, confident and shit… Get the Fruck outta here!….

      When someone like Trina comes to you and let you know that’s what I am about to do, the VERY LEAST you can do is perform with her on stage…. NOW that’s CLASS aka Equal Mutual Respect aka MOMMA RAISED A LADY!…. AND FRUCK BIRDMAN to allow that shit…. the youngnz will stay the youngnz they want it faster…. but BIRDMAN YOU Know better!… LOWER THAN LIFE!…

  • JimJames29

    AHH once again your editor seems to be asleep, the correct headline should be
    ‘Trina Dickrides Nicki Minaj, performs “Moment 4 Life”; Nicki Minaj Reacts (VIDEO)’

  • brotha_man

    they act like Queen latifah, Mc Lyte, lauryn hill, missy elliott, da brat, jean grae, rah digga, roxanne shante, nonchalant, conscious daughters, salt and peppa, and yo-yo didnt set the bar for you bunch of ungrateful female rappers. broads these days….even oakland 357 had some decent hits. damn! made me dig in the crates for these names.


    • brotha_man

      at least showcase a legend….names provided in my previous comment.

    • Those female rappers got the credit they deserve already…Why are hip-hop fans always stuck in the past?

      • brotha_man

        im just saying the need to keep getting their due. they get their respect with ol school hip hop fans although im under 29 years of age. among my peers they couldnt name on song from the names mentioned above, with exceptions from lauryn, da brat and missy.

        Nikki has not reached cover band status IMO.
        which ones have got the credit aside lauryn, lyte, queen, missy, salt and pepper, and maybe roxanne?

      • THATGUY

        Don’t discredit the future by holding on to the past tho……That’s wrong. Those ladies HAVE gotten credit. They can still get it, but why are we putting black entertainers on pedistals white folks don’t put theres on?

        Do you hear people telling Katy Perry she sux bcuz she isn’t kissing Madona, Cher, & the @$$ of everyone before her? Everyone has a time. Let the present live for the present & the future & appreciate THAT! Stay in the past if u want but stop hating the future for what’s already gone

      • brotha_man

        what they do in there genre is there biz im a hiphop head and its nice to see the hiphop leaders of yesterday continue to get shine. ur basically saying dont study history cause it is about today forget about the pioneers that paved the way.

        you dont see nas doing jay-z songs, but u will see nas paying homage to slick rick.
        but hey if the youngin’s want to hear trina doing nikki, than i respect that. but for me i would have nice to see her to do salt and peppa, mc lyte, lauryn hill or da brat.

      • THATGUY

        there business….it’s everyone who loves musics business.

        It’s a more sensible genre bcuz their older artists dont look to shit on the new ones. Hip hop is a new genre and should take from professional elements of the genres before it in this case because fans like you keep stirring a pot that has no need to be touched. Appreciate BOTH for what they are. They CAN get shine. Know why? When I hear J. Cole say Jay Z influence him & I think J. Cole is legit, GUESS what I’m gone do as a new school listener…..LOOK UP that guy’s music and become a fan of his stuff. It’s never about forgetting history. It’s about appreciating the future and NOT letting the past kill the future, which is what you’re doing by discrediting artists of the NOW. Of course Nas won’t do a Jay Z song…they had one of the most intense beefs in hip hop. And they’re equals more than that in regard to both having their prime around the same time. Those ladies have been represented and they live on through today’s femcees….Respect old & new is all i’m saying

      • Matt Swan

        If you don’t know your past….you are doomed to repeat it. In this case I think it’s past due. it would be nice to see a rapper make a video where he doesn’t use sex or a woman who’s fake body parts cost more than my house, and for a female rapper to use her rapping skills to make her presence known rather than using their bodies as the centerpiece.

      • THATGUY


        because Nicki didn’t gain RENOWNED fame for killing legends JAY Z & KANYE WEST on their song?

        Because Nicki didn’t chart more than ANY other femcee alive (because of high demand of her lyricism & the power behind the name she’s established?)

        Exactly what are u getting at? I get what ur saying about sex, but Nic sells both sex & talent. Unfortunately sex overshadows that for you bcuz ur unaccustomed to listening to her nonsexual music

      • Matt Swan

        Seriously? I listen to Hip Hop old and new. I don’t need to see or hear about how big your a$$ is or how many light skinned women you can shove in a video and claim to have hit. Nikki is based off the fantasy of a black Barbie….FANTASY. She had her body augmented as such and used that to sell her music. Her rhymes are not thought provoking unless you have low standards in rap, are a tween, or like she said some dude googling her a$$. Ross is also as fake. Listen to the cypher and when she goes in she goes in…HARD! Listen to the crap she puts on the radio and it’s just that….crap to sell. If charting records makes you a GOAT then she can have it, all of them can. I don’t care. What I want are rhymes that make sense, tell a story, and make me feel the same way the artist felt when the rhyme was first spit in the booth. That is Hip Hop to me. And many of the GOATs haven’t had success in the sales dept, they did what they did for the love of the beat and the quest for the best rhyme. “bcuz ur unaccustomed to listening to her nonsexual music”? What?

      • THATGUY

        Just be quiet.
        It’s about diversity. Everything doesn’t need to be about struggle or love. Party music is fun! Boastful music is FUN! Get over urself. Just bcuz u and this fake group of wanna-be zealots don’t appreciate what she brings to hip hop doesn’t give u the right to take that away from those who do appreciate it. If u don’t like it, stay away from it. It’s that simple. There’s no reason to hate what u don’t understand. Because tbh, that’s all it boils down to. Bandwaggoned hate & a severe lack of understanding. You haven’t HEARD her thought provoking rhymes bcuz you CHOOSE to listen to her songs that AREN’T meant to be thought provoking….TELL ME, WHAT nonsexual song have u heard from Nicki Minaj? Tell me….When u do, maybe we can restart this conversation without you having that bias on your shoulder. You’ve clearly only heard one style from her & you’re lazily choosing to hold that against her instead of looking for the depth(which is fine) But don’t ruin it for everyone else bcuz u hate her

      • DJ7

        Get over it already…few are checking for her lyrics and her “talent” is being overshadowed by the obvious…Matt hit the nail on the head and for you to continue to hammer your points seems a bit suspect for a dude…where are all the young ladies running to her defense…hmmm…must tell you something when her only defenders are a couple of gay guys…knock it off and pull your skirt down homeboy…you gets 0 points on here for that

      • THATGUY

        are u the one whose suspect? since when does a man defending a woman’s honor make him suspect? It’s more suspect for a man to spend time BASHING a woman….It’s definitely a bitch made decision to invest time on a blog about someone u don’t like anyway. I’m not looking from points from a dumb @$$ dude who where’s blinders to facts. Tell me one thing that I said that wasn’t fact in backing what my argument was. If u can’t then stfu nigga

      • DJ7

        Didn’t bash slim one bit lil buddy…Matt was on point with his assessments, I agreed…you on the other hand, have went over and beyond attacking EVERY comment in opposition of yours…*newsflash* this is the comment section and contrary to your belief, everyone is not gonna share your viewpoint as it is evident here and for you to overextend yourself challenging those that don’t, sorry to inform you b.u.t. are feminine like qualities champ, point ____. You’re looking to argue with facts that mean donuts to real hip hop heads…0 lil buddy…not pop…not rap…real hip hop heads…there is a difference…That being said, this will be my last correspondence with you regarding this topic because I see the direction you’re heading in and I refuse to go back and forth on something as trivial as this with some RANDOM ass poster on AHH…yeah I said RANDOM…get your panties out of a bunch and try your best to have a good day because we’re done here…champ

      • THATGUY

        “real hip hop heads”…..nigga u not qualified if u take facts & accomplishments out of the equation to be biased for what you believe in. I don’t mind people having different viewpoints, but I’m very curious about what they’re based on bcuz rather u believe it or not, most of Minaj’s haters are bandwagonning simple minded blind tards that hate her bcuz the next person does. & when i challenge what they don’t like about her & end up with no answers, media fed lies, or extreme misunderstandings, I try to guide them to pieces of that music they claim she doesn’t represent that they simply haven’t heard. And AGAIN I say, it’s more feminine for a dude to be on a post talking $hit about something he don’t like than it is for a man to defend something he likes. You have a good day urself and try to get a mind of ur own or at least be able to develop a proper argument of your own that are based off more than the opinions of others that you’ve taken for your own & a claim of being real hip hop. Niggaz like u dont know what real hip hop is if u discredit an artist based off of MERE OPINIONS instead of facts….

      • DJ7

        Look champ…not going to be any more of your so called “niggas” if you want to play the disrespect card you need to back up off the GOD and find a like minded fool to continue your discourse with…as for not being qualified???? You have no earthly clue to whom you’re speaking to little fella…I’ve been in the game since ’76 and if I say real hip hop, I’m not basing nor formulating my opinion because Joe Smoe says so, it’s because I, unlike your young ass, have lived it and living it…been involved with some of the most memorable events in the history of hip hop…If anyone has been bamboozled into riding the Minaj train or any other rapper that has to be defended by numbers, you’re guilty as charged…the same “media” you claim manufacturers lies pertaining to her is the same “media” that brainwashed millions into buying into her gimmick in the 1st place….as for my distaste for her…I don’t like being handled…you won’t dictate to me who’s hot by force feeding me sh*t I didn’t ask for nor want…her voice is nasally and irritation regardless of what she’s spitting…can’t make it past the voice, she’s a self centered, self hating arrogant black woman that panders to white suburbanites for exceptance and monetary gain and a detriment to all young black girls who look up to and aspire to be like her…if that’s what you support…I pity you lil fella b.u.t. don’t cry foul when/if you have a daughter/niece/cousin that feels she has to change her natural self because it’s not good enough….that just scratches the surface b.u.t. I don’t feel the need to continue because that should be enough for any self respecting black individual to divulge b.u.t. since I’m dealing with an emotionally wounded duck like yourself, common sense ain’t so common….I’ve already wasted enough time on you…we’re done here…reply at your own choice b.u.t. expect no reply back young’n

      • THATGUY

        Oh my bad, I assumed that this conversation was open to disrespect seeing how you’ve now twice questioned my manhood without a legitimate reason. I apologize if nigga was INSENSITIVE of me to say to you. I haven’t been bamboozled in anyway shape or form. I’m EXTREMELY unbiased to ALL of the various forms of hip hop. Old, golden era, new, experimental. All of it. In fact, I initially disliked Nicki because I thought she was all over the place in her verses, i didn’t understand her HEAVY NY slang, & i hated her high pitched voice. I was unadjusted to something new because I was used to the old. Especially for Femcees she was comparable too like Fox or Kim who did the deep voice thing. The media had nothing to do with her growing on me though because I KNOW the power the media has over the public that makes them incapable of thinking for themselves. She grew on me because I eventually grew accustomed to the tone of her voice and paid more attention to the lyrics, which after all weren’t so bad but required a bit of research on NY slang to understand. Once I understood, I watched her grow into a better lyricist.

        And for someone claiming not to bash her, you sure went into a hateful rant at the end lol “self hating”, “self centered”, “detriment to black girls”? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you knew her personally to make these ignorant foolish claims.

        And when I have a daughter, I’ll be sure to raise her not to look up to celebrities. I’ll be sure to RAISE her instead of depending on a celeb to do so. I pity YOUR kids that you’d even say that lol. Whose raising them? The streets? Beyonce lol? It’s funny that I’M the emotional duck when you, the guy whose PRETENDED to be more masculine, has now become a bitch in trying to pull down the victory of a woman whose ambition, passion, & level you could never dream to reach. I don’t WANT a reply back because at this point you’ve proven yourself biased, CONFUSED(both about your sexuality & hip hop I’d say), & incapable of pulling together a factual decent argument. Have a nice life…I’ll pray for your daughters

      • Pierre Elliott







        thats what he is saying , thats IF YOU were listening.

      • THATGUY

        B!T*H getcho fu(king pu$$y a$$ off my $hit nigga….FU(K ya life bruh.
        You invalidated EVERYTHING within the first couple sentences…From what
        yo dumb a$$ saying, Tupac, Kendrick, Drake, J.Cole or anybody else from
        NY aren’t real hip hop. Shutcho REAL stupid f@gget a$$ up ya punk a$$
        go listen to a professor u uneducated crab a$$ (unt

      • Pierre Elliott

        wow. yeah you are as stupid as the music you listen to.

        and im not even from NY. i live there though now.

        youre just another NY hater.

      • DJ7

        I knew it was only a matter of time before he exposed himself and hit the gas full throttle with a childlike rant…reeking of estrogen I might add…what grown straight man you know would actually take time out of his day to study a female’s lyrics that aren’t deep to begin with, whose voice they don’t necessarily like & even take it a step further by researching terminology to overstand said lyrics to get a better appreciation for an artist that has to grow on them? How does one grow on you if not by being heavily influenced by outside forces?…the same forces he claims to be against…*shoulder shrugs*…the hyprocracy alone in his post is mind boggling….and to say I’m confused???? He is definitely #2 trying his best to be a #3 in your previous post…smh @ this new emo generation

      • Pierre Elliott

        i co sign

  • John Q. Public

    not enough booty in this video

  • $18916246

    The chariot before the horse?……

  • Pierre Elliott



  • You all need to kick rocks…….For once we have females rappers coming together, like Foxy and Nicki, now Trina and all you dudes do is bash……I respect this, it’s rear that you see female rappers united…. Fu#k and your comments about their looks, and reputation, and everything else that is negative.

  • Jonny

    So I basically attend a TRINA concert to watch her preform Nicki Minaj songs? Cute



    You’re petty!

    Would a big sister refuse to show love to her little sister because of an age difference? NO!

    How is this any different?

    is it that yall aren’t used to peple showing love in the entertainment
    industry because it’s more entertaining to be catty, selfish, & hold
    an agenda for everything! Get a life.

    I salute Trina for being real enough to NOT CARE about ur judgments.

    knew what people would say but because her love came from a genuine
    place(since she’s one of the only 2 female mc’s to show love to nic
    before mainstream success) . Trina is humble and sweet af! She not
    showing love for an agenda, she doing it bcuz she appreciates what Nic
    has done for female rap!

    • Exactly.

    • Pierre Elliott


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  • brotha_man

    talent show type ‘ish

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    good stuff another win for hiphop !!

  • BullsFan4Life29

    Shouldn’t Trina be working on coming out with a new album soon? One would think she would be pumped to come out with a new album since the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals.