Kendrick Lamar: I Found Papoose's "Control" Response Laughable

(AllHipHop News) Kendrick Lamar phoned in to Hot 97’s The Realness and talked to Peter Rosenberg about his controversial “Control” verse and the response around it.

Kendrick stated he did not hear any word back from the MC’s he named and does not expect any problems:

I didnt hear from nobody but I wasn’t worried it’d affect relationships. At the end of the day, if you listen to the line I feel like these are cats that  inspire the game. They aspire to be the best just like I feel. If they’re competitive and respect the culture of Hip Hop I don’t think there should be any ill feel they have towards me.

He named Los’ “Control” verse as his favorite and called Papoose’s response comical:

I thought it was comical. Had me laughing. I respect the game and I understand when opportunity presents itself you have to make it work for yourself. It was the perfect opportunity to go out there and make a response and get that buzz. He got that buzz going for himself.

Kendrick says he spoke with Diddy and Jay Z but said that information was “confidential”.

While Kendrick does not feel any ill will is felt on his part in regards to the response he does fear some violence could erupt from his “Control” verse:

There will never be like that again where two coasts rival. Not on my behalf.  Not while I’m doing this. I think the OG’s want that competitive nature back and no bloodshed. I’m way too wise and way too polished to not get caught up in the hype of the media. But what I’m scared of are cats not that polished that get caught up in what their Twitter responses are saying and what their homies are saying trying to gas them up

Check out the full 20 minute interview below:

  • 7yoyo7

    Despite his last album (which was mediocre) Papoose has a good catalog of music with strong bars.
    BUT his Control response made it sound like he was hurt and took it way too personal…. He recorded a diss instead of a lyrical response.

    • Super_Hero

      His album is actually good. A lot better then I expected. He has concepts which is missing in todays music. Though the one with wifey was horrible.

    • pap has that sometimes flow, sometimes is on and dope, and then sometimes its off and wack. he got sometimes flow

  • dee

    cassidy response was my favorite ijs

    • KJB

      Lupe’s was my favorite.

    • awwww how cute

      • brotha_man

        i drank Natual Ice once that $hit nasty, but not as bad as that Steel reserve

      • Celz

        211 Steel Reserve will have you committin a 211.. Might as well drink hot E&J shots..

      • its cheap

      • cheap and ratchet

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  • brotha_man

    cass response probably made him cry. I think he just ended fabs career calling his response laughable

    • cdj313

      He called paps response laughable… not fab

      • brotha_man

        Idiot of the day goes to me tried to change but the website was acting ratchet, or the crown royal had me not giving a flying f@ck. either way both pap and fab Ethered themselves. Fab for holding a press conference on why he choose not to respond. And pap for feeling like he had to rep for ny by taking it too far

      • Celz

        If it was Crown Royal I’ll give you a pass if you give me a shot lol

      • brotha_man

        brotha man always shares

    • LilRonTheGod

      King Los and Fab are two different niggas

    • J.Erick


    • BigHomie337

      Nigga u dumb

    • i seen people dumber then you….

  • brotha_man

    cass was the best. now papoose bout to really unleash some $hit for lamar. *edge of my seat $hit*

    • Celz

      King Los easily had the best verse.. Joelz easily second.. Cas killed it tho..

      • Trap Bundy had the best verse, dude is a problem!!!

  • Malik

    What has Hip-Hop become?

    What’s with all these lame excuses/passes on these boards?

    You served up bars claiming to be king and like you’ve got the right to claim anything in Hip-Hop, so does anyone who feels aggrieved about your claims. He/she has the right to come at you in any form, style or shape irrespective of your motive – nobody forced you to make that claim to begin with. You don’t get to define how an adversary

    Back up your spit or fall back, period

    • Celz

      Listen to the verse.. He wasn’t being literal.. He just wanted to bring the competition back to the forefront.. Some niccas never heard DJ Clue or Sway and Tech ALBUMS that featured A-List rappers on every song with NO SINGLES.. I remember when niccas was buying DJ Clue albums before the artists album themselves.. Now niccas is stuck on party and floss music.. Kendrick’s verse was more of a gentlemen’s challenge than a diss or battle..

      • Malik

        I don’t accept that. He made a boast and was called on it. Papoose went for the jugular; well, guess Kendrick ain’t the king and can’t be the king of nothing then since he couldn’t back up his claim, end of.

        This is Hip-Hop, keep that friendly competition gibberish among your crew. I reckon he needed someone to remind him and Papoose obliged.

      • Celz

        So what I guess Papoose is the King now lmao..

        He was called on the line by Cassidy, Joell, and Buddens.. They properly big homied Kendrick.. Papoose went for the jugular and barely left a flesh wound.. You think Cali niccas was ridin with Jayo Felony when he claimed he was stickin up for L.A. by ridin on Jay Z and Bleek? No niccas was laughin at him because he took shyt too far and then DPG who is really from L.A. got on the remix to the song.. And we all know how Jayo’s career went after that..

        Papoose sounds like Jayo with better bars. If D Block and Nas say it was just a line no biggie then you had better really prove your point. Papoose’s 3 main blows missed their mark terribly. 1. He says Kendrick is promoting the feminization of the Black man… Really!? He doesn’t wear skinnies or high end androgynous fashion like Lil Wayne or A$AP. He spent way to many bars on a point that is questionable at best. 2. Your moms is ass backwards for giving you two first names. Sean Carter, Christopher Wallace…. That was a pathetic reach, your fuccin Mom doesn’t even give you your last name it’s either your father or your grandfather. 3. He’s gay because he was sitting on one of his family member’s laps as a kid? Lame shyt man.. He’s reachin and searchin for attention.

        Joell threw some well placed jabs and spit bars ( so did Cass), King Los out shinned him, Buddens had the big brother talk, and Papoose looked like an idiot…

        Kendrick never really meant he was the King he wanted to stir up some competition and he did..

        And my crew spits fam.. I got an office job now but I’ll still destroy 90% of these new niccas..

      • 400DGreez h60d

        We still waiting on Pap’s album tho. I respect what you saying cuz, but they dudes that responded ain’t really being looked for no more. Minus Joell. When was the last time these dudes albums was being looked at as a classic. I know a lot of real cats get slept on, but when you don’t live up to the hype, it’s a waste of talent.

    • king sodomy

      where were you when lil wayne was calling himself the best rapper alive? didn’t no rapper from new york rapper step to him telling him to back up his claims so no sorry dude you and the east coast will not be taken seriously when you try to respond to a metaphor that was obviously over your heads.

      • 400DGreez h60d

        Well spoken!

      • HalfPast7

        Maybe cuz NY cats never took a gimmicky mufukka like Weezy serious b. Maybe we actually know that son is jus a hybrid of different mufukkas like Gillie n Hov n actually had niggas write his verses. Kendrick is actually a lyricist with substance but when the competition is fukkin ASAP n em, him crownin himself king is a joke. Dude hasn’t responded to anyone yet, in a lotta niggas eyes he lost if he ain’t gonna respond back. N that weak ass excuse about how it went over niggas heads how? He said I’m Makaveli offspring, I’m the KONY. King of the coast, one hand I juggle em both. He ain’t say I’m Makaveli n Big offspring that woulda made more sense. Son wack if he don’t respond plain n simple.

  • digitallife

    Joking or not…you don’t challenge fellow men all of which have huge egos and pride. As long as people keep it on the mix it’s all cool. Getting violent over that ishhh would completely stupid.

  • CB-FTW

    Joell Ortiz reply was the best. Stop sleeping, fools

  • Capbussa

    He’s fronting, Kendrick knows that Pap freestyle stung like a muhfukka

    • Brindle

      it was good as far as agression and hype but talent wise, it wasn’t one of paps best…it was actually wack

    • PorchBoySlim

      it really wasnt that hot man…just aggressive… Los and Joelle Ortiz had the best responses…the rest are not even really worth talking about

      • Thomas Smith

        are you serious so Joe Budden, cassidy isn’t worth talking about…..smh

      • PorchBoySlim

        Cassidy’s response was 90% Meek Mill diss…Joe Budden took what.. 2? 3 days to respond? Anybody that took more than 24 hours to respond get an automatic no-go

      • Capbussa

        These dumbasses dont know real hiphop, they only know what the radio programs in2 their skulls

    • Tinika

      I doubt it. His response was not that great at all. As someone earlier stated it was agressive more than anything. Kendrick is on a career high so I doubt that he is worried about Pap

  • jd

    People debate who had the best response, but no one debate’s if the verse was better than Kendrick’s; Because NO ONE’S response verse was better then Kendrick’s verse.

    • Celz

      Los merced it.. His was easily the best verse ever recorded to that beat… The intricacy of the flow, multi-syllable rhymin words, and depth of the punches and metaphors was beyond anyones..

      BUT Kendrick, Lupe, Jay Elec, Buddens, Joell and Cass were all trying to say more than just I’m dope.. Still give it to King Los tho.. I thought Big Sean did better than I would have expected too..

      • jd

        True it was the best of the responses. He killed it no doubt about that at all. But Kendrick’s IMO was more impact, more gut punching and more inspiring. When you put out a response to a record like that, its gotta impact not just the listener but people around you that might not even have heard it that would make them wanna listen to it. (See Bridge is Over, Ether, etc.). It was hot no question, but not dope enough to have that impact to a) Make Kendrick wanna respond b) to make people care.

    • HalfPast7

      C’mon man really? Break down Kendrick verse line for line n then compare it Joells, u can’t sit there n tell me Kendrick’s was better. Without the name dropping n the KONY his verse was aight, n I’m a Kdot fan but let’s be serious here now u jus bein biased.

      • jd

        Not at all. I’ve listened to them all. Ortiz was nice. Super nice. What memorable thing did he say? Does anyone speak of it? Where is the impact? When you respond to something like that (As I said before) it has to make and impact and make people care. Ether is a response verse. Canibus’ 2nd Round K.O. was a memorable response. Thats how its done. Its like the Common and Drake beef. Common’s response to Drake killed him. Drake had a great verse, probably better overall as far as how it was put together. But all you will remember is Canada Dry. When you respond you gotta kill. Not injure. KILL.

  • Tinika

    I have to give Kendrick props. This was good for him marketing wise. Whether you hated his verse or loved them, he got everybody talking about it. It’s been what, about three weeks or more now? People are still debating about it. This is chess not checkers, he knew exactly what he was doing. Strategic if nothing else.

    • Spitticus

      People can talk about stupid shit. Don’t mean it anything more than stupid shit.

  • Capbussa

    Kendrick said Los had the best verse? Why, cuz he replied without dissing you? Papoose, Cassidy and Joel ripped him a new one and he tryna play it off

    • Dre Madison

      he said best verse, not best diss

      • same difference

      • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!


      • dumb

      • golder1

        Not the same. And does not take any creativeness to talk about someone being molested or looking like the Supremes. Papoose responds=WACK

      • his rhymes scheme took creativeness, thats whats dope about it

      • Capbussa

        I know your a kdot penis rider because hot 97 morning show as much as they hate never not once said paps verse was wack. They said he went “TOO” hard on kdot. So that tells me Your either…
        1. From Cali

        2. A Kdot groupie or….
        3. Your daddy’s from NY & u hate him for knocking up ya moms and bouncing on that hoe

      • Celz

        You’re reasoning makes no sense.. Imma Cali nicca and I like Kendrick and Papoose verse was hella weak.. Had some high points but a diss can’t have any low points and it had a few..

        Just cuz I think Papoose missed the mark doesn’t mean Imma Kendrick stan or I’m reppin Cali over common sense.. Cuz I’ll be the first to say Joell got in em and Los outclassed him on the beat.. You sound like a Papoose dicc ryder..

      • Capbussa

        Word, it was “hella” weak? Learn English you swap meet shopping Kdot balls juice drinking fagg0t

      • Celz

        You sound puzzy lame nicca.. Only a nicca wit gay tendencies would get so detailed wit gay shyt like that.. Gettin all emotional over a Papoose verse when NY niccas is clownin his washed up ass too.. Papoose ain’t even the coldest nicca from NY.. I’d rather listen to Nature and Cormega on some real shyt.. You prolly don’t even listen to the real niccas from NY fuccin Stan ass nicca..

      • fallacies

        repeating what hot 97 says tells me you need your own opinion. papoose is garbage and needs to lose his studio privs. and i’m from NY. almost everyone’s repsonse was hot. which was the point… papoose took a challenge and made it sound like beef… just shows how terrible he is.

      • Capbussa

        What? Privileges was too hard to spell? Your lack of spelling tells me your dumb as shit

    • golder1

      He said Los had the best because he talked facts. Papoose talked about nothing or substance, Cassidy was cool but not great and Joel Ortiz was good. The Kidd is entitled to his opinion just like you are wack boy

      • Capbussa

        Take Kendricks dick out ya mouth…You mad cuz all 3 + more bodied ya fav rapper

  • Dre Madison

    what i dont get is niggas is sayin who had the best verse and what not, technically kendrick still has the best verse cause these niggas made a whole song about him! (like real shit they made a whole song about a nigga who didnt even mention dem) free publicity these niggas did a better job puttin his name out there than they can ever do for themselves thats just the real smh

  • who the hell is Los’


  • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

    Riff Raff had the best response in all honesty

  • john allen

    Jigga is still the best on the east coast!

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  • JoeBoy

    So in other words, he’s pussing out? He made a statement, got called out and owned, and now he’s backing off and doing damage control (No pun intended). I actually had a little bit of respect for him thinking that he really did want to bring back old hip-hop, but now I see he’s just a punk who said that just to get his name out there a little more.

    • equerry

      He’s not “pussing out.” If you had any reading or listening comprehension abilities to speak of you would understand that. You’re one of the dudes he’s talking about, getting hyped without stepping back to truly interpret the lyric and his response.

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  • CutronomicalThought

    While some of the responses to “Control” was great..and some was reality..Kendrick pimped these niccas by making them speak about him….as for Papoose..the only thing he’ll ever be remember for is that “Touch It” remix..nobody is going crazy about him..the worst thing to come out of this though is about sensitive and envious Kendrick said..they are the worst kind because they try to start gunplay instead of giving far as old school beefin goes..battle rapping wasnt about was about who had the coldest verse..and afterwards you give the one with their hand raise’s all about respect..but nowadays these lil weak rappers still suckin on their thumb and get pissy mad about ish!

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