Kendrick Lamar: I Found Papoose's "Control" Response Laughable

Kendrick Lamar: I Found Papoose’s “Control” Response Laughable

(AllHipHop News) Kendrick Lamar phoned in to Hot 97’s The Realness and talked to Peter Rosenberg about his controversial “Control” verse and the response around it.

Kendrick stated he did not hear any word back from the MC’s he named and does not expect any problems:

I didnt hear from nobody but I wasn’t worried it’d affect relationships. At the end of the day, if you listen to the line I feel like these are cats that  inspire the game. They aspire to be the best just like I feel. If they’re competitive and respect the culture of Hip Hop I don’t think there should be any ill feel they have towards me.

He named Los’ “Control” verse as his favorite and called Papoose’s response comical:

I thought it was comical. Had me laughing. I respect the game and I understand when opportunity presents itself you have to make it work for yourself. It was the perfect opportunity to go out there and make a response and get that buzz. He got that buzz going for himself.

Kendrick says he spoke with Diddy and Jay Z but said that information was “confidential”.

While Kendrick does not feel any ill will is felt on his part in regards to the response he does fear some violence could erupt from his “Control” verse:

There will never be like that again where two coasts rival. Not on my behalf.  Not while I’m doing this. I think the OG’s want that competitive nature back and no bloodshed. I’m way too wise and way too polished to not get caught up in the hype of the media. But what I’m scared of are cats not that polished that get caught up in what their Twitter responses are saying and what their homies are saying trying to gas them up

Check out the full 20 minute interview below: