T.I. Denied Entry To UK For Lady Gaga Show

(AllHipHop News) T.I. denied entry into the United Kingdom even though he was slated to perform with Lady Gaga in London over the weekend.

The pair were to be a major feature at the iTunes Music Festival, but Tip hit a snag that Gaga told the crowd while she was on stage.

Gaga’s new song, “Jewels & Drugs,” features T.I. Too $hort and Twista, but Tip’s portion was played in a video from the stage.

Onstage, Gaga yelled, “From across the pond, T.I.! They wouldn’t let him into the country, poor thing.”

T.I. managed to rap his verse.

The exact reason why he was not allowed into the country was not publicly disclosed.

T.I. did experience a victory as his most recent album Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head was recently certified gold. It was released December of 2012.

  • TruthSerum

    With a criminal record like his I’m surprised they let him go anywhere, that’s how it works for most people why should he be treated different??

    • So why let him out if he’s really doing LIFE?

  • Carlo Bambino

    they dont like snitches in england. WHAT KINDA KING cant even get into england hahahahaha


      Yes the police and border agency didn’t let him in because they don’t like snitches genius… the type of king that has a criminal record you idiot

      • TruthSerum

        I think the sarcasm in his post went over your head man lol

        But yeah, they aint about to let a guy with a trunk full of machine guns into england…….. Didn’t they give Snoop a hard time just for having dope charges not too long ago??

      • I WILL BITE YOU!!

        lol I dont know about recently but I know he was banned too but they lifted the ban about 2 years ago

      • Carlo Bambino

        thanks for recognizing my genius you peon nothing of a lamb.

    • jdeath

      Once again who did he snitch on? Ive been waiting for an answer for 5 years that noone can seem to give.

      His bodyguard set him up #fact Yall “snitch theorist” always leave that part out for some reason.

      • Carlo Bambino

        he snitched after you idiot. you dont get a couple months for all them guns unless you leak info. good question i have no answer who he snitched on. but i can speculate when i see his enemies keep going to jail and get blacklisted in the media and rap induskree brrrrrrrr


    Lol doesn’t he have a criminal record for having shit loads of guns in his car? Being from London, I’m not surprised

  • hoeyuno

    This is usually a Canada/America problem.. I got homies with records who can’t cross that boarder but can go anywhere else on earth.. but England doesn’t like guns and T.I. was caught with more guns then the bobbies have all together.. I donno if this is where that shit was but……

  • MrNoName2K

    ok we all know why, niggas tryna act all new and sh*t..thats called the past catchin up wit that ass..keep ya head up TIP..

  • john allen

    No matter how big you make it everbody is not going to like you or what you stand for.maybe next time tip!

  • Obi Won

    I’m sure Tip laughed it off, but Trouble Man went Gold?!?! That album was terrible with the exception of a few songs

    • Tim Blake

      Gold really isn’t anything to be proud of lol, it’s 500k. When comparing to ppl like Mariah Carey who have had multiple albums go Diamond (10m+ sales), it’s not even on the charts.

  • Clifton Powell

    Youtube C-Zar Mitchell & Ness…..Real NYC BOOM BAP HIP HOP

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