Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar

Meek Mill "Kendrick You Next" (Cassidy Diss)

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  • Ronlg1


    • Matt Swan

      How are you seriously going to “diss” one man, but name your song after another? Cass don’t even bother man.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Exactly. A waste of a good lyricists time. It also took Meek almost a year to respond to a track, but he wouldn’t BATTLE Cass and that’s where Meeks ROOTS are from This guy is going to be his own undoing.

      • Matt Swan

        Sometimes you have to learn the hard way to get taught a lesson. Meek is what? Meek is who? Cass has been there done that, and moved on. Meek just needs to let it go and grow up. Focus on you Cass…do you.

      • NEWSKULL

        Do you?…Cass got NOTHING to do…. he is HUNGRY and he is looking for a record deal… Meek is one of the leader of the New school (I still don’t know why?) and he is responding to Cass…So right now them Meek fans are saying Cass is What? and Cass is Who?…. I am saying Meek should keep on going until Cass gets a deal and snatch meek mill fans in the whole process…

      • Matt Swan

        If you wanna listen to some dude talk about a whole lot of nothing then I’m for anyone to listen to Week; but if you want to listen to a cat that is very established and respected, and you’re a true hip hop head, then you’re gonna flow with Cass. Meek is hot only because he is on MMG IMO. Take that away and dude is shining shoes at the airport. Cass on the other hand IMO, can rock it with no beat, on point and on time, and will show you that he is a real MC. But you’re right, Week fans are saying just that, and when Cass get’s back on, Week is over.

      • NEWSKULL

        hmm I beg to differ Cassidy dropped a Meek Mill Diss couple of weeks ago… pretty much around the same time he dropped that Kendrick response… so Weak Milk is on point concerning the response game…

        Now Meek Mill battling Cass?… shit we all know (Meek Mill included) what happened to FREEWAY… plus Cassidy is HUNGRY!….it is better for his own sake to respond to Cass track… Shit even THAT is difficult for him to do…

        I mean spitting while switching beats is something Cass mastered… why would Meek even go that route?… shit was weak… plus he got bodied by the beats… Cass will answer in a couple of minutes and show him how it is done…

      • Tann01

        I thought the name was kinda clever

  • bigdoe6

    Try again Meek.

  • JimJames29

    I like this track a lot. Because it means cassidy’s gonna merk this fool again.

  • Wise Majestic

    Man, Cassidy is gong to blaze this fool. Track was nice b.u.t. He can not compete with Cass

  • Splatter

    Cass gonna respond cuz he aint got shit else to do. this shit corny tho. and he def trying to use kendrick as a lightning rod. Kendrick not gonna devote a song to this guy, at least he shouldn’t. Guy kept repeating himself, oh you used to be hot, oh you dressed this way. Everybody used to be hot Meek, you just up right now. Talking shit about cats you share a city with aint too smart.

  • Tishan Guest on SPOTIFY

    Sounds emotional..repeated that hotel line over n over. Cassidy had good punch lines but his flow is stagnant. Meek Mills just yells but he only survives because his production is good. Cassidy suffers from bad production…. Oh and Meek don’t want it with Kendric……If Meek was smart, I’ll take advantage of this opportunity and be the first artist K.Dot named to respond. Wale write me some bars and William Roberts give me some adlibs😤™

  • MediaVybz

    how many times cassidy gotta murk this dude

  • MediaVybz

    so funny to see someone Meek gettin kill by someone who aint in the game no more…thought meek was to be hot loool

  • Steelmatic

    Weak, quit ruining classic beats with your wackness Meek Millz…!!

  • Murt Ily


  • $18916246

    That there was FIRE!……GET EM MEEK!

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  • om3n78

    niggas act like kdot a battle rapper he the same trash as meek only thing saveing kdot response is cass gone kill this nigga meek again pushing the kdot diss back from meek 2036

  • $31339281

    – happy he gettin money and all but still, this guy rhymes elementary school words

  • Guest

    Pac is rollin in his grave…

  • Emilione

    Meek Mill. Why are you so unoriginal sir? When you use these CLASSIC diss-record beats, you will get judged/compared by certain standards by me and a loot of Hiphop-listeners around the world. Also, you said at the end: “Im on some shit, everybody getting it”..Feels like you emulating the formula of Kendrick but completely missed the point. Also, some of the lyrics sounds really forced, like you wanna prove something. What do you wanna prove Meek? Please show skills and originality next time you want to prove something.

    • $18916246

      I guess you never heard Meek spittin in the streets of philly? (YOUTUBE is for you bruh). This flow is Meek pre-labal deal and now…I appreciate the genius in Meek dropping this, the title and all… Don’t be scared for Kdot…he’s the self proc”laim”ed nicest 1st time out…..he can hold his own..right?….Breathing all that hot air and no flame can leave ones career dragging, Feelin a little ostracized from your rap piers?…Let’s hope Kdot gets past that….that new diddy bop/limp won’t be because he’s cool but because dude may just have shot himself in the foot. “Control” more than just the name of a song…Kdot maintain that…be easy.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    yo but why he respond sooo late…but he went off tho yall cant lie meek ain sound like this in a while.

    • $18916246

      Nas took a minute to respond to Jay…I respect that..sharpen ya sword…what’s spit with no phlegm?

      • VASPLIFF

        People forget Nas’ priority was makin sure his moms was alright. Family>Music.

  • J.Troup

    1) Meek still dissing Cassidy? Who does that?
    2) Niggaz still dissing over the Hit Em Up beat? Where they STILL do that at?

    Meek lost for even recording this.

  • Dmvnation202

    Meek murked

  • Dmvnation202

    Niggaz hate Meek cuz they say he rap too loud but that’s what helped him get successful. If he changed his style up then Niggaz would say he not hungry anymore. A lose lose situation.. Niggaz will hate just to be haters…

  • Write Jus

    This shit put me to sleep…

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