Molly Attributed to Deaths in Boston & NYC

(AllHipHopNews) Authorities cut the Electric Zoo festival in New York City short this Labor Day weekend, when two people died and four others were hospitalized after suspected overdoses of “Molly.”

The drug is a more potent form of ecstasy that is popular among teens and concertgoers. Molly inspires in users a heightened sense of euphoria and lowered inhibitions, but also leads to a crash that causes anxiety and depression.

Molly has entered popular culture through liberal mentions in songs, including last year’s hit, “All Gold Everything,” by Trinidad James with the memorable lyric, “Popped a Molly/I’m sweatin'”

In addition to the fatal doses in New York, one person has died from a Molly overdose in Boston, and there have also been two non-fatal overdoses. Police believe that there is a bad batch of Molly circulating around the east coast.

Boston police superintendent, William Evans warns people who may take the drug to “immediately call an ambulance,” if they start feeling ill.

  • johnblacksad

    Popped a molly, now I’m dead… sic

    • Realist4200

      Lmao. I don’t even know if I should laugh though, cuz I know there’s some dumb ass kids and sheep out there that would take that saying to heart if their favorite rapper said it.

  • Damn, Boston calls their police a superintendent? Damn, no wonder MA is not called a state!

  • kizzy kash

    Ok, the problem is all the misinformation and propaganda dealing with “ILLEGAL DRUGS”, just like Legal ones.. which may I add are the Leading cause of Accidental Deaths in the country! (100,000 deaths) (look it up). People are just ignorant cant do research and think for themselves most drugs have risks, and also can vary from person to person depending on ones health conditions. I can go all day on this… Lets get a Alcohol stat ONE OF the Worst Underrated f*cked up drugs that kills150,000 on average just from drinking not including car accidents, violent drunk fights, etc. And ill leave you all with Tobacco also not viewed as a DRUG by you Mentally Enslaved Morons, but it kills more than 450,000 people a year in the US Alone. Don’t get me wrong some Illegal drugs aren’t good in any capacity but look at the stats and think for yourself..HEROIN/COCAINE deaths in US on average is 10,000. hmm.. Seems like the “WAR ON DRUGS” need to be taken to CVS!, CIROC, OR NEWPORT as a start.

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      I think more people use alcohol and tobacco than the other drugs you listed. Also, I would bet those deaths from alcohol and tobacco that you listed are from long term use, not from one night of binge drinking or smoking like a chimney. Yes, I do understand that a night of binge drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning that can result in death. Either way I wouldn’t defend that Molly stuff. If you wanna have a few drinks cool, if you wanna smoke a little weed cool. As far as tobacco goes….only an idiot would smoke in this day and age. I say that as a person who just quit cigs 4 months ago too mind you.

      • kizzy kash

        I wouldn’t disagree with anything you said except that it isn’t always binge drinking that results in death from alcohol (person could have certain health issues and cant handle it). I’m not really defending Molly no more than I would defend most of these other pills or drugs legal or illegal, I’m just pointing out that people have to do research. Like I mentioned with Prescription Pills being the leading cause of Accidental Deaths. Don’t let the Media teach you what drugs are or aren’t ok. I know many people who have been using Ectasy for over a decade. Not to say its good but like I said neither is a 90% of the stuff that the doctor feeds you. My point is just to do research and check the facts. That’s why you have a society where a person takes Oxy Cotton (prescribed heroin!)for pain, Xanax for anxiety, and lets say.. Ambien for sleep, all very dangerous and addictive and I would bet kill more people then Molly, would in their mind and a lot of other Sheeples minds think their not drug addicts… BUT would look at a Pot Head with disgust. Simply because they have been brainwashed on what is A “BAD DRUG” or “Good Drug”.

      • kizzy kash

        Also congrats on quitting Cigs, I too quit that crap about 6 months ago!

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  • Me-go

    Meanwhile 50 other people were killed by Alcohol that didnt get reported on a hiphop site. Rappers dont get judged when they say drink a pool full of liquor but when they say pop a molly they become the worst people on earth. SMH only in the great USA.

    • kizzy kash

      Preach.. Exactly…. Propaganda

      • Realist4200

        The war on drugs is bullshit, no doubt. It’s filled with lies and propaganda. But that doesn’t mean we should promote the use of hard narcotics, or defend people who use them habitually, or use them ourselves to protest it. That’s just foolish.

    • Realist4200

      That argument works for weed, because it can’t kill you. Molly is another story, this shit is poison.

      It’s a whole bunch of kids taking this shit and dying. It’s not cool man. The “party hard live for today and die young” mentality isn’t getting anybody anywhere. It breeds ignorance, and I’m tired of seeing it. People I love have been sucked into that bullsh1t mentality, and it’s a unbelievably hard thing to watch. I see more and more ignorant people every day, who could do great things if they concentrated their energy towards something positive instead of throwing their mind, money and time away to prove to their self that they’re as cool as their favorite entertainer.

  • Global_Mission

    Alcohol, Cigs, and Perscription Drugs kill people, while Marijuana does not. Guess which 3 are legal?…SMH!! Thats not to excuse these dumb as rappers promoting poping mollys which will kill you, but this is fact.

    • Realist4200

      And this stories about mdma, so what’s your point? I love weed, but it’s not the place for that argument.

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  • Dadon850

    Y’all keep popping Molly. I’ll keep puffing my herb!! #imstraight

  • Furious Styles

    Crack was a cool thing at one point. Then we all saw the end of New Jack City.

  • KC The American Pimp

    rap never started out promoting drug use only a way to hustle it. Times have changed

  • Wavpin

    white people always find new ways to die …

  • Obi Won

    Say no to Drugs….

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  • Executive

    Popped a Molly I’m deaded!