Molly Attributed to Deaths in Boston & NYC

Three East Coast Deaths Linked to “Molly”

(AllHipHopNews) Authorities cut the Electric Zoo festival in New York City short this Labor Day weekend, when two people died and four others were hospitalized after suspected overdoses of “Molly.”

The drug is a more potent form of ecstasy that is popular among teens and concertgoers. Molly inspires in users a heightened sense of euphoria and lowered inhibitions, but also leads to a crash that causes anxiety and depression.

Molly has entered popular culture through liberal mentions in songs, including last year’s####, “All Gold Everything,” by Trinidad James with the memorable lyric, “Popped a Molly/I’m sweatin'”

In addition to the fatal doses in New York, one person has died from a Molly overdose in Boston, and there have also been two non-fatal overdoses. Police believe that there is a bad batch of Molly circulating around the east coast.

Boston police superintendent, William Evans warns people who may take the drug to “immediately call an ambulance,” if they start feeling ill.