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Hip-Hop Rumors: Check Out Why Kendrick Walks Out On Interview

You know, there is something to be said about the infiltration of Hip-Hop and those we deem to be CULTURE VULTURES! Oh, the evil! Well, this time, there is some chick, who I think is very popular. I don’t know her like that. Anyway, she was blessed with the opportunity to interview K-Dot AGAIN and what does she do? Muck it up! Check out how she ruins a perfectly mediocre interview by not knowing a very simple fact we all should know.


“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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54 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Check Out Why Kendrick Walks Out On Interview”

  1. hoeyuno

    He was obviously joking and if she is under say 27 theres no reason why she should no of martin, arsino hall or in living color…Big shout out to Shanaynay….

      • hoeyuno

        Yea. But if you didn’t know what it was there would be no reason to hate on you cause of it.. That was my point anyways

      • DJ7

        If you’re an African American and you don’t know who Martin Lawrence is or heard of the show “Martin” I’d say you’re lying… str8 up….b.u.t. seeing how this is a non AA we’re speaking on, I’d have to agree with illseeds’ culture vulture label…Martin and hip hop go together like peanut butter and jelly & this chick is one clueless ass bird

      • hoeyuno

        I see your point and knew it was coming from someone..I’d b more impressed if these kids knew who Smoothe da hustler, g rap or EPMD was though… and considering the interview girl knew everything about kendricks music she was on her job.

      • DJ7

        Lol…couldn’t let that slide…as for the clucker tho, I guess you got a point about this just being a job to her…I still don’t like it…never seems genuine

      • hoeyuno

        Isn’t arsinio making a come back?? That was my shit. I think in living color was on at like 10 and arsinio came right after.. I was like 10 or shit… and your right the interview company just got a pretty face so these rappers agree to the interviews.. she’s no nardwuar that’s for sure haha

      • Charlie Boi

        Im 26 what this nigga mean like come om who really doesn’t no who martin is

      • hoeyuno

        Really. y’all don’t find the comedy dated?? I see whole seasons of that ish in the $1 bins in wal mart. I haven’t seen that shit since it was on the air.. I wasn’t dissing the show I was just sayin..

    • dehova

      She got gang banged as a forfeit for not knowing something that we all should know…. then the black Power Ranger turned up to save her from the lustful advances of these two rappers. Then she did the splits while the PR fought off the two rappers. At the end, with the rappers gone, the PR revealed himself to be Big Meech.

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        Big meech? For reallys? I’ve got to see this video.

  2. Montez Legrant

    Mr. Legrant,

    A fellow rapper said, about 16 or 17 years ago, “I
    swear to everything when I leave this earth, its going to be on both feet,
    never knees in the dirt”. I shall be the greatest, I shall be a
    billionaire, I shall not sale my soul! My followers are what will solidify me
    and my soon to be wife, as the greatest of all time, not a spirit. I think they
    were ignoramous for what they did, I don’t believe none of those people
    (2pac,biggie,easy-e,etc..), deserve to be put in the same category of me and or
    my soon to be wife and we are under the
    age of 25. There is obviously to much money to be made, most precious is, that
    there is life in me. If anyone asked me to 2pac or Biggie, myself I will feel
    totally disrespected, GOD is the GOD of the living, not the GOD of the fake
    dead people!

  3. Montez Legrant

    Lion King,

    I lost all respect fr taylor swift, fukk her ice cube snoop
    dog and everyoneelse who wanted me to fake my death I am rock star!

    • hoeyuno

      What the fucc you talkin about homie_¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿where’s the beer guy I argued with about smoking dust the other day?? Maybe he can make sense of this ish..

      • dehova

        You seen what happened? man, we have some seriously deluded people in our race of people. We have to stop letting these arseholes represent/form the stereotype of what Nubian people are.

      • YouKnowWhat…..

        I think Math got paid to shut the event down. It started so far behind schedule, no way would they have completed all the battles. But you are right, the stigma remains because of these type incidents…

      • YouKnowWhat…..

        Fam, after peeping the interviews and aftermath, you are absolutely right. I have been an avid follower of the Smack/URL movement for years, and when it was poised to hit a zenith, the shit took a major fall, last night. It seems like there were a few noteworthy battles, and people like Ill Will and Jaz the rapper were on the verge of stardom. The dope performances will forever be outshined by Math snuffing Serius, Shine bringing out a midget, Red offering Big T a cookie, a 6 hour delay, and Daylyt running up on Smack for his bread, shunning URL for its unprofessionalism, and vowing never to return….smh.

      • dehova

        Lux, Clips, Hoffa, DNA. WTF is going on bruh? These guys are the reason URL is what it is. Now they’re all doing weird shit….to me anyway.

    • YouKnowWhat…..

      lol @Shea Davis…any talk is good talk, ultimately controversy sells and all of the drama has people talking about SM3. I don’t remember any previous Url event with this much hype surrounding it. Besides that, this will be a much smaller venue, only about 800 people in the building. Smack gave you everything you want with this one…smaller venue, controversy, different names(dot mob in nearly every battle though)a focus on bars over names(I like saying bars over chokes) and cats like Ars, Math, Serius, Swave and Calicoe back to the big stage. On top of that, Daylyt is a damn fool and with him there, anything might happen. Only thing I’m mad about is Hollow not being on the card…..could care less about Lux but the Don should be there.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        sounds like your anticipating another butt naked male review courtesy of daylyt lol but for real if thats where his mind is @ with it …. i dont even care …. now the creativity lux brought with the preacher persona and ish and also backed it up with bars … im with that 100% oh and lets not forget he brought a dime piece with him lol come on daylyt is straight jokes i just hope his style of battling doesnt catch on and we have 100 daylyts trying to troll the rap battle game just completely killing the lyrical side of the game ….

      • dehova

        lol See, I don’t get the fuss about Hollow but then again, I’m the same with Chilla Jones. Once i switch off, I ignore all your bars until the crowd react. If Arsenol turns up, K Shine retires tonight!

  4. JerZeBoy

    she is a better interviewer when her mouth is closed……”is that picture sentiment”? does she mean sentimental for that sentence?and she doesn’t know Martin? My 91 year old grandfather knows Martin

  5. ccwaterbound32

    GOTCHA BITCH!!!! hey illseed! still think you deserve that s*itty award still? how is it you can get an award for hack journalism copying and pasting other people’s news clips and articles, but you can’t do any independent investigations or invest into some kind of i don’t know…CREDIBLE SOURCES? i think that award allhiphop received is far fetched fabricated and completely biased! i said it before ill say it again you only got that award because allhiphop is the corporation’s BEST BITCH! people complain all day about hiphop being so bland nowadays and this site has a HUGE role in that! the only thing that kept people responding to these boring ass tmz influenced,tear your own people down shuckin and jivin ass articles is because you want that dominate society money! i thought yall stood for something awhile back. i thought yall had a purpose for breaking GOOD records…i thought yall had something no other site has but i was wrong… i think the allhiphop staff are a group of effiminated men and bedwench women, and coward ass house kneegrows who have no backbone or integrity! you dudes really need to look in the mirror and get some kind of perspective of what the culture really is because in case you haven’t been paying attention HHDX is KILLING you clowns! that site might be ran by YT BUT at least they break new records, interview up and coming indy acts, and provide a DEEPER perspective of the culture as a whole! that award show must be biased as hell! cuz HHDX deserved that award! and i aint hating either im just giving my opinion AND OPINONS ARE LIKE BOOTYHOLES EVERYBODY GOT ONE! i always say the same thing over and over again about how hate implies 3 of the following examples, #1. i physically threatened you or intended to take your life away just because out of pure evil,#2. if i threatened any of your friends/family out of spite/evil ways by physically harming them or by taking their lives away just because, #3 if i affected your ability to generate a legitimate income to support yourself/family. and guess what allhiphop i aint did none of that s*it! so take it or roll with it! FIX YA FORMULA CUZ IT’S SINKING YOUR GOTDAMN SHIP!

      • ccwaterbound32

        you and the 5 clowns who liked your comment need to stop huffing paint/glue or whatever you clowns like to do in your spare time obviously you did otherwise you wouldn’t have commented….

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