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50 Cent: Kendrick Lamar Told Me His New Music Is Better Than His Competition

(AllHipHop News) As aggressive an MC 50 Cent is he is equally if not more so willfully loquacious about information. 50 Cent was on Funkmaster Flex’s show on Hot 97 last night (September 12th) and took time to expel all his thoughts on Hip Hop current events.

Kendrick Lamar told Big Boy from Power 106 LA that he spoke with “the ACTUAL kings of New York” but kept the conversation details slim. 50 let the public in on his conversation with Kendrick following the controversy of his “Control” verse:

When I talked to him he said ;the records I just made are better than the last records that are out. What I’m saying on the record is if they don’t get better they ain’t going to make it past my next album’.

50 also claims he was not impressed by the responses to Kendrick’s “Control” verse because he claims people were waiting for him or Jay Z to respond.

50 says if he was in Big Sean’s position, he would have changed his verse as to not be forgotten on his own song:

“I wouldve changed my verse. It’s Big Sean’s record and nobody knows.”

50 talks about his relationship with Nas (and Nas’ missed business moves), how Steve Stoute told him to not “sign with that white boy” before the Shady Records deal in 2002.

Check out the interview below:

  • orlando jackson

    dude you aint no kings of ny

    not fifty

    • BigHomie337

      Fab? Lol. That’s one good as joke.

      • johnblacksad

        Loso is the prince of BK!

      • orlando jackson

        fab got money n still livin in tha city, cant beleive dat homo got 21 likes where r they from? alaska? canada?

    • Craig

      u can take diddy and fab all the way off that list, diddy is a hype man who weasled to the top. Fab and Lloyd banks are on the same level so if fab is a king banks is a king and the rest on that level. but on second thought diddy is a king just from his money. and dont sleep on KRS ONE tha Teacha

    • infinit221

      im not a 50 fan, but you have to acknowledge his impact on the game. 50 is a king, albeit a hated one. Fab? he gets alot of respect for being so relevant for so long, but youll have to go to BK to find out for yourself. When your from the same borough as big and jay thats alot to overcome.

    • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

      french montana

  • JINX

    diddy fab you cant be serious you should have put your name


    If you saying 50 aint a King youre obviously 1 a hater 2 stupid 3 a dicc rider of the gay kind.

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    The King of New York is the president….or whoever is above him. Name one rapper that can shut State down wit (martial law)?? and if we gone b petty bout it…”King Of New York” is different from” My Favorite Rapper” or “Rapper Who Sales The Most Records” or “Who Every Rapper Is Afraid Of” lol

    • johnblacksad

      off subject… give yourself a shaqface

      • Eric Emajor Jackson

        u got 11 likes so far 4 tht shaqface joke, ig u king of new york 2…gtfoh

      • johnblacksad

        ok… now you can go watch Sweet Brown’s video because… ain’t nobody got time for that.

        I know you’re mad and I apologize for hurting your feelings but damn… get a grip of yourself.

      • Eric Emajor Jackson

        bruh bruh i dnt even kno y i responded 2 u the first x….

      • johnblacksad

        no homo


    As much as Diddy(fun), Jay(swag), Nas (lyricism) laid out blueprints for newcomers in the game… 50 did the same… he is one of the kings because the leaders of the new school consider him so… but on some REAL shit can’t y’all see his blueprint in everything these young cats are doing?… from the way Mixtapes are treated like E.P.s, cats marketing themselves as much as marketing their crew, create controversy and anticipation for their next projects … doesn’t it sound like what ymcmb, mmg, and TDE been/are doing? …

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  • BillyBobJohn

    50 still the realest most people get to his level and suck dick and get soft but 50’s still the same

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  • OSBKE3000

    I got respect for Fifty … his music ain’t shit right now but he mos def took advantange of his clout an his name

    “u only rap? u only good for 1 thing / gota make a new hustle outta errythang, understand?”

  • king

    Two quarters was and still a d list rapper at best I maybe giving him to much credit on that.

  • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

    C’mon, who is really down with Kendrick, honestly! I aint supporting that niggga, he is a faggot!! Literally! Remember his line? “Three niggas in one room, first time I was tossed” …Seriously man, don’t support faggotry in Hip Hop!! Kane already made that rule official!


      and mr.cee was kanes DJ…STFU

      • Exactly!!

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

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      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

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      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

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  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    Aint none of these niggaz kings…jus like my niggaz ah kill u over a color they didnt create on a block they gettin evicted off of…wake up

  • Kendrick Lamar is Aftermath…50 Cent is Aftermath…Why would 2 label mates go at eachother? especially when aftermath/shady/gunit is all pretty much one big family..