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Hip-Hop Rumors: Fight Breaks Out At Rick Ross Self Made 3 Show?

Word, has it: A fight interrupted the a concert promoting Self Made 3, the new album from Rick Ross’ MMG crew. The show was being held at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City, a relatively small venue. The show was well attended, chockfull of music industry personnel. But, after Rozay took to the stage, a fight broke out. According to some reports, people were being hit with belts and fists. There was a strong police presence at the venue. Prior to the fight, Stalley performed to the fan’s delight.

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It was a win for Rozay either way. He even opened his shirt for all the ladies to love.

Gunplay and Stalley will be in NY next month so we’ll see what happens then.

  • NY shows be packed with live wires, anything can pop off.

  • HAHAHA “hit with belts” tho, ni66az trying to son ppl up in there LOL!! Of course police precsence was strong, Deputy Rick Ross was there.

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  • Thabiso Simons

    Oficer Ross always makin the headlinez, stunt???????

    • Synista

      Correction!That’s Commissioner Rawse!

  • BillyBobJohn

    There was a strong police presence. There always is with Officer William

    • $18592567

      Maybach got PBA cards on deck…

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  • speedy37

    Cops support they fellow officer.

  • Matt Swan

    Ok how in the hell are you gonna be in a club and get hit with ” people were being hit with belts and fists”? Is this Pootie Tang pt2? I’ve never been in any club anywhere and been hit with a belt. Someone took their parents to the club and they forgot how to act, so the belt came out. And he took off his shirt to the ladies delight? I think he took it off to the shirts delight.

    • wickedjones

      lol… (wa-kuush) belt sound noise

  • Hypnotic&7

    Hit with belts? That wasn’t a fight. Somebody mama caught Lil Trey Trey at the MM3 show and he was sposed to be at home. Got that ass whooped and sent to bed.

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  • MrNoName2K

    small venue + hot as hell + alcohol + wannabe g’s and rappers = some sh*t bout to happen..

  • _Triple7skylakegreat

    going out like fights with the brass knuckles swinging bells catching n***** with the buckles-mobb deep Goin out lil cease ripped that shit one if the only time he ripped the mic

  • Jakne

    Self Made 2 was better than 3!

  • Thought Dog

    Real news is when a fight doesnt break out at a rick ross show.

  • The Real Will Cannon

    Funny…I’m from Carol City…and I never actually seen Ross there…What’s funnier is people continue to support this nigga…while knowin’ he’s an identity thief…smh…Blame it on group thinking.

    • Truknown

      I like him because he got good music. I like to be entertained. Only people who are looking to be like rappers would worry about such petty issues.

      • The Real Will Cannon

        He’s rappin’ someone else’s life…but hey…some people don’t care for authenticity. It’s like wearin’ knock off Jordans…when you know real ones exist…smh.

      • Truknown

        come on bro…when you watch a movie do you look for authenticity? Black people need to wake up and realize that these rappers are not role models

      • The Real Will Cannon

        Wake up for what? It should be every man,who’s in a position of power,responsibility to use the position God blessed them with to make an impact. Not just him tho, EVERY celebrity who has the attention off the masses….so while your bobbin’ your head to this bullshit…giggling&flex’n like you just want to be entertained….you’re wastin’ your life not makin’ a difference…or solidfyin’ a legacy that your children could be proud of. What you tryin’ to kick knowledge a day later? We don’t even share the same music taste…I was raise by a old lady who had to fight for her right to vote…so stop bra…your point wasn’t made…but I hope you enjoy SELF MADE 3…

      • Truknown

        I guess. ..50 cent makes a big impact by telling you that it s ok to go out there and kill your own People. The same authentic ity that’s destroying the black commuNity. One thing you can leArn from rick Ross. Just listen to music, don’t apply it as doctrine

  • RichFromBX

    I would’ve been more shocked if the headline read “Rick Ross is Now Respected in Hip Hop after Show in NYC”

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Would have been a headline if Officer Roberts would have kept his shirt on/buttoned

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  • Brian Bitch Why?

    these niggaz gettin too much money


    Rick “Rozay” my a$$!!! More like Ricky “Wild Irish Rose” that corny wannabe motherf*****!!!