WTF News: Man Charged With DUI While 'Driving' Lawn Mower

This is actually a WTF and a fail.

Thomas Marrone, 55, was charged with driving drunk while riding a lawn mower down the street. The Pennsylvania man was driving the mower along the road at approximately 1:30 a.m. before being stopped y police.

Cops say Marrone wreaked of alcohol and had an open can of Coors Light beer in the mower’s storage compartment, reports AP.  Marrone said he was driving to his home, 6.4 miles away. He faces a preliminary hearing Tuesday on charges including driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

Hold up, his license was suspended too?

So, most likely he thought that riding a lawn mower was the way around his license situation instead of just calling a friend or a cab. Not only that but he’s getting charged for “driving” under the influence but the vehicle was a lawn mower! Shouldn’t there be some special charge for this? Luckily he was on the road during a time when there probably weren’t many cars out but still…imagine how slow that thing was going and what that could have done to traffic.

There’s way too much wrong with this case.

  • Sean Taylor

    and this is news…..why?

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    That’s what he gets for drinking Coors light…..puzzy.

    • Thenatural503

      Would you prefer he was drinking some Colt 45 or a 40 of Old E?

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        Maybe some russian imperial stout.

  • Thenatural503

    Oh Illseed you seem to know nothing about the law. Driving under the influence can be any vehicle period. Bike/Horse/Car/Lawn Mower whatever else you can think of that is transportation.

    • ZUBU

      Word, that what’s I was gonna say all of the above will get you a dui, add to that boats, jet skis, go-kart, soap box derby car, moped, scooter,skateboard, etc. Like you said anything you can think of lol..

      • Not sure, I think you can drink & drive a boat, but yeah, I don’t think you can be drunk driving a boat though, but definitely can have an open container.

      • Matt Swan

        Not down here you can’t. DCMDVA area get caught drinking and boating and it’s the same as a DUI in a car.

      • I was boating in MD( 272 from Pa?) at the Marina & the boat cops said we could drink on board.

        We were in a yacht, some old 1975 Sanford & Son jawnt.

        You could tell which boat belonged to the Black people:)

      • Thenatural503

        Well being a passenger and driving on a boat are two completely different things. I mean people drink beer while fishing on a paddle boat all the time I doubt police give a damn.

      • We were driving though & the same cops will give you a ticket for fishing & drinking on land.

      • ZUBU

        From my understaning and experiences if you’re behind the wheel of a boat it’s like being behind the wheel of a car, motorcycle, motorhome, etc. Bro not certain if you recall but a NFL runningback Cedric Benson was with the Bears at the time I think he was boating in Texas near where he went to college. He was flossing as brotha with a nice boat full of folks including his girl at the time a white chick. Police stopped him cause they though he was drinking and boating. He claimed he was not drunk, redneck cops roughed him up arrested him, etc. at the end he beat the case, but they went in hard on him. Google the case his girl called her white dad and told him the police are beating Cedric up for no reason saying he is drunk on the boat. Obviously that was a case of them people being jealous of a brotha. But you can’t boat and drive.

    • andone

      i heard about this dude who had been drunk on his way home riding a horse who got stopped by police and they couldnt cite/arrest him cause he was not on a public road or highway and that he in fact was not the one who was navigating because he was simply to intoxicated for that task…

      long story short it was the horse who in fact was the one navigating cause he knew the way home without instruction from his owner therefore making the rider a passenger???

      • Thenatural503

        Well if he was on a private road my question is what were the police doing on that road?

      • andone

        it wasnt private property either tho… some kind of state trail near a main road and had the horse traveled onto it he would have caught the dui but still would have won in court cause as i stated he was indeed the passenger… i swear im not making this up, it tripped me out too so?

  • MrNoName2K

    Not surprised.. see it all the time on “Worlds Wildest Videos” or “Caught on Tape”.. this aint nothing new..

  • brotha_man

    getting a dui in this situation makes sense to me

  • $25041764

    slow day i guess

  • eddieknucks

    Been arresting cats in michigan for that shit for years.