WTF News: Man Charged With DUI While 'Driving' Lawn Mower

Drunk man caught trying to ride a lawn mower six miles home.

This is actually a WTF and a fail.

Thomas Marrone, 55, was charged with driving drunk while riding a lawn mower down the street. The Pennsylvania man was driving the mower along the road at approximately 1:30 a.m. before being stopped y police.

Cops say Marrone wreaked of alcohol and had an open can of Coors Light beer in the mower’s storage compartment, reports AP.  Marrone said he was driving to his home, 6.4 miles away. He faces a preliminary hearing Tuesday on charges including driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

Hold up, his license was suspended too?

So, most likely he thought that riding a lawn mower was the way around his license situation instead of just calling a friend or a cab. Not only that but he’s getting charged for “driving” under the influence but the vehicle was a lawn mower! Shouldn’t there be some special charge for this? Luckily he was on the road during a time when there probably weren’t many cars out but still…imagine how slow that thing was going and what that could have done to traffic.

There’s way too much wrong with this case.