Chris Brown and Drake

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Bu Thiam Get Chris Brown and Drake to Squash Their Beef?

Word on the street is that Bu Thiam (Akon’s brother) got Chris Brown and Drake to squash their beef. It happened at the iHeart Radio Music Festival where Chris Brown and Drake attended.

Apparently, Drake and his team purposely went to watch Chris Brown perform and no hands, or chairs or any objects not bolted down to the ground were thrown. Page Six says that Bu Thiam mediated the reunion and got both men to put the drama aside. I asked around and while my sources who were there can’t point to Thiam, they have reported seeing Chris Brown and Drake kicking it backstage like they were friends.

You know what they say, bros over…

Anyway, people could learn a thing or two for taking the high road. Hopefully the era of peace is for good.

  • therealest1

    Softie ass bitches making up shit.

    • johnblacksad


  • brotha_man

    i guess now they can put out an r&b album together *shrugs*

  • KobieDixon

    I don’t know nothing about ‘over ____’ but brothers def need to recognize … all we got is us. youtube KobieDixon Deuce Deuce For that New Brooklyn.

  • BlackBombshell

    Well, if the “bros over…” comment is meant to reference Rihanna, then Drake and Chris Brown need to be over themselves too! Surely, they’ve had more sex with more women in non-committed relationships, hook-ups, etc than Rihanna has EVER had in her entire life!

    Anyway, Drake has always said he wanted to squash the tension between him and Chris, but it was Chris who was the one unwilling to meet him halfway. He’s said in numerous interviews how he wanted to talk man-to-man with Chris and put the whole thing behind him. He put that desire out in the Universe and the Universe responded.

    I think Drake believes in The Secret, which is mainly the Law of Attraction where like attracts like, and thoughts become things. If Drake is living in a negative space, then negativity and negative things will come to him. Why would he want that with a new clothing line, record label and/or representation company, a new album, and a new tour to promote it? I just think Drake’s culling all of his positive energy and focusing it on his new projects to ensure his success, and making nice with Chris Brown is a part of that. He had dinner with Rihanna right before the VMAs, so I’m sure he cleared the air with her too.

    • Matt Swan

      I see what you’re sayin, but in the end Drake has an album coming out, so it makes sense to squash the bs to look like the better man. Besides that it’s not like you’re going to see a mainstream artist fight, and same with these two. They can “beef” all day long over whatever, but in the end, it’s the hang arounds and bodyguards puttin in the work. For what I have no clue, so IMO there never was a “beef” to begin with.

    • Charter

      A key that can unlock any lock = Master Key.
      A lock that can be opened by any key = Shitty lock.
      Rihanna is one infamously shitty lock.

  • Hug Life

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