Marvin Gaye's Son Publicly Asks For Kidney Transplant

(AllHipHop News) Marvin Gaye III is not just fighting Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I. over “Blurred Lines” but is fighting for his life. According to The Associated Press, the son of the late soul legend suffers from kidney failure and is looking for a kidney transplant.

According to Gaye III, he has received dialysis for renal failure for over three years and is publicly asking for help to bring attention to Black and Hispanic’s difficulty in finding organ donors.

Gaye III plans to donate proceeds from his upcoming album to a kidney research organization.

Recently, Marvin Gaye III spoke out about how “shameful” an upcoming indie biopic about Marvin Gaye entitled Sexual Healing was for “trying to do a film about the low period in his life.” His remarks reportedly led to Lenny Kravitz to dropping out of the role as Marvin Gaye.

A trailer for the movie featuring former Law & Order star Jesse L Martin as Marvin Gaye was released online earlier this week but was removed by Arrow Entertainment, one of the company’s presenting the film.

  • They Say God Don’t Like Ugly…Smh…Dude Has Been Doing Nothing Lately But Trying To Stall/Stop Other Peoples Gains and Positivity and Now He Needs Others To Help Him Stay Alive (Which I Don’t Wish Death On No Man)… Hope This Opens His Eyes To How He’s Been Acting Towards People and Stop Keeping Up BS and Using His Fathers Legacy As His Reasons.

    • I can’t hate on him for stopping the culture vultures.

      >>Wishing him the best!

      • I Think You Have To Factor In Ones “Intent”…Can’t Say That There Was Any Ill Intent With The Robin Thicke Song…As For The Movie Thing, You Can’t Show Only The Good and Try To Pretend Like The Bad Never Existed…If Anything I Say Make Your Own Legacy Don’t Try To Hurt Everyone Whose Paying Respect To His Fathers Legacy.

      • Intent?

        I doubt Robin composed a track that just happened to sound like an old hit.

        Puffy’s formula – Remake an established hit

        It’s already a commercial success….as opposed to creating one. With a dope MC who can make a beat with words, it’s easier than with a prepackaged, TV dinner type rapper.

      • Personally i never thought of the marvin gaye song when i heard blurred lines…i just heard a hit…dude was reaching with that suit with the “inspired” thing…either they sampled the track or they didnt

      • Weedras

        It would be one thing if that was his intention but the basis for his gripes are rubbish… how are you going to sue or attempt to sue someone on the basis of inspiration.. lol!

      • That was biting…not inspiring.

      • The lawsuit says inspired

      • Whose lawsuit?

        I think Robin is the one that filed the inspired lawsuit because they wouldn’t clear the sample.

      • Nah MG Son’s lawsuit said that Robin Thicke’s tracked was “Inspired” by his fathers music, thats why everyone is trippin…if Pharell sampled the track then yeah it makes sense, but he’s saying that he’s suing them because you can see that the song was inspired by his father…the story was a AHH story if im not mistaken, look into it….i know RT tried to put they’re own suit out to try to stop him from trying to sue, but at some point RT tried to settle and they declined it, so they’re may be some guilt somewhere.

      • Who filed first?

        I thought RT sued first, because he couldn’t get clearance.
        ^That was my understanding.

        Re check that for me if you can, I’ll try to find it too.

      • i tried to post the link but they blocked it…if you search RT’s name on the AHH search bar its the last story on the first page of the results, you were right they filed first when they heard that the family was looking to sue them over it.

      • They bit.

      • I Still Don’t Really Hear It Lol…If They Never Would’ve Pulled That Lawsuit Stuff I Never Would’ve Put It Together and I’m 30 so I’ve Listened to MG’s Music and Know Exactly What Song They’re Referring To…When I Heard It I Said It Has a Old School Soulful Vibe To It, But Would Be Lying If I Said MG came to mind

      • I said the same thing, definite old school vibe, it’s just that the lawsuit showed us why we felt it.

        MG was definitely not the 1st thing that came to mind either, but side by side? They stole the whole jawnt & if MG3 owns the publishing, it’s a wrap.

      • i don’t think he has a case though, otherwise they would’ve took off with it by now, copyright infringement is one of the easiest suits to bring, and very seldom do you see the artist fighting it if they know they sampled it, so for them to be fighting it and for him to say they’re song was “inspired” by my father leads me to believe that he knows they didn’t sample it, but is just reaching for a lawsuit, because for the most part you can sue for anything now days so he just went for it. and in the process he was promoting his up and coming music (which i didn’t even know he did music (shouldn’t be too surprise though given who his father is/was).

      • I think he has a case because it is RT who is claiming he was “INSPIRED” by MG’s song, MG3 is claiming RT crooked the hook.

        “Inspired” is RT’s defense, not MG3’s attack.

        If I’m wrong, correct me, because I’m not exactly sure, but if RT filed “INSPIRED” as a defense lawsuit,it shows consciousness of guilt & in reality, side by side,RT is guilty.

      • then i may have it wrong, i could’ve sworn i heard from MG3 that he said it was inspired by his father’s music, then he went on to talk about how he’s trying to get his own music out.

      • I think RT’s lawsuit is the only one & it’s INSPIRED.

        From my understanding, RT’s lawsuit was pre emptive, because he couldn’t get clearance.

        If so….he’s wrong.

      • Just Watched The Interview Again, It Was An Interview With TMZ He Said That RT Was At The Very Least “Inspired” By His Father and Has Always Been, and They Pulled Up Another Song That Was Almost An Exact Match To The “Trouble Man” Track that T.I. Used on His Album, But RT Made a Song Almost Exactly The Same.

      • Ok, that cleared it up a little, except did MG3 counter? sue?

      • When They Asked Was He Gonna Sue He Said “What Do You Think I’m Gonna Do???” and Laughted it off while his Wife was Nodding Yes…But RT suit was actually a preventative suit only filed to Keep them from Suing Him and wasting Lawyer fees, His Suit wasn’t even for Money, Thats Why It was Crazy When He Tried to settle for 6 Figures, but even Crazier is why MG3 Didn’t Take It Lol

      • If RT loses though, it looks like MG3 has him.

        I think RT thinks MG3 has him, which is why he offered 6 figures? (* >>Whew! )

        RT didn’t sue to save lawyer fees, he sued to prevent from getting sued, and it demonstrates bad faith.

        RT knows he crooked that hook.

      • Idk because more than likely Pharrell Came Up With It, RT Gave Pharrell Alot Of Credit For The Song Prior to The Lawsuits Coming…It May Be Somethin There Though Because As They Described RT’s Suit, It Was Kinna To Ask The Judge Did He Do Anything Wrong, and He Wanted a Judge To Clear Him Of Any Wrong, But Then a 6 Figure Offer Comes Up After RT’s Suit???? Yeah They Found Somethin Lol

      • Robin and Pharell’s lawyers filed before Marvin III’s lawyer could.

      • So they knew the crooked his hook.

      • Weedras

        The son was readying to file suit over ‘inspiration’ and Thicke & Co. heard about it and counter sued…

      • Translation = RT sued 1st
        Funkadelic is about to sue him too, because he croooked “Sexy Ways” for the same hook.

        He bit…no way he just happened to accidently come up with 2 stolen tracks.

        If I’m not mistaken, Berry Gordy had 1 band & multiple singers.
        Biz Markie’s “I Need A Haircut” album was the 1st sampling case, so dude’s knew the time, they just figured it was cheaper to say “Fugg ‘Em!” IMHO

        Bottom line is, they have to clear the samples, just like they would want you to clear them….instead of fronting & shutting down download sites for pirating.

        Can’t have it both ways.

      • Thats what i said…if thats the case Jordan should be suing every nigga on the court because im sure he inspired almost all of them

  • mosestobymcgeethree

    hope you get your kidney, stay up

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  • ZUBU

    Kidney failure is no joke, it has touched a couple in my life close to me. Wish him the best.

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  • Pirate7X

    I hope MG III gets that kidney, respect.

    Now about the lawsuit, my 2 cents: it does not sound close enough for Pharrell & Thicke to pay songwriting royalties to the Gaye family and the publisher/co-songwriters. Everybody is “inspired” by somebody and as a singer if you ain’t inspired by Marvin you probably ain’t that good. Even Stevie Wonder sees this (heh) and publicly spoke out against the suit. Marvin Gaye admitted twice to being “inspired” by Stevie and adapted choruses on “Get It Together” from Wonder’s “As” and another from the first song on “in Our Lifetime”, can’t remember the name but MG even said like “Stevie, hope you don’t mind I use this…” in the song.

    And if the case goes to court the Gaye estate will lose. As much plagiarizing from our music has been standard from jump especially in Blues/Rock ‘n’ Roll, the white ‘powers that be’ will love to save the white dude from a suit by Black folks. The Gaye estate should have taken the 6-figure settlement offer and requested Thicke contribute to a Marvin Gaye compilation album.

    You want to hear real plagiarism and biting? Look up LED ZEPPELIN PLAGIARISM Parts 1-3 on YouTube. That stuff was freakin’ shameful, even Howard Stern had to agree…

  • Good45

    Good riddance to bad rubbish I say. His father was murdered by his grandfather.

  • From the way it’s worded, I think only Marvin III is thinking of suing. Robin and Pharell sued (for non-financial reasons) to prevent III from suing. This is gonna have to eventually be settled. He’s even trying to blame the lawsuit for his failing health. Get your health straight first, bruh. Your father would’ve wanted you to do so.

  • ColoRN

    So, is he functioning on only one kidney, or are both in end stage renal failure??
    Why does he and the news media give him so much free press time and publicity?? Is he more important than all the others in the same desperate situation?

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