Marvin Gaye's Son Publicly Asks For Kidney Transplant

Marvin Gaye’s Son Publicly Asks For Kidney Transplant

(AllHipHop News) Marvin Gaye III is not just fighting Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I. over “Blurred Lines” but is fighting for his life. According to The Associated Press, the son of the late soul legend suffers from kidney failure and is looking for a kidney transplant.

According to Gaye III, he has received dialysis for renal failure for over three years and is publicly asking for help to bring attention to Black and Hispanic’s difficulty in finding organ donors.

Gaye III plans to donate proceeds from his upcoming album to a kidney research organization.

Recently, Marvin Gaye III spoke out about how “shameful” an upcoming indie biopic about Marvin Gaye entitled Sexual Healing was for “trying to do a film about the low period in his life.” His remarks reportedly led to Lenny Kravitz to dropping out of the role as Marvin Gaye.

A trailer for the movie featuring former Law & Order star Jesse L Martin as Marvin Gaye was released online earlier this week but was removed by Arrow Entertainment, one of the company’s presenting the film.