EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rick Ross Discusses New Wingstop Location, Signs Autographs

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Rick Ross personally flew out close to 100 different industry executives, DJ’s, artists and producers to celebrate his MMG weekend.

The first annual weekend showcased everything from Maybach’s music and new artists, to Rick Ross’ latest Wingstop location in Deerfield Beach.

“One time for Wingstop the #1 wing spot in the world,” Rick Ross told AllHipHop.com. “We did something for the community, came out, took a few pictures. Shout out to the team and everyone that put it together, everyone that held me down, everyone that repped me.

“I was supposed to do 30 minutes and I did an hour and 30 minutes,” the rapper continued. “I just wanted to take pictures with as many people as I could, you know alot of little kids came out and I love that.”

MMG artist Deuce Poppi was on hand to celebrate with Rick Ross. Deuce Poppi told AllHipHop.com that he was working on a brand new mixtape.

“Self Made 3 in stores, it just came out. I’m on track 6 [titled] ‘Stack On My Belt.’ Wale, Birdman, Rozay. Y’all gotta f**k with that joint man, video coming soon. MTV Jams. Slab McNab the mixtape coming soon.”

Self Made 3 is available now everywhere.

Check out Rick Ross as he signs autographs at Wingstop.

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21 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rick Ross Discusses New Wingstop Location, Signs Autographs”

  1. johnblacksad

    People still asking for autographs in 2013?

    Ok… I admit I had a few WU members sign my WU vinyls but that’s about it.

    I don’t even care for a Hov autograph except for the value I can resell it for…

    • Donny P

      Not gon lie, I was fortunate enough to get a autograph from Mike Jackson in 2002 and Mike Jordan in 2005. I was never the autograph type. I’ve been around many celebs, but both MJ’s? I broke my own rule on those days

  2. @Real_SirJamie

    Why are rappers always talking about doing something for the community when they aren’t opening recreation centers, building parks, visiting schools, buying books or things like that? Opening a restaurant so you can line your pockets with more money does not mean you’re doing something for the community.

    • Tony G.

      I could be wrong..but I think he was referencing his signing and taking pics..not that that’s doing a damn thing either lol..but hey..he did give jobs to the community so that helps a little..

    • Kelse

      Because these Black Rappers are All full of Sh”t and its all about the money! A Sad Sad people. Take, but give nothing back to those very same communities they came from and who supported them. Why not pool their money and build technology and blue collar training centers to help these sorry azz youth today. But believe me, their time of worshipping White man’s almighty dollar will eventually come to an end!

    • RapItUp

      I hit WingStop out here in SoCal, and if the right staff is on hand, it’s really difficult to find a better assortment of freshly made to order wings for that price. They don’t try to make an entire environment like Buffalo Wild Wings, but I like what they’re doing (when I need some deep fried goodness)

  3. Kelse

    Like the song, nice beat, except for the Lyrics Would never buy, will Never support these Tired Azz rappers referring to their Black women as bytches. Would not buy it because of that reason alone! As long as the Disrespect continues and these Dumb Azz Ungodly rappers continue to refer to Black women as Bytches and Ho’s, some of us will continue to speak out against them and Never support any of their B.S. music! What a Sad Sad generation these Black rappers have turned out to be. From a nation of Greatness to Crumbs!!! The Ungodly of the earth, having no better sense than to refer to what God created and Gifted them with for a mate as Bytches and Ho’s. And from a people who were meant to be Leaders, Priest, who are reported to be descendants of Kings, they are no better than those same Dogs they refer to their women as! Having not even the smallest degree of common sense to see that others Glorify in them disrespecting their Black women thereby doing them a further disservice by adding more burden to the lives of a people who have already been burdened enough with racism, bigotry being looked down upon as not being worthy, being treated as a lesser being. Having not even the most miniscule amount of common sense to realize the powerful ramifications of their words has influenced an entire generation of young Blacks who now refer and think of themselves as no better than those same Bytches and Ho’s they’ve labeled them as! “From A Nation of Greatness to Crumbs” We have mad respect for those few rappers who’ve kept it clean. But for the Jayz’s, and Lil Wayne’s of the world, it’s not for me or others to view you as the Scum of the earth, but for you yourselves to realize what you are and the damage you’ve infused into the lives of so many young because whether one wants to believe or not, we are all God’s children and at some point each and every one will be held accountable for the things you’ve said out of your mouths. It’s not that these rappers don’t know any better, as the path they continue down is one of their own choice! To these young Black women out here, please pray for common sense, as your generation is truly Mindless! lacking the intelligence to think more of yourselves rather than letting others define who you are. Carry yourselves with respect, hold your heads high as you come from a nation of Black Queens, don’t let these Black Rappers nor the world define who you are! Don’t let your friends influence who you are. Just because your friends do it, doesn’t mean you have to be a mindless follower and go down that same path. It high time to cut the strings from your puppet masters and start thinking for yourselves, carry yourselves with respect, as you young Black women are So Much More and So Better than the Ho’s, sluts and female dogs your young Black men refer to you as and you refer to yourselves as! Start using your minds with the common sense God gave you! For Goodness Sake, Please Wake Up!

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