Don Thompson

WTF News: McDonald's CEO Says he Lost Weight Eating Only Mickey D's

This man is trying it. Don Thompson, the current CEO of McDonald’s says he lost weight by only eating Micky D’s. Yeah, ok…

We don’t believe you, you need more people.

  • ???

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    He ate one fry and one mcnugget a day.

  • Jdilla2982 .

    Noboy talking about the elephant in the room…………….CEO of McDonalds is black had no idea. Only a nikka would sell you a dream like this one

    • Lamar Star

      Rooted in the community, 365.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      hey thats a good thing but damn bro !!!! WHY !!!!!!! lol he just as bad as these studio gangsters lol

  • JimJames29

    But his arteries clogged, he got cancer, his teeth fell out, his skin got oily, his breath started to smell, his eyesight reduced, he was nauseous every day, headaches, cramps, involuntaty sweating, shaking, diarreah…

  • Lamar Star

    They must be paying him a $hitload of money to say this.
    Now I know where all the money from those bullsh*t monopoly games they always promote went to that nobody ever wims

  • Nikolai Weezanator

    Actually there is already a documentary that proves you can lose weight eating fast food and be healthier than the average person. Fat Head & there was actually a documentary that proved the same thing before that, but I forgot the name. Losing weight has many different factors besides food.

    • Guest

      Fast Food Documentary

    • DJ7

      There’s also a documentary proving the exact opposite…using McDonalds as the example…how ironic…it ran on HBO for a good minute and currently can be found on netflix….youtube…

      • Matt Swan

        Supersize me was that documentary, but if you’re disciplined enough to eat the salads there, why couldn’t you loose weight? Problem for me is I’m not disciplined enough. Buy one get one for one cent get’s me every time and those fries….and fresh ones too………..sheeeiiiitttttt

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        nobody goes to mcds for the salads !!!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        in that case how about mcds go to salads only …. lets see if he would be for that since you can lose weight LOL !!! im sure the customers will come in heards lol

      • Matt Swan

        That’s why I said disciplined enough. I know that no one is going to hit mickey D’s thinkin healthy, that’s negative in itself. And I admitted I don’t do that so no one could call me a liar. I like my double cheeseburgers, no lie. I like hot fresh fries, no lie there either. And besides at 2am when the clubs let out, I’m sure the one thing on your mind other than getting home without a DUI, or sex is food. And when you’re in that drive through, you’re not going to ask for no damn salad either.

      • DJ7

        I can’t comment on that b/c I don’t patron fast food joints b.u.t. I will say that anytime there’s a buy one get one free deal going on when dealing with food….RUN Forest RUN…away that is…there’s always a catch…in this case…your health

  • brotha_man

    letting poor America know that eating fast food is ok. just like the NRA saying anything to keep guns in the hood and in the hands of KKK.

    still feedin our children bullshit. *turns on Goodie Mob Soul food*

  • Chris

    It’s possible. If he limited his calories, it’s definitely possible. But still, sounds suspect.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      very LOL !! he forgot to mention he only ate one meal a day … and that meal include a mcds salad & a parfait !!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

      • Chris

        Pretty much. I ate fast food almost everyday when I was in the Army. The only reason I didn’t get fat was because I was hitting the gym and running 6-7 miles every other day.

  • Traestar

    Coon Please, show me the Med Report

  • TimeWillTellu1

    As his gullet shakes smh

  • ccwaterbound32

    he’s merely a figurehead…of course he’s going to say that dumb shit…

  • DesignatedH8R

    he might of lost a quarter pound

    • BibatheDiva


  • johnblacksad

    he’s still fat if you ask me…

    • Gameboi107

      No one asked you

  • Geralda Baugh

    You can actually eat McDonald’s and lost weight. Just depending on what you get, you can’t eat fries, burger and soft drink expecting to lose weight. You have to modify, what you get. Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Salad and water .. Losing weight is 90% Discipline 10% Food and Exercise.

  • Gameboi107

    This has to be a joke. In American society a liter of Coca cola is less expensive than a liter of bottled water. The issue with McDonalds is that it’s food is mostly processed! The bread has additives in it that make it not spoil along with the other products they sell. Fries are the worst thing a person can eat. It’s a fried salted potato. No nutritional value what so ever. Salads at McDonalds are sky high because no one buys them. The portions are also very small. It’s all about supply and demand. I dont feel McDonalds purposley wants to make it’s public fat but if people will buy it they will supply it. It’s not about what society thinks it’s about making money;it is business

  • CaliTeeTee

    Losing weight by eating healthy options from Mc Donald’s is possible. Anybody with a brain knows it’s all about working out. And of course having cheat days. Losing weight eating at Micky D’s isn’t far fetch.

  • Delonte West

    He looks like he’s about to start lying…

  • Teks

    Yea, not falling for the black trap.

  • Dougla Cat