Game: I Haven't Seen 50 Cent In Over 8 Years, Says Detox is "Jesus of Music" (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Two things have always been true about Game (formerly The Game) since his 2005 debut album The Documentary: He’s not afraid to name drop and he has a complicated relationship with 50 Cent. Last night (October 1st) Game appeared on Larry King Now and spoke on his relationship with 50 Cent in 2013 and his opinion on Dr. Dre’s now mythical Detox album.

According to Game, he has not seen 50 Cent since 2005, around the time Game and his entourage got into a shootout with G-Unit affiliates outside of a Hot 97 while 50 Cent was dropping Game from G-Unit in an on-air interview:

Um, it’s, I haven’t seen him in about eight years. It was a rift. We had a shoot-out, in New York, in front of a radio station, [guns], yeah, it was a little bit more than a rift. [Why?] Egos. Young and dumb, being ignorant, who knows? [Who drew first?] Um, the Game. Yeah. Nah, no charges.

Game also revealed that with Jesus Piece, he has fulfilled his contractual obligations to Interscope Records and is currently taking meetings with other labels.

When asked by Larry King about the status of his mentor Dr. Dre’s continuously delayed album Detox, Game compares it to another mythical figure:

Dre’s album is sort of like the Jesus of music. We just waiting on it to come back.

Check out the videos of Game speaking on his relationship with 50 Cent, how he first signed to Aftermath and more:

  • dder

    Like most beefs in hip-hop, it’s almost never between the artists, it’s almost always between people behind the scenes.

    We all know that the real issues were between 50 & Game was solely because of Henchman. Just like Preme was in between Murda Inc & 50. Or Henchman, Jack and them between 2pac & Biggie, or J. Prince in alot of other situations and on and on.

    That’s always how it’s been. There’s alot of organized crime in the entertainment business and unfortunately alot of the times the artists are just a front or forced to be on the frontline of that shit either to make it or to survive.

    It’s been that way since at least the 80’s as far as hip-hop is concerned.

    • RichFromBX

      the artist are every bit to blame as anyone else – they’ve chosen to use the weapons on each other regardless of what someone behind the scenes is doing…you don’t see this in any other genre of music so if organized crime is the reason it should be more widespread

      • dder

        Uh, i dont understand what youre talking about. I was talking about the reason why there’s alot of issues between artists in the industry and you go on and talk about guns..i dont see the connection between what i said and what you said.

        Are you talking about this situation? If so, neither Game or 50 used a gun, despite what youve been told. Again, you clearly didnt get my point.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        I see this specific statement all the time ONLY ON THIS SITE “you don’t see this in any other genre of music” I’m starting to think some of these disqus profiles are media people trying to make hip hop look bad or something deeper. Have you ever even RESEARCHED other genres of music? I had a debate with someone already on this topic and all he could do was turn it into a Black/White thing. Do you know about the biker gangs and Klan members that funded rock bands? What about the beef between Motley Crue and Guns N Roses? What about Chuck Berry getting shot? Dime bag Darrell? Don’t say there isn’t crime and/or “beef” in any other genre of music if you don’t know other genres of music. Sounds like you’re trying to make Hip hop look bad…

      • Yeah but Motley Crue isn’t killing GnR…#IJS

      • @Real_SirJamie

        And game didn’t kill 50 either. I was on the specific point of violence in music. Now we can get as technical as we want and stray from the point, but the thing is, I can do it without it turning into a racial thing. As I’ve stated before there was violence in music before hip hop was even a genre.

      • True, but GNR wasn’t fighting or shooting at the awards shows.
        Imagine Axel Rose getting jelly rolled after the Grammys over a Motley Crue tweet.

        Now the ‘chet is going to get mad exposure as an epidemic. Ross & Jeezy, 50 taking MMG’s ChinPlay’s chain, Big, Pac.

        On that level, it’s epidemic proportions.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Axel Rose was fighting at award shows. AND at LAX before you even knew who Kanye was. He fought Slash (Guitar player from his OWN BAND just like 50 vs Game), He fought Kurt Kobain,(from another band so there’s your “fighting other artist’s” reference) He even stopped a show to fight a fan once (like game or camron or any other rapper.) So were Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. Plus rock stars were always trashing hotel rooms causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Throwing tables threw windows, shooting heroin. THE WORST. The most you heard a rapper do was smoke weed in a room (chief keef, notorious b.i.g.) or running naked in a hall (DMX). As I said research Axel Rose punching Tommy Hilfiger in the face, or Glen Danzig getting k.o. by one of the north side kings (another rock band) for saying he was p***y. As I said before bro. Its easy for me to say… Tupac never shot no cops, Where you get THAT s**t from” or, “Afeni wasn’t REALLY a Black Panther… show me PROOF!!!” all the while not researching myself or looking in the wrong places. And as I stated, When you start pointing out specifics towards BLACK PEOPLE, then this is another conversation.

      • True, but it’s expected now at the BET awards, that’s the difference.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        We’re older than these kids bro. Back in those days there WAS NO twitter or social media to go by and spread negativity. And you think they didn’t expect these guys to wild out? They had stories of hotel managers saying, “We’ve made preparations for the band to be at our hotel. We’ve nailed the tables to the floor and reinforced the windows”. Plus, back in those days they had paramedics on STAND BY at shows and events they knew Kiss, Guns N Roses, Alice In Chains and bands like that would be attending. Where do you think the term “Party Like A ROCK STAR” came from???? LOL.

      • True, trashing the hotels was almost expected, but what about now?

        Ninjaz is doing that ‘chet with Big Brother’s NWO watching with facial recognition software, facebook, ninjaz even have “FACEBACK”, where they look at the back of your head & can tell who you are, and NINJAZ are still Wilding, so it’s an issue.

        They used to Party Like A Rockstar…… the Rockstars are scared to party like a rapper.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Rap music is more popular (and has been for a while now) than Rock Music. Where there is success, there is jealousy. So when another genre of music becomes more successful, you will see beef. Trust that. It’s easy to make an argument that “rap has more violence than rock RIGHT NOW.” All eyes are on rap music. Plus honestly, which one of you is even familiar with rock artists, their websites, twitter accounts, wives, and things like you are on this site? Nobody would even know if Linkin Park has beef with Green Day because none of us follow Rock. This site caters to hip hop and hip hop only.

      • True, I can’t disagree, because I don’t even know who Green Day is.

        Flip side is , I didn’t know who Slim Duncan was until he was killed over a lollipop.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Really? For that type of music (Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, Young Scooter) Dunk was pretty much next up. Dude was a baby too. Sad situation. Also very stupid.

      • If I was next up for that type of music, I would’ve killed myself.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        On another note it seems you were right about “Snoop Lion” changing. He just did another commercial promoting Colt 45 malt liquor. Very disappointing.

      • Ya’ heard!

      • Casor_G

        man shut up, i schooled yo dumb ass on this before. when did motley crue fight shoor, shoot, or stab guns n roses? who shot chuck berry..what artist? Don’t worry I’ll wait

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Well, I wasn’t talking about you, but since you want attention so bad I will address your statement (without the immature name calling). Guns N Roses are notorious for getting into altercations because of the lead singer. Fights and all. Disqus doesn’t let you post links. But a quick search for Axel Rose will prove that. If you don’t want to search for it just to have a grade school name calling argument please find someone else. I won’t engage in those type of conversations. On chuck berry I will only say this, it’s sad we live in a generation where although multitudes of information is at out finger tips (literally) EVERYTHING isn’t there. People who are in love with technology think “If I can’t google it, it’s not true”. Chuck was born in the roaring 20’s. So his history (as far as everyday life) is hard to just search. I’m sure if you walked up to him and said “Hey, this guy on the Internet said you shot someone and had been shot but the search engine I was using couldn’t validate your gangsta” he’d say.. “Good”. Only kids worry about things like that. Us adults know it doesn’t matter what race or music you like, violence is everywhere. As I told EDogs we can stray off the point if you like but I was addressing a specific statement, “you don’t see this in any other genre of music” referring to violence. Now when you try to specify what violence is by making statements like “I meant shoot outs and hoodies and gold teeth and colt 45 and 2 zig zags” then you prove my point.

      • Casor_G

        my bad on the name calling, we can just stick to the subject at hand. violence is seen everywhere, but the specific reference in the previous conversation was about violence between artists. no other genre of music has the artists engaging in or threatening violence against one another to the degree of rap music if at all.

      • LaurynHernandex

        John lenon shot,Elvis od, All those whiteboys be falling hard eminem is a pedophile and a crack head

      • Guest

        a$$hole, I’m talking about shootout outs…you show me where two artist in a genre not related to hiphop have had shootouts in the middle the street…people are going to beef and people are going to fight but hate to bring the facts to you but artist outside of hiphop aren’t shooting at each other…

        Dimebag and Chuck Berry weren’t shot by “rival” artist stupid…so no, outside of hiphop you don’t see artist getting in to shootouts in the middle of the street in broad daylight…

        the comment before mine was basically saying that the 50 and Game shootout as well as the others they named weren’t the fault of the artist but the organized crime which is bullsh!t.

        Trying to make hiphop look bad, smh, b!tch, you don’t know sh!t about me

      • @Real_SirJamie

        50 and Game weren’t busting at each other. If you believe that then I have some bridges in London to sell you.

    • It’s the entourages with no talent, that want to earn stripes.

      On that note, it has always existed in Hip Hop.

      • dder

        Of course. But like i said alot of the times it goes deeper than just entourages. This includes some of our favorite artists as well.

        Like i said, most artists are just fronts. It happens in other forms of the entertainment business as well but there’s def some differences.

        The real issue is between the impressionable, naive, gullible hip-hop fans/hood folks AND then the people who help perpetuate these things for a buck and the percieved lifestyle for a buck even if they know its wrong (ie. Suge, Irv and many other, whether black/white/hispanic/jewish etc)

  • MrNoName2K

    lol @ Detox being the “Jesus of music”..

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      Well the bible does say, No one knows when Jesus is coming.” so that nigga IS right.

      • MrNoName2K

        lol i gotcha..

  • Doc Franchise

    LOL, a musician; what instrument does he play?

    • Dana P. Stephenson

      my gf got a very cool Hyundai Genesis Sedan only from working part time off a pc… view it now W­­­W­­­W.F­­­B­­­3­­­9.C­­O­­M

      • Doc Franchise

        tell your girl congrats on that Hyundai Genesis..ha

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  • andone

    maybe its because he doesnt want any more of his boy’s gettin shot or better yet losing their life behind his ignorance… SMH this n!gg@ acts like 50 doesnt be in L.A all the time, fif has a mansion and like 10 cars in the city its no secret!

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