Game: I Haven't Seen 50 Cent In Over 8 Years, Says Detox is "Jesus of Music" (VIDEO)

Game: I Haven’t Seen 50 Cent In Over 5 Years, Says Detox is “Jesus of Music” (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Two things have always been true about Game (formerly The Game) since his 2005 debut album The Documentary: He’s not afraid to name drop and he has a complicated relationship with 50 Cent. Last night (October 1st) Game appeared on Larry King Now and spoke on his relationship with 50 Cent in 2013 and his opinion on Dr. Dre’s now mythical Detox album.

According to Game, he has not seen 50 Cent since 2005, around the time Game and his entourage got into a shootout with G-Unit affiliates outside of a Hot 97 while 50 Cent was dropping Game from G-Unit in an on-air interview:

Um, it’s, I haven’t seen him in about eight years. It was a rift. We had a shoot-out, in New York, in front of a radio station, [guns], yeah, it was a little bit more than a rift. [Why?] Egos. Young and dumb, being ignorant, who knows? [Who drew first?] Um, the Game. Yeah. Nah, no charges.

Game also revealed that with Jesus Piece, he has fulfilled his contractual obligations to Interscope Records and is currently taking meetings with other labels.

When asked by Larry King about the status of his mentor Dr. Dre’s continuously delayed album Detox, Game compares it to another mythical figure:

Dre’s album is sort of like the Jesus of music. We just waiting on it to come back.

Check out the videos of Game speaking on his relationship with 50 Cent, how he first signed to Aftermath and more: