EXCLUSIVE: New York Giants Victor Cruz Talks About Getting Beat As A Child (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) This past Sunday (October 6th), the New York Giants fell to 0-5 after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles 36-21. Two days before that beating, Victor Cruz stopped by Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal Hip Hop Improv Show to talk about the time he was beaten as a child.

According to Cruz, after getting in trouble in school for fighting, his mom informed him his dad would be giving his behind lashes as a result. However, this beating was not like the others as his father went to get materials .

The UCB Theatre improvisers Lydia Hensler and Abra Tabak took that story and turned it into a fantasy where items, specficially made for beating children, are sold.

Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal is every Friday at 9pm at the UCB Theatre at 153 East 3rd St on Ave A in New York City’s Lower East Side.

Check out Victor Cruz detail his grueling beating as a child at the hands of his father and watch a few improvisers turn that into comedy gold:

  • brotha_man

    naw, cruz aint had beatings…..growing up my mama used to bring it, old school from the south, she didnt mess around.

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  • Executive

    Why he tellin on his folks? The white man must’ve cut him a check.

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  • Matt Swan

    ehh you wanna get a seat on Oprah and whine and complain?

    ——————– And on to other hip hop news————————

    Nikki Manaj has a fake a$$ and matching titties from Jacob The Jewler. She wanted a matching pair of everything.

    The Amish have come out with a new version of Ice Ice Baby and it actually sounds good

    Lil Wayne as outed himself and Drake as closet Jews.

    LeBron’s forehead has a mixtape coming out called extra skin and wrinkles; the forehead saga

    ————————–Hip Hop Verses of the Day—————————-

    “Caress that speaker that booms”- Amish version of Ice Ice Baby

    “Roll around give you p*ssy by the pound b*tches”- Lola Demoan 50 n*ggas deep

    “Murda was the case that they gave me”-Ray Lewis

    • Matt Swan

      For all that read my post, I did this to show we are not getting what this site promises. Ill and Chuck named this site ALL HIP HOP, and that’s what we expect to be shown. Not media take out’s or WSHH’s leftovers just to fill a space. If the day doesn’t have anything good, don’t make s*it up. Admit it and go on. Who cares that he got his ass whupped as a child? They way he’s playin as man, he might need a few more. This isn’t hip hop or even related to it. Someone needs to post a milk carton with AHH and Ill on the side: MISSING AHH AND ILLSEED. BTW some of the above post IS true, where some of course isn’t. And the rest opinionated