Girl Fight

WTF News: Father Coaches Daughters to Jump Girl in Street Fight, Threatens Girl Holding Camera Too

I know some parents who are about that life would rather their children fist fight than use weapons but this is just ridiculous. Apparently, one of this man’s daughters got into a fight so instead of breaking it up he encourages his other daughter to jump into the fight and then tells the camera woman that she’s next up for an arse woopin.  Peep game:

Talk about a parenting fail. What if she decided to press charges? You’re on camera stupid.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Let the hate out in your heart

  • Casor_G

    Come on Black People!! But he took up for his daughters

    • Thenatural503

      So it’s okay if a grown man tells his DAUGHTERS to act like hood rats? Wouldn’t the better thing to do is to break up the fight tell his daughter not to act like an animal and walk away?

      There is a lesson to be learned with every loss and she took an L fair and square till this idiot decided to act like an animal trainer. I hope the girl who filmed this goes to police and this dude loses his kids because he’s obviously not fit to be a father.

      This is for sure not the type of behavior I wanna see from my black sisters or from a black parent.

      • Casor_G

        I might not have took that approach, but I was taught and I will teach my children to always fight with their siblings. He let his kids get their licks in, and then broke it up. It wasn’t like they stomped the girl to a bloody pulp.

      • Thenatural503

        It looks like the only reason he stopped is because he looked up and noticed that there was a camera filming his dumb ass. Now that’s not to say you shouldn’t help your sibling get out of that situation but all three of them on top of her punching her in the head is by no means necessary.

      • brotha_man

        its one thing to teach them to stand up for themselves and another to show them a better way of handling “beef” i mean they look about 13 what could she have done that violence was needed. at 13 you still learning the world…..all this is showing these girls is that the penitentiary is a viable option.
        Learn to work things out with your mind, not with fist. save the fighting for the revolution.

        I bet daddy will put things into prospective when they are all criminally charged.

      • Casor_G

        Really just an unfortunate incident all the way around

      • tomekia kelley

        I totally agree!!!

      • tomekia kelley

        Are u serious!!!!!. It don’t take 2 or 3 people to fight one person. She was getting that ass mopped!!!! Anybody jump on me. Am coming back with a tribe. Daddy would had been in the hospital!!! My daddy and uncles would of had him looking different

      • Pirate7X

        …And you’re telling people the man was wrong for having his “tribe” take up for their sister but you would have your “tribe” jump too.

        #1 Hypocrite prize goes to: Tomeka Kelley! Congrats!….

      • tomekia kelley

        U are so true. Charges need to be pressed. Know what if they come and back and jump of his daughters or his dumb ass.

    • Lamar Star

      The actions of one stupid ass knee grow should not be attributed to a whole race of people.

  • Really not surprised anymore….

  • Lamar Star

    Before anyone gets on the ” black people we gotta do better” sh*t, lets do better by not attributing the actions of one stupid knee grow to a whole race of people. Thank you

    • Thenatural503

      What’s the old saying you’re only as strong as your weakest link?

      • Lamar Star

        It is my belief that somewhere along the way between getting off the slave ship and then up to the present moment a lot knee grows found themselves in a comfortable position outside of the links made to hold black people together, and this dumb ass is no exception. I think it would be best to let him stay where he’s at (not before he himself gets his ass beat) in order to keep moving forward. Martin, Malcolm, and all of those who have dedicated they’re lives towoards the advancement of black people are not rolling over in they’re graves because of this n*gga because they knew that there were some niggas not worth saving

      • tomekia kelley


  • brotha_man

    *sigh* i love my people

  • JustUs Samuel

    We are all doooooomed

  • Southcidal

    What would you do if you saw your daughter getting her azz beat like that? Lol!
    Me personally, I would’ve went pulled Lil Black’s female Bone Jones looking azz off of my daughter after about 5 licks. I would not have let my other daughters all crowd the young lady. I would have given her the decision a lot before he decided to intervene.

    • tomekia kelley

      Thanks. Some body with a lot of sense finally

  • Negro Peligro

    A least he around.

    • tomekia kelley

      Around!!!!! But teaching to fight. U need your ass kicked.

  • AHH and WORLD STAR wrong for even posting this bleep…

  • ccwaterbound32

    i’ve come to the realization that we can’t save all these idiots…f**k it let’em kill each other off the smart ones who know better ya’ll know what time it is…

  • Matt Swan

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    • Guest

      STFU comedy ain’t your strong point hoe.

      • Matt Swan

        Well “Guest” this wasn’t an attempt at comedy; it was sarcasm with some truth mixed in. This is a Hip Hop site and should report things that are related to such. So if this is what you like looking at and don’t care about Hip Hop then head on over to WSHH or Mediatakeout and look at the BS that is put out before it gets to this site. FOH callin a man a hoe.

  • king

    N!GGER $#!+ at it’s finest

  • heavyboy

    you teach your kids how to square up ON THERE OWN…… but if you’re there? Come on now*

    • I’m mixed on that, I would have tried to avoid if, if not, I’m sending the squad in Bank mode!


  • $31339281

    Nazis and Aryans and KKK’s dont have to do shit but sit back and watch us destroy ourselves. High fiving each other like “Winning”!

  • Pirate7X

    Ummm OK…

    Wrong or righteous, family family first. If some chick is beating down my daughter, her sister(s) best jump in if they’re present. And that actually might fall under self-defense because they are helping their sister from an assault (even if in reality it was a declared & agreed fight). How many of us big brothers threatened fools harassing our younger siblings?

    As wrong as it seems, I wouldn’t be a problem if they squared off & my child was winning. I can’t say the father was wrong, he kept out of the fight. It’s right for family to protect each other and has been that way for all time. Keep it real, that’s how most of us think.

    • tomekia kelley

      U needs your ass jumped on!

      • Pirate7X

        And what would you do if your daughter was getting beat down? Thought so…

        You want me jumped on? Cool, but know that I’ve got some female cousins who don’t play that…

  • tomekia kelley

    The young lady needs to press charges. And get her daddy and uncle to jump on him.