Waka Flocka: Getting Shot Made Me Richer, Popular, Wiser

(AllHipHop News) Taking a bullet is a moment in a person’s life that definitely alters them in some way. Speaking with R&R Productions, Waka Flocka touched on how getting shot changed him and his career.

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“It made me richer, sad to say. Made you popular, sad to say. It just made me as a man and as a person more wiser, clever, stronger, devious in situations,” says Waka. “It just makes you a stone cold thinker. Honestly, it just really turned me up more.”

Waka was shot in the shoulder in 2010 after being approached by an armed man at car wash in Atlanta. Several months after the shooting, the BSM member released his debut album Flockaveli which featured the hit songs “O Let’s Do It” and “Hard In Da Paint.”

Waka dropped his DJ Scream hosted mixtape From Roaches To Rollies earlier this month.

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Watch the full interview below.

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23 Responses to “Waka Flocka: Getting Shot Made Me Richer, Popular, Wiser”

  1. MrNoName2K

    This nigga wanna talk about getting popped turned him up lol GTFOH with all that dumbness. Richer my ass, popular only to them dumb asses who think that going to jail is cool and wiser yea, bet youll think twice before thinkin these hungry niggas back in the hood aint gonna touch that ass if they get the opportunity..niggas tryna get out and im still wondering why niggas that get BIG paper go back like its all good. J.R. Writer called it..I LOVE THE STREETS, BUT THE STREETS DONT LOVE ME”

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      tell them folks in the hood to stop robbing dudes for material ish and smarten up and robb them for some knowledge and maybe they can get they folks up out that situation and also pass the knowledge forward …………

  2. Obi Won

    Can’t hate, Waka has slowed down on his dumb ish, at least publicly. I think an epiphany hit him (or a bullet) reminding him the music was a way to get OUT the hood not, stay in the foolishness. There was no need to beef with Gucci, he put Waka on, now Waka doing his own thing.

    • andone

      all that may be true but why didn’t he speak on the fact that he also had an opportunity to experience a college education and factor that into being ” richer & wiser”… SMFH!!!

    • Jaquez

      That Some Rns Shit Flocka Need Quit Hating On Gucci Cause He Wouldnt Made No Money If It Wasnt For Gucci ,He Wouldve Been Another Boom In The Hood

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      itll def teach to STOP WAISTING TIME and in all honesty thats most peoples problem … WAISTING TIME !! TIME = MONEY …….

  3. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    truuuu but me and you know them chicks be frontin it aint like they giving the guys in the audience any groupie love like they would the person performing on the stage

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