Hip-Hip Rumors: Lots of Naked Lady Stars!

Wow! These chicks out there are doing whatever it takes to promote or get a look. Well, after a couple days off, I check around to find that a but of jawns posted damn near naked pics to get a look.

Well, here is the look!

Lady Gaga promoted her new song with R. Kelly with a shot of her posterior. And, I have to say it looks pristine.

 photo twittergaga.png

Azealia Banks readily complains that Gaga steals from her, but this looks a lot like Nicki Minaj’s recent foray in semi-nudes.

 photo 00c3c7ec381a11e398fd22000ab5b914_7l.jpg

Here’s Nicki, in case you missed it.

Nicki 2


“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • king sodomy


  • King Cold

    Smh whatever happened to self respect? Guess they’ll do it all for a dollar

    • STPizzle

      Self Respect??? Oh snap…I remember that

    • Charter

      What is this “self respect” you speak of?? Is it a french entree?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      hey alot of them do it for free on instagram and fb …. atleast they making a dollar doing it lol

  • @Real_SirJamie

    Dam! Nicki’s fun bags and Gaga’s butt look nice! Azealia on the other hand looks like Meek Mill in the face… I’m cool.

    • Blaq_Boi

      hahahahahahahahahahahahahah FML dude, you got me sweating from laughing like I’m on that molly.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      lol but enuff the teasing !!!!! lol

    • Ihatehater


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  • spanky520

    love how nicki minaj dissed lil kim but is basically a lil kim clone,once people realize her music sucks n stop buyin it,she’s gonna have to go to porn

    • Tre C

      they haven’t stopped buying it yet?

  • Nice!

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  • dfwricwil


  • KobieDixon

    With women in bikinis wearing moose boots. You’re wondering by now she’s screws loose? Figure it out yourself, yo.., deuce deuce. Deuce deuce. Youtube Kobie Dixon VideOGamE…. Youtube Kobie Dixon Deuce Deuce.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    Nicki got the most clothes on…….. I’m wondering what pristine bout gaga none ass…..there is a reason the pic don’t go lower……u can see the string all n her ass

    • Ihatehater

      Gaga got ass…obviously you didn’t watch her at the MTV awards performing.

  • David Gonz


  • Christopher Wade



    (___l___) and ( . ) ( . )

  • Negro Peligro

    MAN AGAIN THIS AIN’T ILLSEED. When do you know Illseed getting sideways bout broads taking off they clothes.

  • Lesley Able

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    • King Cold

      who gives a flying fukk

  • CutronomicalThought

    Gaga got a nice azz..but I wouldn’t fugg..aint no tellin what she has stuff in that would be prettier if she didn’t make all of those chucky doll faces..idk the other chick..but she aiiiight

  • JuJu

    everything abt nicki looks fake

  • Four words for Nicki…..Stop Using Cake Soap

  • Pedro Matos Jr.

    SMDH I know Nicki gets a lotta hate but except 4 the goofy faces she looks hella good I can’t even front on her.