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EXCLUSIVE: James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond Sentenced To Life; Official Statement

(AllHipHop News) Former Hip-Hop mogul James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond was sentenced to life in prison today (October 25, 2013) in Brooklyn federal court, for heading up the “Rosemond Organization,” which prosecutors said shipped hundreds of kilograms of cocaine to New York via several overnight courier services.

Prosecutors said Rosemond, 48, laundered millions of dollars of drug proceeds on the West Coast and through his New York based management company Czar Entertainment, which once managed popular artists like Game, Brandy, Sean Kingston and others.

In June of 2012, Rosemond was convicted of 13 charges against him, including running a Continuous Criminal Enterprise (CCE) from 2007-2010.

“My Resilience and determination will overcome all adversity and history will vindicate and be kinder to me,” Jimmy Henchman told AllHipHop.com in a statement released today by his publicist, Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez.

During Rosemond’s two-week trial, a number of former employees and former associates testified against him, including director Lee Daniels’ sister’s husband Henry “Black” Butler, who was provided Rosemond with the majority of his cocaine.

Butler, who is a high-ranking member of The Rolling 60’s Crips, helped Rosemond perfect the method of shipping hundreds of kilos of cocaine, which were sent to New York in crates meant for shipping music equipment.

The crates were picked up by runners, or employees of Czar Entertainment, some who took the stand to testify against their former boss.

Rosemond’s statement was brief, because the former rap mogul is facing a murder charge related to the murder of Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher, who was gunned down in the Bronx in September of 2009.

Lodi Mack had served almost two years in prison for striking Rosemond’s young son, James Rosemond Jr. at the height of a violent feud between Czar Entertainment, which managed Game and 50 Cent’s G-Unit.

Rosemond is slated to go on trial for the murder next month.

Check out the full statement from James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond’s publicist Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez:

Today’s life sentence of music mogul, James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond for disheartening for several reasons and it’s unfortunate that Mr. Rosemond was unable to make an official statement because of the appellate process that he must go through and another case that he’ll soon battle.

For those of us who got to know Jimmy for who he is, know a great man who started from the bottom who helped and encouraged those around him to do the right thing. Many of us are surprised by the “person” the prosecutors described in the court room, but it isn’t the Jimmy Rosemond that his friends and family know.

Unfortunately, the persona that have been depicted in the press in the past, has created a persona in which I am not familiar with and unfortunately it has effected his ability to have a fair chance in the entertainment industry and among consumers and fans of certain media outlets and entertainment. The enemies he has accrued over the years within the media have been able to create the image of a person that they wanted to create without facts being checked.

Jimmy has managed and at times supported talented performers who’ve created hit records and songs including; Groove theory, Salt & Pepper, Gucci Mane, The Game and other musicians and actors. The on the job training and work opportunities that he gave countless people from interns, lawyers and employees many of whom are still in the entertainment business to date and who helped shape today’s entertainment industry.

When former employee, Tony Martin -who later testified against Jimmy was let go from Universal Music Group as a non paid intern he (Martin) asked Jimmy for a job. Jimmy took Mr. Martin under the wing and taught him the business of music and eventually earned over $100k a year, according to Mr. Rosemond. When Jimmy was wanted by the federal authorities, it was Tony Martin who assisted in Jimmy Rosemonds’ arrest and testified against Jimmy Rosemond as well.

Accountant John Dash who through his own illegal acts got arrested, was told that there was an interest in James Rosemond, he too testified that all of Rosemond’s cash and income came from illegal proceeds. But what wasn’t proven by Jimmy’s attorney was the fact that entertainment manager who have touring acts often receive cash payments.

The rest of the hanger-ons, opportunist and users who testified, they also were offered agreements by prosecutors. They are either expecting an early release from prison or is have already been released and are able to live and work as free men.

Jimmy Rosemond was known to employ the less fortunate to provide a gainful entertainment opportunities but some wanted to be like Jimmy. His favorite saying was “If someone like Barry Hankerson or Shakim and Kedar didn’t look out for me I would be no where, so I have to look out for someone also.” He was giving back to what was given to him. A trait that all successful moguls should practice.

What is concerning is to witness with my own eyes that anyone can be put away for the rest of his life based on hearsay and non credible individuals. Our prayers should be with Jimmy Rosemond and his family. His only remarks after the sentencing was, “My Resilience and determination will overcome all adversity and history will vindicate and be kinder to me.”

Mr. Rosemond is seeking a new trial because not only because of what he considers a fabricated evidence but also because he believes his attorney Gerald Shargel did a terrible job in consulting and representing him. His new legal team is confident that things will work in his favor and he apologizes to all that have felt he let them down.

Best Regards,
Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez, Pop Culture Expert
LaChic Media, President

  • Bodie


    That is all

  • bigdoe6

    When the feds start blitzing, best friends become strangers quick. Jimmy is a fool if he thought they wasn’t going to testify against him. When holidays come around, dudes want to be home with their families. No taking showers with other grown men. This is 2pacs revenge.

  • Immortal

    If the Federal System wants you, isn’t nothing this side of hell going to stop them from prosecuting you. You move serious weight, some serious people are going to notice. Appeal it and hope for the best, but until then keep your head up, and the soap in your hands

  • biggo

    Dat boy dun dun

  • anonymouscaveman

    i hate it when writers put in garbage like so and so’s “brother’s sister’s husband” just write “brother in law”! is it that difficult?


      Why does that matter? An “OG” snitched against his partner, what difference does it matter how the author refers to the loser! You must be related! #SMH

      • hoeyuno


  • digitallife

    He better hope the appeals courts are willing to listen to his case, if he’s got people with deep pockets backing him and manages to not get convicted on the murder charge he may be out in as little as fifteen years.

    • Why aren’t his pockets deep?

      >> In Keenan Ivory Wayan’s “Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood” voice :


  • onehunglo

    jimmy made tupac suck his ding dong,and jazzed on suge knight at gunpoint, dude was a real g

    • Dhz30


    • greenhouse records

      yeah real gay

  • BALLER ✔️

    Nikka had millions only 1 attorney??? Nikka I just beat a 10 year case I needed a team of the best lawyers…..he was facing life with 1 ?????wtf!!!

    • onehunglo


  • Ces Alejandro

    damn so much unloyalty, it seems that half of this niggas team testified against him. Hardly does a nigga get caught red handed with hard evidence against him, its always the snitches that dig a nigga 6 ft under. Thats life in prison yall, from millionaire to another statistic smh…

    • SouthernSmoke88

      its called Karma my G.. read the whole story, not just this bullshit!

      • Ces Alejandro

        i guess u right, a nigga that go by henchman bound to have fucked over a few niggas on his reign of power. Still i stand by my statement, facts is its always snitching that gets muvfuckas football #’s

  • richard_b_hard

    That’s why when you doing illegal syht you can’t depend on niggas.
    Niggas nowadays don’t know the meaning of loyalty or understand the street codes,niggas hear football jersey numbers and start singing like little richard,but as long as they getting money they are so called down ass niggas.

    • Black_Man_Winning

      What “Street Code”? There is no protocol between Africans in America with themselves or with any other group. Africans in America are socialized more then any other group in America to be individuals. Individuals look out for no one but themselves. This has not one thing to do with a “STREET CODE”, since there is none. There has never been a street code.

      Now if this fool who will be in confinement (emphasis) thinks he’s smart for making probably tens of millions of dollars from a Drug Scheme that lasted over 10 years; only to be cut off from the pleasure of not being confined to 1 hour roaming a hall and 23 hours roaming a cell FOR ONE’S ENTIRE life, then good for him. However, I think it’s quite obviously a selfish and stupid reason to be jailed for life.

      The African American community must understand that it must seize the educational institutions to truly create intelligent, loyal to the African Race, Africans. How do you expect people not to talk when they are low fruit on the mango tree? Plus, you do not have a life affirming ideology like ” African Centrism”.

      Nevertheless, selling drugs is stupid, it’s a proven fact, even assimilationist so called “thugs” and “G’s” know that African Americans receive heavier sentences due to the fact that the European population must feed off our misery and deprivation.

      Nonetheless, an Inkosi (African KING) creates an African owned market controlled by Africans. That is smart, intelligent and revolutionary.

      • richard_b_hard

        Don’t get me wrong,I am not condoning any wrong doing on the part of mr henchman but niggas was getting money because of him,and when it come to the street shyt if you living that life you know the repercussions,so if you don’t want to face them don’t get involved,and at the same time don’t turn on niggas just cause you get caught in a pinch,it’s just another example of niggas not sticking together.

      • DJ7

        Seems as if someone lacks reading comprehension…the brotha outlined your whole stance in his post…another example of why education is key…smh

      • richard_b_hard

        Nigga seems like you lack reading comprehension!
        I don’t have a stance on whatever it is you think i have a stance on,i was merely stating my opinion,and as far as education… you trying to insinuate that I lack one shows just how ignorant you actually are.

      • DJ7

        Ignarance is simply the lack of knowledge to which one may obtain through proper education of the particular subject…you on the other hand are a smart dumb mf’er…re read his comment…your comment to him….my comment to you…in that order…and you too will see the error to which led me to comment initially…if you see nothing wrong then again…you have a comprehension deficiency…no need to get all up in your feelings about it…do better….end of story

      • richard_b_hard

        What DJ_7 typed (Ignarance) ……………..so anyway the other day I was fcuking this fat bitch,she had to weigh about 300lbs,I was on top and she was like “it hurts” so I started hitting it from the back,she was like “it hurts” then I thought to myself ain’t no way I’m about to let this big bitch get on top,so I got dressed and bounced.

      • DJ7

        Again….do better

      • richard_b_hard

        Nigga…. Spell check!
        Have a great day.

      • DJ7

        Never said I win spelling bees sir…you on the other hand got caught responding rather foolishly to a post to which your reading comprehension got called into question…you caught feelings and began to further demonstrate your child like mentality in subsequent post…I choose to make this my last post addressing you and this matter as it is going nowhere and is simply fueling your childish behavior…not a good look for grown men to display….you have a good day sir

      • richard_b_hard

        Nigga this is my last post,type all the syht you want,if it makes you feel better about yourself and boosts your self esteem good for you,know kindly go fcuk yourself

      • DJ7

        The irony of checking someone for misspelled words…NOW you sir, go fcuk yourself…I’m sure you comprehended that…clown

      • Sean Taylor

        “Ignarance is simply the lack of knowledge”

        Isn’t that the truth.

        Ignorance not ignarance.

      • DJ7

        Mind your business chump…I addressed that in another post…late ass clown

      • Bodie


      • Barney’s Jay Z belt incident.

    • It’s a business decision.

      20yrs in prison for a $20 sale or “Why go to the pen when you can tell on a friend?”

      That’s the new “CODE.”

      • kixxxers

        They wanna do the Crime but can’t do the Time …

      • Business decision.

        It’s a dirty game.

      • kixxxers

        Ah Nuh Lie!

      • Nuh!

      • kixxxers

        Translation: You aren’t lying! Temporary Jamaican … It has passed!

      • “Aye Stahrrr! Me Bloodfiyah Ex Wife from Da’ Yard! Spit much lyric ‘pon dem!”

      • kixxxers

        Good ting deh gial gone … you nuh need dem problem Deh! lol!

        You Never reach Yaad?

  • water_ur_seeds

    i thought he got life ages ago??? daum the old saying it all catches up with you/you end up dead or in jail came true again….

  • Homegrown Chicks

    “..as my pilot, steers my lear, yes my dear, shits official. Only the feds I fear…”

  • So now we have a real american gangster. Rosemond is the trillest ever.
    He is the embodyment of a what rappers rap about. No Rick Rossin’ needed.
    He was a kingpin in the music game and he pushed the kilos the rappers
    were claiming they did. Hail the King.

    So why did he only bring 1 lawyer. He is smart when it comes to saving money.
    Wait some time and he’ll be pardoned by Jeb Bush 2016.

    Looks like a John Forte move to me.

    Life sentence doesn’t mean he will spend life in prison.

    Freeway Ricky and Franc Lucas are also free men.

    • Celz

      Hail the King? Fucc that nicca… Lol He ain’t no role model of mines

    • Gerald Shargel was John Gotti’s lawyer.

  • Faller

    Thats the thing people dont understand. Moving drugs is not simple. And you have to know when to pull out of the shit. This is why when I see rappers put up the pseudo personalities about how they move drugs. I laugh. It doesnt work like that. 9 times out of 10 you’re getting narc’d.

    Next time you hear rick ross talkin about “bought me a kilo off Papi”

    understand that its just rap. Niggas aint working with people like that. No cartel is going to work with a nigga with a history in law. no matter what. these druglords have families and . theres niggas who really do this drug dealing shit. and the niggas who REALLY do it dont talk about it.

    Anyway. I dont know what to say about this nigga. Cant say I wish him well because drugs are destroying are youth, but I also dont wish anything bad on him.

    Godspeed, Jimmy

    • OSBKE3000

      like Scarface said – “a ninja in the game right now, must be workin for them people cuz that shit played out”

      • eddieknucks


    • hoeyuno

      The cartels got mad police in there pocket…ijs


    “promised them payback, Jimmy Henchmen, in due time…I know you bi+ch ni&&az is listening but word is mine”–Tupac

    • OSBKE3000

      every real Pac fan is starting to see that man Pac was on some next level shit .. it’s deep

      btw it’s “…is listening the world is mine”

      • EL_BARK

        Smh i knew a pac stan would quote that line .
        And someone would co-sign it…. Pac snitching on jimmy had nothing to do with this. Jimmy is a type of guy that was always half way in & out the game…. No prophecy here. U deal keys u get life…simple

      • OSBKE3000

        slow down El “Bark” …… that ain’t what I was sayin .. but I did see your other post .. if anything Pacs line cements in the history of this “business” Jimmy’s street rep as a “then & now” figure cuz Pac obviously knew him back then .. btw u must be a east coast dude to say Pac was “snitching” .. that’s a hater move cuz that ain’t what Pac did ya kno

      • batman

        pac snitchn hardbody

      • Ryan

        2pac didnt snitch he found that jimmy was working with the feds…same crime picture what he said lol

      • OSBKE3000

        at least someone gets it .. but he wasn’t sayin Jimmy was workin for feds (that was Hatian Jack) he was sayin I know what u did Jimmy (quad city shooting)

      • Birds of a feather, flock together.

        You don’t see pigeons soaring with the Eagles.

        If Pac knew Jack was wack, Jimmy knew too, before Pac & definitely after he said it.

      • OSBKE3000

        true but at that time Hatian was further up the food chain than Jimmy .. so Haitian was with the “in crowd” .. chances are Jimmy found out after the fact .. but everyone knows that Hatian was the man in NY at that time .. jimmy was never that, but he was in cahoots wit King Tuts black mafia and Tut himself later felt he was set up by “cops” (Haitian) ….. jimmy was never the MAN but a factor moving up none the less I doubt he “knew” about Hatian before fact

      • Negative, Jimmy been high up the food chain & snitching since 85?

        This isn’t the first time, Jack was just a thug, a stick up kid, Jimmy was a gangster, a business man that used violence as a business tool vs Jack / Tut that were thugs, using violence as a social tool, minus the jackings.

        Jimmy was the one paying for Quad, and peep game….how did the shooters know Pac was going to be at Quad?

      • EL_BARK

        I dont know about him snitching since 85?

      • What year was the NC gun case?

      • EL_BARK

        I think 95 or 96

      • Interesting…how close was that to the time of the Pac ATL cop case, Above The Rim & Quad?

      • OSBKE3000

        they say 96 is when he started ratting .. long after Pac was set up an the whole sexual assault case

      • OSBKE3000

        see above

      • EL_BARK

        You must not be from new york?
        Jimmy was higher up the food chains… He was catching bodies and bidding in some tuff jail spot….. Abd he not a bid dude…. Jimmy even laid has on jack once upon a time in an argrument and jack was far from soft…

      • OSBKE3000

        I’m not from New York ….. but I know people all the same

        all I know is people tell me Jack and Tut and the black mafia were the reason jimmy rose to his role … not cuz jimmy did anything special or was someone to fear but jimmy had the brains to the muscle tut an jack provided … that’s why he was a “henchman” … but when others fell jimmy picked up the pieces an the connects he built thru Jack an made his moves an really got big after 96 when Pac died an tut was locked and jack moved out west … there was a hole an jimmy filled it cuz he was already on … but he wasn’t the fukkin man in 94 .. most likely became the man around 98-00 after he did time an ratted on people

        reason they say jimmy was the one who set up Pac was cuz of his business dealings an he was always up in quad wit other artists … jimmy was tryin to get legit working with artists and managing so jimmy had the connects to the studio plus knew puff an biggie to which jack was familiar with as well so to Pac it was all love to go record at quad with his “boys”… so to make it sound like jimmy masterminded the shit an was the boss at that time in 94 is far fetched a factor yes, the boss no … there were other folks callin those shots … jimmy was just the henchman wit the legit connect an an unsuspecting Pac got hit by someone he wasn’t so familiar with …… jimmy just capitalized on his new found fame as the man who shot Pac

        an don’t tell me Dexter sayin “I shot Pac on Jimmy’s orders” means jimmy was the boss ….. rather dexter was the one jimmy called upon when he, jimmy, got the order from someone else to help set up Pac

        but what do I know?

      • Who could call Jimmy & give him orders?

        Jimmy admitted to setting up Pac’s shooting to prosecutors in a 2011 Queen for a day / proffer session.

        As far as being a newjack…Henchman was born in Brooklyn & was the man behind Salt & Pepa’s “SHOOP”, selling 5 million albums.

        Diddy was the newjack having just started Bad Boy after leaving Uptown records.

      • OSBKE3000

        there are some other pieces to this that maybe u and I don’t know .. it was known both jack an jimmy were trying to wine an dine Pac an Pac said they were “hanger ons” … there’s a little more background here but ……

        I too would admit to committing a crime that I KNOW I can’t get charged for (hoping my honesty would be viewed as cooperation and a reduced sentence) because the statute of limitations for that crime has passed … so he admits to it and implicates no one else … smart move in my book

        I didn’t say jimmy was a new jack, an he was a factor … but that he wasn’t the only one calling shots … he wasn’t the only one making the moves

      • Ok, I misunderstood.

        That night at Quad, Jimmy was paying for studio time, billing Puff, who was billing….?

        If it was a flow chart, Jimmy would be on top, Diddy & Jack would be the two offshoots from Jimmy, IMHO.

        The thing about the proffer / Queen for a day, if he lies, he loses the deal & he did lie & did lose the deal.

        Did he lie about Pac?

        Someone had to lure Pac to the studio, someone laid the bait. (Stretch / $7K?)

        They were all down with it IMHO, but if Jack was the rat….why would Jimmy go to bat??? Unless he also ate the cheese?

      • OSBKE3000

        u need to set El Bark straight then .. u sayin Jack an Jimmy were snitching … Bark believes nobody but “Pac fans” call jack a snitch .. u must be a “Pac fan” lol

        he lost the deal cuz he had a cell phone while locked up .. communicating with his crew … that’s why he lost the deal .. had nothing to do with anything else … matter fact he only came clean after Dexter implicated him in the shooting

        there was another player in this that isn’t mentioned at all … Little Shawn … there’s more to it … all I’m sayin … an from what I hear Jimmy was not the boss at that time … there were other dudes in that circle with major influence … like I been sayin jimmy became boss after 98 .. more likely after 2000

      • >>Pac fan

        Little Shawn?
        Fill in the details, never heard of him.

      • OSBKE3000

        little Shawn was a major player in Brooklyn … knew everyone … has claimed he introduced jimmy, jack an even JayZ to the music game … he was the one Pac was recording with the night of the attack, Shawn even said he didn’t really care for Pac at first … Pac even dissed him on a track called “4 my n!ggaz” … I don’t think Shawn set Pac up cuz Shawn was a LEGIT street dude who really lived by the code an did his time in the pen … 50 cent looked up to him an tried to sign him after his prison stint … an Shawn was SOLID he knew EVERYBODY … that includes the dudes that were runnin wit jimmy an jack cuz he was a real street dude … there’s also alleged ties to one of NYs 5 Italian mob crime families … so there’s more here that I can’t even speak on … that’s why I can almost say with certainty jimmy was not higher up than jack cuz jack had more connects than jimmy and Shawn had more connects than jimmy … jimmy didn’t become who he is today until after all this died down with Pac an biggies deaths … it’s really funny how much credit jimmy gets … IMHO Jack gave the orders to jimmy to “get at Pac” cuz at that time Jack was mos def higher up the food chain

      • Definitely didn’t know all that, & I agree about Jack making the call on Pac, but I looked at it more like a request, but even still, but if someone calls another a rat, I’ll check into why.

        Jack was always the type to hit up whoever, by his own hand.

        Different situation, but Jimmy is known for putting the wiggle on dudes.

        Jack was a jacker, a thug, I don’t envision him having more connects than an established industry insider. IMHO ( Jimmy )

        What you are saying is deep though, and makes sense.

      • EL_BARK

        Hatian jack has never ratted or took the stand on anybody. No one dare call jack a snitch before pac started dry snitching and him running his mouth is what bought him a quad party

      • OSBKE3000

        taking the stand is one thing

        being an illegal immigrant accused of crimes and not getting immediately deported says something else

        dry snitchin bought him a quad party?? homie please …. was no snitchin …. Pac was accused of the same crime an when asked said there were other guys with him, why he the only one in court? Pac got the max and his co defendant whose lawyer separated their trials got 6 months??? ….. remind u he was an illegal immigrant and should have been deported ….. ok …..

      • EL_BARK

        Are u serious???
        So every illegal immigrant that commits a crime get deported???

        Also how old are you? Do remember when pac trial was getting media coverage??? Do you not pac blaming his co-d several times and bringing unwanted attention to them ?

        Do u remember pac saying. I aint do it. I was sleep?
        So if u didnt do it that means your co-d fid it .< dry snitching.
        Do u know the defintion of dry snitching??

        Do u know the street codes of catching a case?
        U have the right to remain silent aks shut your mouth and deal with it in court?

        Irv got his trial seperatd from preme. Does that mean irv is a fed informant??

        People seperate their trial every day its a legal strategry.
        For several reasons… And sometimes prosecutir do it as a legal startegry…

        Pac had the option to take a plea and get a shorter sentenced . His thing was he wanted to fight it do he got convicted which carry a longer jail term vs pleading and getting 6 moths or something …..

      • OSBKE3000

        el bark I know u won’t read all this …… I just think you hate Pac an that clouds your judgement of information … an that’s cool u can hate him … I don’t agree with everything he did not will I try to defend him … you took one line and ran with it

        u need to read up on immigration laws – this is for the slick rick comment …
        He served 5 years and 12 days in prison, and U.S. law states that any non-citizen who serves more than 5 years in prison must be deported. Six months of Rick’s time, however, was due to immigration issues, so he won the right in court to stay in America in 1995. Btw they also look at other factors in deportation … there are MANY factors … but the law remains in stone

        6 months is an interesting number huh …

        an immigration reporter for The Boston Globe, says the detention and release of undocumented immigrants with criminal records is indicative of a culture of secrecy that pervades ICE.

        they don’t deport all … but according to law THEY SHOULD for “aggregated felony” …. why don’t they? think about FBI and CIA … they sometimes have “informants” on the street allow illegal activities to continue …. without apprehending those they KNOW committed crimes ….. why???? oh I know …. in hopes to get up FURTHER in the chain of command …. nobody wants to take down a pawn, they want the HEAD or KING ….. com’n ….

        I hate when people say HOW OLD R U?? …. bark how old r u??? an all that time on earth u don’t know some of these things??? u need to read about it learn about it an educate yourself … I’m probably the same age as you LOL …

        your words here

        “Do u remember pac saying. I aint do it. I was sleep?
        So if u didnt do it that means your co-d fid it .< dry snitching.
        Do u know the defintion of dry snitching??"

        so under your code Pac should keep his mouth shut and go to court??? but jack talks into a plea deal??? what are we getting at …. WHO WAS RIGHT? neither should have happened …. the better question is WHY did Jack take the plea …. u can't answer that LOL … reduced charges? what was Pac supposed to do? be fake an take a plea or keep it real an go to court? you're blinded by hate, that's a weakness

        these are YOUR WORDS

        "Do u know the street codes of catching a case?
        U have the right to remain silent aks shut your mouth and deal with it in court?"

        so jack should have done the same? correct? again the question I ask is why did he take a plea deal … cuz he could get the 6 months an not get deported? … but jack was a KNOWN criminal … you must know these answers and I would like to hear explanation or read below

        plea bargain — in criminal procedure, a negotiation between the defendant and his attorney on one side and the prosecutor on the other, in which the defendant agrees to plead "guilty" or "no contest" to some crimes, in return for reduction of the severity of the charges, dismissal of some of the charges, the prosecutor's willingness to recommend a particular sentence, or some other benefit to the defendant. Sometimes one element of the bargain is that the defendant reveal information such as location of stolen goods, names of others participating in the crime, or admission of other crimes (such as a string of burglaries).

        so you gona tell me the plea deal was not "dry snitching" possibly … of which you can't answer cuz you wouldn't know … and neither would I but the fact still remains … your argument is weak and unsubstantiated

        moving on to Irv and Supreme … did either take a plea deal? sure cases were separated but did either take a plea deal? or did they go to court separately and face trial and jury? neither took a deal cuz they were living to the code of the street just like Pac and unlike jack who took the deal .. but I'm the bias one??? haha keep barking El Bark … didn't you just say

        "U have the right to remain silent aks shut your mouth and deal with it in court?"

        but Jack didn't … by your words you said Jack wasn't a snitch … but what did you just say in the above quote … awww mannn

        but I'm the bias one …. you're making me laugh now

        theres many reasons people take plea deals innocent or not … Irv Gotti didn't take a deal an was found innocent …. everyone knows the Pac trial wasn't about sodomy it was about Pacs image cuz the girl admitted going down on Pac in the club, and we trust her to tell the whole story?? again I'm the one that has a bias opinion but there are facts that DONT ADD UP … it's not like I hate biggie just cuz I'm from the west … but you obviously can't argue these things cuz your guided by a definite bias of your coast … get off your couch cuz the world is a bigger place than NY .. Bark .. I would love to hear you refute these points

      • I think deportation was optional pre 9/11, but post 9/11, it’s a wrap!

        We have one of the biggest ICE prisons on the East Coast? (York, Pa )
        (The Golden Venture Ninjaz were / ARE there )

        >>No argument on Jack

      • OSBKE3000

        deportation was NOT optional in fact deportations increased after new laws were passed in 96 making it easier to deport illegals which is why el bark is really uneducated about what he’s sayin …

        Jack got a plea deal because they (prosecutors or Feds) had something else on him (oh you’re an illegal resident jack) so because we know this and we know about your crew and what they do, here’s the deal – tell us what u know about Pac and these other guys an we wil cut you a plea deal an reduce charges an give you 6 months so you can’t be deported … but you’re working for us now …

        I mean it’s not far fetched … that’s what they did to the guy who snitched on jimmy – the Feds gave him a plea deal in exchange for INFORMATION and they wanted that $100k they knew he just got from jimmys drug deals to show he was down for the deal .. no $100k there’s no deal … but jacks no snitch? he gets a plea deal in exchange for INFORMATION …do I really have to spell it all out of el bark who is supposedly older and wiser than me??

        now read below

        In 1996 there were two major pieces of legislation passed that had a significant effect on illegal immigration and most importantly deportations in the United States. The two new laws were the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA). These two laws were introduced following the events of the World Trade Center bombing of 1993 and the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, both of which were terrorist attacks that claimed American lives. These two acts resulted in a significant change in the process of convicting lawful permanent residents.

        Although deportation had always been a viable and practiced sentence, these new laws changed the way criminal cases of lawful permanent residents were handled which in turn resulted in an increased number of deportations from the United States.

        Before the 1996 deportation laws there were two steps that lawful permanent residents who were convicted of crimes had to go through. The first step was simply to determine whether or not the person was deportable. The second step reviewed the case to determine if that person should or shouldn’t be deported.

        Before the 1996 deportation laws the second step prevented many permanent residents from being deported by allowing for their cases to be reviewed in full before issuing deportations. External factors were taken into consideration such as the effect deportation would have on a person’s family members and a person’s connections with their country of origin. Under this system permanent residents were able to be relieved of deportation if their situation deemed it unnecessary.

        The 1996 laws however issued many deportations under the first step without ever arriving at the second step resulting in a great increase in the likelihood and frequency of permanent residents being subjected to deportation. One significant change that resulted from the new laws was the definition of the term ‘aggravated felony’. Being convicted of a crime that is categorized as an aggravated felony results in mandatory detention and deportation. The new definition of aggravated felony includes simple convictions like shoplifting that would not be considered anything more than a misdemeanor in a lot of states.

        The new laws have categorized a much wider range of crimes under the term aggravated felony. The effect of this has been a large increase in permanent residents facing mandatory deportation from the United States without the opportunity to plea for relief. The 1996 deportation laws have received a lot of criticism for their curtailing of permanent resident’s rights.

      • EL_BARK

        That all speculation ….
        And tsking a plea is not dry snitching ??? When u trial is. Seperated???

        U speculated jack snitched and have no proof?

      • OSBKE3000

        I got something for you … just wait … for now ….

        first off Bill Courtney of the NYPD Elite Task Force may have a story to tell of Jacks “snitching” …. but that’s after 94, so whether it’s applicable in your book is up to you …. but a snitch is a snitch

        second … what you’re gona tell me is …
        DA to Jack –
        listen you committed a sexual crime and we could lock you up … BUT … were going to offer a plea deal … all you have to do is accept and you get 6 months on a lesser charge”

        Jack to DA –
        ok done … where do I sign?

        DA to Jack
        right here and it’s all taken care of .. have a good day!

        u want me to believe THIS BULLSH!T ….. com’n Bark you’re getting real funny and by funny I mean dumb … it probably went like this …. and btw … wasn’t there a gun in the room too???

        Jack got a plea deal because they (prosecutors or Feds) had something else on him (oh you’re an illegal resident jack) so because we know this and we know about your crew and what they do, here’s the deal – tell us what u know about Pac and these other guys an we wil cut you a plea deal an reduce charges an give you 6 months .. but in order for this deal to work … who’s gun is it? who else was in the room? you know we don’t like this Shakur guy his whole family is trouble, his mom, his stepdad they’re all trouble … so tell us what you know … and you get 6 months

      • OSBKE3000

        that’s more believeable than your version .. but just wait

      • EL_BARK

        Also do u trying to tell me every illegal immigrant get deported upon being arrested??? He got a case plead guilty and did the time, ex slick rick shot somebody in the leg, got 7 years but when he got out he wasnt deported was he ??? His immigration issue came years later and that when he was lock up in ins…. So because slick rick got a case did his time was released and made a album and live in the states. That means he a fed informant too since he aint get deported???

        Now why slick rick aint get deported? Once ur ass fo your time the giv aint tracking down every illegal immigrant and deporting them…… Pac fans are brainwashed and uneno

      • OSBKE3000

        so what was law in 90’s regarding illegal immigrants accused of “aggregated felony” …. do tell

        true not all are deported because under US deportation law (of that time – it changed again in ’96)

        once a home country declines to take a convicted criminal back, the U.S. can’t keep them incarcerated because the Supreme Court says six months is a reasonable amount of time to hold somebody in jail to deport them.

        so there’s your answer

        was jack eventually deported? yes … why? … his criminal history and his illegal status …

        point being when Jack was arrested for the same crime ultimately his “criminal past” would be found … they COULD have deported him but he agreed to a “plea deal” that held him for .. you guessed it SIX MONTHS …. he couldn’t or shouldn’t be deported ….

      • EL_BARK

        Crminal past jack didnt have a long history of arrest?
        How many times was jack arrested. Since u claim he has a long history??? I’ll wait … ?????
        Just cause u got a street rep dont mean u been case uped many times… So please telll me jack long arrest history ??

      • OSBKE3000

        don’t make me expose you

        “Just cause u got a street rep dont mean u been case uped many times… ”

        that’s correct Bark, I agree 100% with that .. the rest well ….

        WHY DO U MAKE UP THINGS??? I wish u could read


        go check ….. SERIOUSLY … GO LOOK

        my wording was specific I said “criminal past”, “criminal history”, “known criminal” BUT I NEVER said arrest .. you said arrest .. there is a difference an if there wasn’t I would have thrown around different wording every time .. go look for yourself …

      • 6months starts after sentence was done.

        * >>Was in YCP / East Coast INS

      • Freebe Jackson

        so if Pac knew it was Jimmy….why was he mad at Biggie? thats what I could never understand about the whole thing….. If Biggie told Pac not to mess around with Jimmy or Jack….Pac didn’t listen……Jimmy set him up…he know it was Jimmy…..Why did Pac carry all that bullshit out with Big…like Big set him up? Whether Biggie knew that it was Jimmy who set him up after the fact shouldn’t matter because Pac himself knew…

      • OSBKE3000

        he thought biggie was the homie an on the strength of their relationship felt like biggie should have warned him

        I feel Pac went at biggie to bring light to the behind the scenes … he couldn’t and wouldn’t just start naming names of who really done it … so he went after the cash cow and like the track said

        “u told me don’t go to war unless I got my money right … I got my money right now I want war”

        that’s why he named the names on Makaveli an not All Eyez On Me ..

        that’s not fact that’s just my speculation

      • EL_BARK

        Biggie did warn him not to hang with them? What else more could biggie do????

        He knew biggie aint had nothing to deal with it… He was going to quad to see jimmy not biggie, he went after biggie cause he was an attention whore, broke & needed to sell record and let suge put a battery in his back…. He didnt want it with jimmy or tut, so he went after biggie in a sucker move because he knew it would make money….

        Jimmy has never been broke so that pac stan excuse of he went after the money is a lie, jimmy had plenty of money and was getting money way when puffy was still at howard.
        U are a pac fan so your bias …

        Why the streets of ny never called jack a rat, ????
        The only niggas that call jack a rat are pac fans. Not one niggah in the streets ever call jack a fed informant? What evidence do you have ither then pac tslking shet on a track cause the eastside bks niggah rape him in jail to send a message . Lol

      • OSBKE3000

        “Jimmy has never been broke so that pac stan excuse of he went after the money is a lie, jimmy had plenty of money and was getting money way when puffy was still at howard.
        U are a pac fan so your bias …”

        I always wonder WHY people make things up and pass it off as if someone said that ….. PLEASE highlight where I said anything in reference to YOUR ABOVE quotation ….. either you mixed me up or misinterpreted something I said … don’t do that

        so Pac was gona record with jimmy? or get paid by jimmy? ok then … who was he recording with that night?

        what I did say is Pac went after the cash cow (Biggie) because he could exploit that … no doubt Pac knew what time it was but I honestly don’t think he was “trying” to sell controversy as much as he was “shedding light” on a situation where he could attack the “figure head” (biggie an puff) instead of goin at the real culprits (jimmy an jack) … he got shot an wanted EVERYONE to know he knew who it was … or at least who knew about the shooting … Pac said it best … “what would you do if you was me?” …. what would you do? probably coward and hide I guess

        ya boy EDOGZ just said Jack was snitching an he from NY … go at him lol set him straight haha .. supposedly Jack didn’t turn informant til after he moved west an Bill Courtney recruited him …. sure jack gave up some info but jack played Bill too …. which is why Jack was ultimately deported …. where’s jack now? and why?

      • He went because of Big.

        If I want to hit you up & have your peepz, who are my peepz too / more, lure you to the spot….who will you be madder at?

        The jacker going by the book, or your peepz that violated?

      • Haitian jack was too, hence the incident at Quad.

      • Celz

        Dry snitchin is when you say something so specific it can be used in court.. This ain’t dry snitchin and you know it..

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  • Was it worth it? Didn’t think so.

    • Ninjaz are sleeping on your S/N…Ivan!

      • Celz

        They came before who… Wake up niccas lol They got african heads in Mexico the size of a house older than Aztecs and Mayans..

      • Hahahhaa! You caught that?


  • OSBKE3000

    I got no love for Jimmy ….. so I could care less

    this shit don’t happen to the real west coast MOB …

  • What is interesting, though not surprising to see, is how many of our great rappers aligned themselves with this “death dealer”.

    It is unfortunate that all of them aren’t made to pay for compromising their …”values” in associating with this bottom feeding scum. Where are the Malcoms’, Martins’, Sojourners’, Fredrick Dougases, and Rosa Parks’ of our generation. Oh yes. They’re only “entertainers”, God forbid they live lives accountable to anything other than the almighty dollar.

    • Chrisblackusa

      entertainers have been influenced and have done business with death dealers in all genre of music from our community since the beginning of the music scene,,40s,50s,60, and so on,,the malcoms,martins and so on were needed at that time of existence of our people,,,we need a unifying movement now,,before we look out for change we have to change within,,,if the black family chooses we could shut down all things illegal in our community in 1 day..there is way more good then bad in our mist,,we just let the bad exist openly,,i do feel you though,,,

  • JimJames29

    Dang thats the worst publicist of all time, you thought AHH writers were bad, I only read the first couple paragraphs and theres at least six mistakes in them alone

  • smarterthanafifthgrader

    “Jimmy Rosemond was known to employ the less fortunate to provide a gainful entertainment opportunities ” 0_o Clearly, the less qualified as well.


    Lol what some of u clowns dont get is…jimmy is a street dude…
    Not a rapper playing a street dude….
    When u knee deep in the game like him, in my avon barksdale voice
    “You only do two days” he is well off that he would still live better then most in the feds then most cats working a 9-5.. He knows this and accepted the fact this might be a reality. Dont nobody in they right mind moved keys from one coast to another coast with his record and dont think about the consequeces….
    Yeah its sucks he got caught, and your freedom is priceless, but to a cat like jimmy or niggah of his caliber, they accept it and deal with it……
    Trust and believe…. Prison for bosses like him aint no differernt then being in the real world… The niggah preme got life too, he wasnt even bitter about it….
    They are cut from a differernt cloth, and prolly got away with so much dirt that we dont EVEN know about… They prolly happy they made it so long avoiding before that life sentenced… That when they did get it, they accept it….
    Dont be surprised if jimmy walk the street again before he dies.
    Slim chance but i wouldnt be surprise…. But he has fought double bodies as a youth,
    And still manage to walk a free man… Let that sink in

    • Oh, he’ll get out, he didn’t get LWOP.

      20yrs = Life?

      • Freebe Jackson

        if he beat that murder….. he will work a deal, get a reduced sentence and be in the same neighborhood as dude from Good fellas…..

      • A deal means 20+ in WitSec, but he’s been sentenced, so now he needs a pardon / re sentencing hearing….can’t just go back & change it after the fact, and the drugs carry more time than the Lodi Mack case, either snitch on Diddy on appeal.

      • Freebe Jackson

        Yeah based on the article he is going to appeal but I think he will wait until after the Lodi Mack case…. Typically the drug case might carry more time but in this case they trying to get this nigga outta here so you never know what type of sentence he could get…..

    • Sean Taylor

      “Prison for bosses like him aint no differernt then being in the real world…”

      Yeah keep thinking that.

  • Ryan

    Like 2pac said your a snitch bitch ass snake. rot in jail BITCH

    • You worn, Haitian Jack is a fed snitch, And Jimmy had Pac shot, the first time, and had him finished in Vegas. Jimmy killed Pac, thats no secret.

  • Jordan FU

    No doubt he will be states evidence very soon. I would bet (edit forgot the t in bet) money on it, he gonna snitch on both cases. That is if the Gov has someone they want more than him, so who knows it all depends on who they think they can get from which snitch, cause he and someone below him (more than one) will try to make a deal with the feds. Dont fall for the “stop snitching” bullshit, people are snitching at record levels in the 2000’s. Seems like they wont want him for the drug conviction, if he is seen as the head of the organization who he gonna snitch on? I guess suppliers but that would be REALLY unwise cause cartels dont mess around if they greenlight you, no matter what fbi relocation and protection your ass will end up cut up in a box on the side of the road. He got life for the drug conviction? Thats a little bit f*cking crazy isnt it? I guess i dont know what the 13 convictions are but god damn murderers dont even always get life so he must of had bad priors or had some real real serious charges other than just the drugs. The murder case is gonna be hard to beat too they wouldnt bring it out unless they had very good evidence/informants, hes to high profile to pull out a bullshit case that can be beat easily. Dont let this street dude thing blind you, Wasnt Alpo a street dude, wasn’t the countless mafia soldiers and even Sammy the bull Gravano(who admitted to 19, thats ONE NINE murders he personally committed) turned informants aka snitches aka rats. Frank Lucas, turned into a Snitch. Nicky Barnes, a Snitch. Whitey Bulger, a Snitch. So dont act like “street” gangsters dont turn snitches cause they do, these are just the famous ones, or maybe infamous is a better word.

    • richard_b_hard

      If he was getting his dope from a high level dealer they will most likely put pressure on him to give up a name,a real nigga if there are any left would tell the feds to go fish or fcuk themselves.

    • Freebe Jackson

      If he was only fighting the drug case he would have snitched already…..He still has a murder case and if they can pin you with a murder they not gone cut no deal with that type of charge. If he beat the murder he will snitch for a reduce sentence on his drug case. If he get found guilty of murder….no point in snitching…..plus its been said that he was a snitch for years…..thats how it usually works when a nigga in his position is an informant…..they let him get money for a few years and he gives them info and sooner or later when they find him useless they will hit the informant with the crazy case they have been building…..how else do they crack down on his whole operation and snag the head on the first try…..he didn’t have any recent arrest or anything…..they built the case, had multiple charges and people ready to testify when they issued out the warrant….

  • R.E Dykes

    ok ko em

  • Bob

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