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Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Catches HEAT For Silence In Barney’s Of NY Racism Case

Barney’s Of NY is on everybody’s s**t list now. But, one person hasn’t said a word and people are going in on him! That’s Jigga Man aka Jay-Z. Jay has some big business he does with Barney’s of NY. Well, the dude hasn’t had anything to say after a pair of young African Americans were racially profiled at the NY hot spot. Bossip put a high beam on the tweets that talked about Jay’s silence on the matter. Jay is not really known for his political chops so I’m not sure why anybody would be shocked that he’d keep a tight lip on this.

  • Dointer

    I am totally against what happened in this scenario, but in a sense I think the individual who called the cops is at fault here..Cant even blame the cops in this case, they had a duty to check it out, and once they found it was his card, they let him go.

    • Dude, things have improved some years ago. But I remember walking
      into stores on 5th avenue and they were straight showing me the exit.
      White kids stealing tons of CDs at tower records and black kids were
      forced to do a body check. But it’s Hip Hop, we embrace fashion
      which gives a shit about us. I miss the days where we had black
      people pushing their own labels. And Fubu outselling any other brand
      on the planet. But u know. Niggas wanted Versace and that Gucci stuff.

      • digitallife

        It’s funny if you can afford it do this..go to gucci and buy something..they take your name and email and address for their promotions stuff. Walk back in there a month later, get profiled a bit and then buy something..watch the mood change when they realize you are a repeat buyer..they go from treating you like a window shopping possible shoplifter to treating you like you own the joint.

    • Frank

      In a sense? Nah, it was directly their fault. Your right the cops had to check it out, but the blame is directly on the salesperson.

      I was wondering why did they make the sale in the first place? Why even let them go through with the transaction? What good would it do to call the cops afterward when a call to the bank and maybe another photo ID at the register would have fixed this? I get checked all the time when I make larger (>$350 though) withdrawals or purchases all the time

      • Dointer

        I think the reason for that would be so they get the money in their bank account first…. Even if the card was stolen, Barneys would not have to refund the money they attained from the belt.

  • Eric Cartman

    These tweets capture stupidity at its finest. I’m sure they all tweeted poorly about football players when oj murdered. CAN’T BLAME AN ENTIRE ORGINIZATION FOR THE ACTIONS OF ONE PERSON

  • dehova

    Whatever is said ain’t gonna change shit. This is sad to say but a lot of musicians/celebrities are only black when it suits there needs. This isn’t one such occasion. I’ve heard Jay-Z talk more about being a hustler than being a black man so what do you think will win here?

    • johnblacksad

      “…told you in 96 that I came to take this sh!t and I did, handle my biz, I scrambled like Randall with his, Cunningham, but the only thing running is numbers fan, Jigga held you down six summers, damn, where’s the love”

      It ain’t like he didn’t warn everybody

      • RapItUp

        I love the applicable Jigga lines you drop on all these articles.. so fitting, lol!

  • Sean Power

    jay has contract signs if break he will get sued your act like this happen before he did his deal. there nothing he can do know do this reports just hit the news after everything has be signed

    • digitallife

      There are ways to gracefully null a contract especially if the brand you are doing business with can affect your other business aspirations. If Jay-Z went and did some foolish ishhh tomorrow that had people screaming for a boycott of him Barney’s would drop him within hours.

  • speedy37

    Im from nyc i stop going to barneys in 2009 ,i went to get a pair of pradas they followed me around the minute i walked in the store.

    • digitallife

      Church..most people think this is an isolated incident but it is definitely not.

      • So why are black people still shopping there? Then it really makes us look bad as a people..Why continue to be singled out when we all can just simply support our own?

  • Jay is a sellout.

  • bigdoe6

    Those designers don’t even make their products for the urban or african american culture. People see the rappers rocking it and they want to follow and do the same thing. You can do whatever you want with your own money but this goes to show you that things will never change. This is what happens when you spend your hard earned money with racist people.


    JIGGA is short for JIGGABOO, yall aint know?!

  • RapItUp

    I mean, even if he WERE to take a stand, is he supposed to drop what he’s doing on day one, and just say, BOYCOTT BARNEY’S?? It’s been like 2-3 days! The investigation is still underway on this thing, and he still has a business venture. He can’t act based off emotion, or because the people think it’s right. Funny, the same people begging Jay to boycott are the same ones calling him Camel, this, ugly that. But now when some little kid gets profiled, we can just forget all that Jay bashing and put him back on that pedestal? People will always switch perspectives to work to their advantage.

  • Jayson C Williams

    He doesn’t have to say something public ally and ruin his business but I’m sure he’s in contact with their higher ups, and I’m sure they want his business.. This is an issue he’ll talk about directly to the source but that may not appease some blacks. But it’s just as good as Al Sharptons loud obnoxious ass who only goes on witch hunts . One person doesn’t brand the whole conglomerate called Barney’s! Fact is, if we had more substance and less ignorance as a ppl we would garner more respect from ppl but we dont! You want respect get a sign stand outside the store and BOYCOTT until there’s a public apology. You want rich ppl to handle poor ppls problems? Black or white that ain’t happening so go do it YOURSELF!

  • Yung Piccolo

    hes probably under contract, dumbass niggas

  • Thenatural503

    So because one employee made a stupid call now the whole company is racist? Niggas so sensitive these days. Oh and btw I’m sure niggas do business with many of “racist” companies daily and just don’t know.

    On a side note for all we know that store could of been getting a ton of fraud from young black men. I’m not saying what he did was right he could of just simply asked for ID when someone came in using a debit card.

    • digitallife

      Do us all a favor..go walk around a Barney’s for about 20 minutes and tell us how many times you notice the same people going from department to department with you….I went there to get my lady a bag a few years ago and have never been back.

      • brotha_man

        thats anywhere i was in blooomingdales to buy a watch, the lady at the counter said i couldnt hold the watch due to thefts. I shit u not a lady(white lady) comes in and stands next to me and ask to look at a necklace, the lady behind the counter hands her the necklace while holding the watch I want in her hand. she walks over to me and is showing me the watch. I never went back.

      • RapItUp

        I would’ve called her ass out on the spot..

      • brotha_man

        i already knew what the game was……it was the only and last time i was silent. I shook my head and headed to the jewelry store.

      • RapItUp

        I feel you though.. sometimes, when we are hit w/ such blatant acts, it’s not that we are scared to speak up, but it’s like.. we’re left speechless.. like, really??? I had a meth-head walk past me and my homeboy parked in the car (w/ some veggies rolled) and she just yelled out at me NYGGGEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! My homeboy (puerto rican cat) was shocked, and I was surprised, but I didn’t lash out, and tell her how funky she was, how nobody would miss her if she came up missing.. I just looked at her, half shocked she yelled at me for no reason, and half because I didn’t want to look as bothered as I was.. P.R. buddy is like, “Fam, we can get out right now and beat her ass if you want”. Lol! I was like, she ain’t even worth it. Like you said, only, and last time.. (not only time I’ve been called that, clearly, but only time I didn’t address it) Base-head or not!

    • Jayson C Williams

      That’s what I was saying. Ppl wore Gucci timbs & Hilfiger still after they came out Adams said they don’t make clothing for blacks or urban markets. That’s y it helps to support black owned shit but niggaz is dumb. If it doesn’t have a double g sign or it ain’t Louie or some dumb shit rappers wear they don’t want it.. Calling it like I c it: house niggaz!!

    • That_N

      But debit cards require u to enter a PIN number, so I just don’t see how they thought ol boy was on some fraud ish

      • dfwricwil

        I actually know a guy who made debit cards with the PIN and everything. He’s now serving 14 months in the fed but he made some bills before he left. Hell the some of store owners where in on it with him so they gave his a$$ up when the fed came knocking. LOL.

  • digitallife

    Spend your money where you get treated with respect and dignity…spend your money on brands that don’t sell you out at the first convenient chance.

  • I remember when Jay found out the owners of Crystal were racists… he stopped giving them free promotion…. he making money off of Barney’s so there will be no change of heart here… His loyalty lies with his wallet.

  • Chris

    If you’re runnin’ to Oprah and Jiggaman every time someone offends you, you’ve already lost.

    • Jayson C Williams


    • brotha_man

      their the only ones white folks listen to.

  • MrNoName2K

    Sh*t Jay did the right thing and stayed his ass out of it.. good look Jay

    • Yup…He did…Jay-z made himself into a strong public figure…If these dudes want respect they need to stop spending there last on a belt and invest in ways that people won’t treat them like sh!t as well.


        And this is coming from a person who is calling themselves “DIOR”??? Is that your real name or what??? If it is then my bad!!!

  • brooklyn817

    Yo bottom line is we lean too much on those in the public eye and not on the real issue. If your from NY you know someone who has/is pulling some sort of credit/gift card scam. Unfortunately it’s all too common in the streets. And where do these scammers go to do there illegal activity…Barney’s, Bloomingdales, Gucci. Eventually the stores catch on but in order to stop it when these crimes are investigated profiles of these perps are created and unfortunately the two young people involved in these “racial profiling” cases fit into those profiles. Instead of looking at Jay Z let’s start with the root of the problem. Not all blacks and Hispanics participate in these activities but those who do cause major problems for business and others who identify with their race. In the end lets just do better and it will get better.

    • Troll_E_G

      How you know who doing what….debit cards means the money good if it go threw. Writing a check or using credit is where the fraud at….but I wanna know how do they fit the profile, is it cause there young and black n can’t possibly have money

    • Nukirb

      The real issue is being desensitized to institutionalized racism in every area of black life. Morally being racially profiled and a victim of such overt racism is a far bigger issue than Jay Z losing a few mill, at least to a black man with a conscience. Our issue is we own and produce nothing free and clear of the white establishment. If we don’t shop at Barneys then whats the black equivalent? The only real power we have is the dollars that we spend in the free enterprise system. Where we go wrong is that, as someone alluded to in an earlier post, is we do not support black owned business. Jay Z may be wealthy but someone wealthier and more influential than he co-signed him being able to move in all of these circles. If he was white I could see him walking away from Barneys and the potential profits but he ain’t and he won’t.

  • Negro Peligro

    Man really. I get stopped walking around my building when I need a computer break from programming all day. WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE. Dumb stuff.

    • Jayson C Williams

      What outrage? Outrage should be how we conduct ourselves! We all get profiled stopped and frisk? And for what and why? Because one of our friends or relatives are up to no good and the rep us, so in turn it’s our problem! If you want outrage bro go up to Barney’s and witness nobody is out their picketing or making a statement boy cotting nothing. Truth is ppl only listen when a rapper says so! Don’t drink cristal? Those aren’t real issues.

  • Troll_E_G

    People want Jay to speak because he is one of the voices people will listen to whether good or bad. We don’t have any Malcolms or Garveys right now so people lean to black celebs to speak on injustice…..but when we learn, they don’t care and are part of the problem….Bloomingdales is in the wrong….credit card purchases I understand the security check by calling the cards customers service but debit requires pin so its just discrimination to let them purchase, walk out n get arrested. ..yes we need to support black business but first we need structure

  • brotha_man

    thats been the problem with black elites they never want to piss the jews off.

    we the new slaves (kanye voice)

  • @Real_SirJamie

    On one hand we don’t know what he’s done behind the scenes… On the OTHER hand… it seems Jay only cares when it affects him personally… Remember Cristal???


      i remember

    • As though he should, Jay-z is not God….Maybe Obama should have cancelled his tour in Brooklyn so he can go up to Barney’s and ask questions…Point is stop using another mans success as a way to bail yourself out of legal situations…..Take that same money that he was going to use for a belt and hire a strong legal team..Jay-Z has his own problems.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Obama already went out of his way to say he too, has been a victim of racial profiling when Trayvon Martin got killed. and I respect him because he didn’t have to do that. I’d like to see Jigga Boo do the same. Do something that doesn’t have any dollar signs attached to it. But like I already stated. We don’t know what he’s doing behind the scenes. By your statement you sound as if you don’t even care about black culture, bias, and profiling. You immediately separated J from the 2 and brought money in as if money changes your heritage. Quite disappointing.


    i could of told you he wasn’t gone say anything….

  • I am sorry, what the hell does Jay-Z have to do with this….The kid was wrongfully accused and he is suing, he will get lots of money after he wins….But to have Jay-z cancel his business plans over some kid who should have been saving his money anyways, is just extra.


      Your comment is the exact reason why people laugh at us!!! It’s not always about money, you have to take a stand for what’s right!!!

      • Take a stand for what? all you know is what you heard in the news…Maybe there is another side to the story…Why don’t you sell your car, home, and property and give it away to some black people in Brooklyn who just want to look like a rapper for a day….Jay-z should cancel all his business plans in support of EVERY black person who experienced racism? Yeah right


        @DIOR, Can you say, “SELLOUT”??? Because you sound like one!!! Yeah, he should if he’s doing business with companies that are involved with shit like this!!! I bet your ass wouldn’t be saying this shit if it happened to you!!! You can’t be a brother or sister with that kind of mentality!!!


    Jay was quiet as a church mouse when the beef was on between the east and the west, so this really doesn’t surprise me!!!

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Yall act like Jay-Z has to do it on YOUR time. You don’t just drop a partnership as an emotional response to something. For all you know, Jay may get sued for breach of contract if he just “cancels” his campaign with them. Jay may stay silent. Or Jay may be handling things LEGALLY to move away form the company. Imma need folks to learn about how BUSINESS works.

    • Thank you for saying that…These people act like Jay-Z is suppose to make a phone call and cancel his business plans…Yeah Right..If Jay listened to these so-called fans he would end up right back in BK were he started…Businesses don’t run like that they just don’t cancel things out of trying to please other people….If black people feel so bad about this then they should protest and influence every black person with some change in their pockets to not go a blow it all in a department store.

  • Nukirb

    People of color are not, never have and never will be welcome in the house of the white establishment. This false mindset of economic prowess and success by a few people of color equaling integration and inclusion has been the biggest lie fed and nurtured to black people .
    These large corporations think nothing of dropping a black major artist as a campaign spokesperson at the first sign of controversy because they have billions to fall back on. There are no repercussions to fear so we are always held to a higher critical standard.
    Jay Z has always shown questionable character but misguided idol worship clouds most peoples judgement. Jay-z and other celebrities were quick to jump on the Travyon Martin bandwagon because it was safe, adds to the credibility of him being a black elitist to people whom idolize him along with being a good PR move. To stand up to Barneys is going to affect his pockets now lets see how he maneuvers around this while keeping his business deal intact. People need to wake up. Racism is alive and well. Classicism (the other racism) is alive and well. The people that you are looking to for leadership are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Wake Up!!!!