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WTF News: Texas Mom Rips Her Son’s Scrotum Off in a Fit of Rage

A Texas mother got so angry with her her 6-year-old son that grabbed his scrotum and ripped it off. What’s even worse is she tried to treat it herself by applying alcohol and super glue, stuffing his underwear with paper towels and telling him to go to bed. The boy’s father came home and found him bleeding. He’s recovering and the mom is in hot water. Watch the full story:

  • @Real_SirJamie

    Kill her.

    • Immortal

      You know, that would be too good for her. My punishment of choice would be to put her where she would have permanent video visitation just so she can watch the child’s father raise the child to be a outstanding young man, and she can’t do or say sh*t. Being forced to look at it year after year after year would eat at anyone. Add to that the beatings she would get in the clink for what she did, yeah allowing her to live would be best. LIFE with no parole.

  • Thenatural503

    WTF this chick needs to be put in a crazy home FOREVER

  • mason williams

    just goes to show that it should be illegal for some to breed

  • Chris

    At that age, there’s no way you can fully recover mentally from some sh*t like that. SMH. Coooooot damn.

  • scullyson

    smh…..She’s not human….Really %$#^&’ed up..

  • Guillaume Pilon

    glue !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wtf is wrong with people

  • Stealstandin

    It hurts my johnson just reading this, didn’t even want to click on this story

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    jesus christ. this kid is never gonna be the same. if i was his dad i would beat the breaks off that dumb bitch of a mom.

    • Tre C

      or just call the police and be there to take care of your’s it help the kid with two parents in jail?

      • Jeff Active Reynolds

        I’m just sayin i dont have the will power to not lay hands on someone who just did that to my child no matter who it is

  • biggo

    Life in prison with no chance of parole

  • 10 years is boiling water…

    • onehunglo

      is your avatar the gay guy from revenge of the nerds?

  • onehunglo

    only a black women would snatch a boys berries off then use super glue to strap it back onto his ass

    • scullyson

      What ? Really ? You should refrain from making any more comments sir/madam or chump.

      • onehunglo


  • Ike’s Mood

    i say let the son rip her titties off & put quick dryin cement in her pussyhole!!!
    are they even?

    • onehunglo

      lol, money thought that shit out

  • Truth Powell

    Poor kid. He was completely helpless. He needs to be put in a new home away from those people.

  • da fuq

  • kixxxers


  • Judah Nazayar

    tommy sotomayor

    • Honduras Numero 1

      Jason Black……

  • goose

    cant get no crazier then this little boy will never be the same

  • Eminemfelloffstans